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Hero Wars hero Astroth

Astaroth guide Summary

Astaroth’s main role is a tank and he is probably the best tank in the game and you should always level him up. Soulstones are easily obtainable from the early stages of campaign missions so make sure you evolve him as soon as possible. Astaroth’s skills offer a lot of protection for allies, he is pretty tanky and his violet skill Last word can bring one ally back in the game.  The hardest part for Astaroth is to level up all his skins to make him an absolute beast. He isn’t situational so he will be beneficial in all team compositions. This one maybe isn’t that important for most of you but he also looks like a real badass. Read further to know all about the Hero Wars Astaroth guide.


AStroth flame veil skill

Flame Veil – Casts a shield that blocks physical damage on the entire team. The shield’s capacity is shared between all team members.

HeroQuest: Demo-Video zur Neuauflage x
HeroQuest: Demo-Video zur Neuauflage
Astroth Devastation skill

Devastation – Astaroth spews a flare of hellfire, burning up some of the energy accumulated by the furthest enemy. Skill is level dependent

Astroth Demon's allegiance skill

Demon’s Allegiance – Passive skill. Astaroth maintains a connection with the ally who has the least health left and takes on a part of the physical damage inflicted against that ally. The transferred damage is also reduced.

Astroth Last word skill

Last Word – Once per battle, Astaroth resurrects a fallen ally (or himself).


As already mentioned in the summary he has 4 skins – Default skin which gives strengthDevil skin which gives magic attackBarbarian skin which gives armor and Lunar skin which gives magic defense. Level up skins in this order to make most of him – Default skin -> Barbarian skin -> Lunar skin -> Devil skin.


Astaroth soulstones can be obtained in the early stages of the game by completing campaign missions. I would recommend paying some emeralds on hero missions renewal for one time to collect his soulstones faster. On the Facebook version, you can get Astaroth soulstones from caskets as well but if you have already unlocked Astarothyou can level him up with Cross-server trophies.


I would recommend upgrading all his artifacts as soon as possible. You should always focus to make your tank and main damage dealer artifacts as a priority. In my opinion, all his artifacts are really good but I would prioritize  Scythe of Redemption because it gives a great armor boost for the whole team. Then you should go for Defender’s Covenant to make Astaroth stay even longer in the fight and as a last priority would be Ring of Strength.

Scythe of Redemtion gives armor

Defender’s Covenant gives armor and magic defense

Ring of Strength gives strength

Glyphs order for Astaroth

Astaroth is a tank that means his main goal should be to be as tanky as possible to stay longer on the battlefield and absorb as much damage as possible. That means you should upgrade glyphs in this order – Armor-> Magic defense -> Health-> Strength -> Magic attack to make most of him.

Team Composition for Astaroth

Astaroth goes well in almost all team compositions so make sure you level him up because he is a top-tier tank.

Cons, pros and counters for Astaroth


  • blocks only physical damage with Flame Veil
  • low damage output
  • 4 skins to upgrade


  • revives 1 ally or himself per battle
  • protects the weakest ally
  • goes well in all compositions
  • burns furthest enemy’s energy
  • armor active artifact


  • isn’t countering anyone for real just a top tier tank

being countered by:

  • countered by Celeste
  • countered by Morrigan because he won’t be able to revive ally

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Astaroth guide. If you enjoyed this guide go leave a comment down below.

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  1. Ännchen

    Astaroths resurrection will be countered by Celeste, if she puts her dark fumes under the enemy team, when he uses his ability

    In my opinion he fits best into a Mage team, since his skills (as his shield) benefits from Magic Attack artifact buffs and magic based teams usually have a low armor, so his shield and damage reduction helps them more than to a phyisical team which has usually much higher armor (because of high agility).

    1. MrFungry

      Great comment! I will adjust post for more accurate info

  2. Steve

    Astaroth`s Lunar skin seems to do different things in the Facebook and mobile version. You mention it adds magic defence, however in the FB version it adds magic attack (Same as the Devil skin) Seems odd there are 2 skins giving the same benefits? Is this a mistake with the Hero wars developers?

  3. Dewey

    whoah this weblog is great i like reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work! You know, many people are hunting around for this info, you can aid them greatly.

  4. Samatans


    You forgot that the force gives 40 points of heal.
    So increasing the strength is also very important for the order of priority Glyph and artifact.
    I made the same mistake and ended up with 40k less health than a level 93 player and me 110.
    that’s a big difference, 40k.

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