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Summary to Andvari guide

Andvari is a control/support type hero. Mainly he was created to make a good counter to Kharh because of his second skill Living Earth which can protect allies behind him from knock-ups which means that Kharh can’t kill enemies backline so easy while Andvari is alive. Living Earth also works great against Faceless knock-ups, Kai’s knock-ups, Lars displacement, Cleavers hook. Generally works well against physical attack teams as he shields the backline and buffs armor with his main artifact. Andvari works well against low armor heroes because of built-in armor penetration. When Andvari is closer to the late game he can be used as the main tank in some fights. I recommend investing in Andvari since he will be useful to counter some enemy compositions. Read further for more detailed information about the Andvari guide for Hero Wars mobile. Andvari guide for Facebook


Andvari first skill Titan's fist

Titan’s Fist – Andvari strikes the nearest enemy with a giant fist, dealing damage and stunning the target and nearby enemies for 3 seconds.

Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, b... x
Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, best COMBOS
Andvari second skill Living Earth

Living Earth – Passive skill. While Andvari is alive, he protects all allies behind him from displacement and knock-up effects.

Andvari third skill Stone Grasp

Stone Grasp – Summons a stone hand that grabs the lowest-health enemy. The hand deals physical damage, stuns the target and binds it to the ground for 2 seconds.

Andvari forth skill Nature's barrier

Nature’s Barrier – Covers a lowest-armor ally with a protective barrier that absorbs physical and pure damage. The hero protected by the barrier gains bonuses energy for all damage absorbed.


Andvari has 2 skins – Default skin for strength and Winter skin for physical attack (available during a special event). First, go for the default skin to boost attack damage and health for Andvari and then go for Winter skin for the extra damage boost.

Andvari defaultskin
Andvari Defaultskin
Andvari winter skin
Andvari winter skin


The main goal is to max out all artifacts but Andvari in your team composition is mainly for supporting others so you should focus on first Hand of the Great Master to make his teammates and himself tankier then focus on Ring of Strength for more health and more damage and last one Alchemist’s Folio for armor penetration because armor penetration can’t hurt to anyone but it isn’t crucial for Andvari.

Hand of the Great Master – increase armor

Alchemist’s Folio – increase armor penetration

Ring of Strength – increase strength


As already mentioned Andvari is support and he should focus on supporting his team. The longer he stays on the battlefield longer he can assist his teammates. That means you should upgrade glyphs in this order – Health -> Strength -> Armor -> Armor penetration -> Physical attack to make most of him.

team composition

There was very good blender team composition (Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Sebastian, and Jet) which was really good with Andvari but Devs fixed all bugs and adjusted Nebula’s placement. No specific team compositions mainly work well as a counter to Kharh compositions, Twins, and Cleaver.

cons, pros and counters

Andvari cons:

  • hard to get soulstones
  • isn’t best option for all team compositions, mostly used as a coutner

Andvari pros:

  • can be used as a main tank in some teams
  • great against Kharh, Twins and Cleaver

Andvari counters:

  • Cleaver – Rusty hook won’t work on heroes if Andvari is on field
  • Twins – Lars wont be able to displace enemy team because of Andvari
  • Kharh – Kharh won’t be able to knock up enemies team heroes who are behind Andvari

Andvari is countered by:

  • hasn’t real counters

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Andvari guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-IuvKIKGiL5jtGSI5282sA/

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