Hero Wars Counter List


Hello Heroes!

Today I want to talk about Hero Wars hero counter list. That is not a secret that game is designed in a way where each team and each hero has its own counter. In this article I will be talking about specific hero counters. This doesn’t mean that using a counter hero against someone will result in 100% victory but your chances to win will be a lot higher.



Satori is a counter to Kharh, Jorgen, Orion, Andvari, Twins. 

Satori mainly is strong against heroes who gain energy or heroes who have high intelligence. Satori’s 4th skill adds 9 Fox marks to heroes who gain energy that means when Satori has stacked up his Fox marks he will most likely instantly kill the enemy. That means he is a perfect counter to many meta teams which consist of Kharh, Jorgen, Orion, Andvari or Twins but he will loose against strong Keira teams. Satori is also fun to play because he can kill half of the team instantly.


Andvari is a counter to Kharh. 

Kharh is one of the strongest heroes in the game. Andvari was made as a counter to Kharh teams because you needed not so popular teams to beat him. Andvari power is his stuns and ability to protect the closest ally from knock-ups.  Andvari will prioritize to prevent knock-ups to ally who is in front of him otherwise ally behind him. Since many damage dealers are in second place in the composition list Andvari can protect that damage dealer from Kharh’s damage from knock-ups. 


Cleaver is a counter to back row enemies like Martha, Helios, Thea, etc

Cleaver is extremely hard to get hero but if you are lucky enough to get him then you will be able to counter many teams just because of his hook ability. Cleaver’s Rusty hook will grab the furthest enemy and bring that enemy to the front line. As you can imagine back lane heroes won’t last for too long in the front. The biggest problem with Cleaver is that he is extremely hard to get and once you get him most likely you will already have 3 good tanks in your team. 


Celeste is a counter to all healers, Astroth, Rufus.

Celeste is a must hero in your top 15. She has really good counter abilities against healers and also she can do some serious damage to enemies so spend some $ in the early game to get her in your arsenal. Celeste’s active skill Two Fates block healing to enemy heroes but what is even better her 3rd skill Limbo converts the percentage of healing into the damage. Celeste also works great against Astroth’s resurrection skill and Rufus healing.


Martha is a counter Jhu and probably best healer in a game

Martha is a really good counter to Jhu because her healing is bigger than Jhu’s damage when his skill I See You is active. There won’t be too many times when Jhu can kill Martha fast enough to be victorious in the battle and that’s because Martha is really tanky as a healer and her she has really strong healing power if there isn’t anything that can break Martha’s teapot. Besides that her active artifact gives armor to the whole team which makes Jhu’s life even bigger nightmare.

Martha is countered by Luther, Cleaver and aoe damage 

Even tho Martha is considered as a bet healer in the game she has counters as well. Luther is probably the best counter to her because when he uses his Omen skill then Martha’s teapot won’t make any difference because he will break it as soon is it appears. The only problem is that Luther isn’t so widely used to make a huge difference. As already I mentioned Cleaver is a great counter to Martha with his Rusty Hook. Heroes who have some kind of aoe damage with long enough range to hit Martha’s teapot are also a great counter to get. 


Helios is a counter to all critical damage heroes like Jhu, Ishmael, Yasmine, Artemis, Jet

Helios is a great damage dealer who goes well with Orion and Dorian but also she is a huge counter to all critical heroes because of her violet skill Flaming Retribution which will damage enemy heroes if they damage herself or any allied hero. Enemy heroes who will deal with critical damage will go down pretty fast when against Helios so be careful when you choose your enemies.



Lian is a counter to Keira  

Besides that Lian is good as a second damage dealer she is also considered as a Keira’s counter pick. Whenever enemy hero damage Lian she will put that enemy to sleep for some time. Keira’s 3rd skill Dancing Blades makes Keira’s basic attacks to hit all enemies team that means each time Keira will use her attack she will be charmed for a while.


Jorgen is a counter to a weak enemy backline and energy reliable heroes like Orion, Kharh, etc

Jorgen is a real S tier hero because of his skills to manipulate the enemy’s energy. He works well against enemies like Orion who really need the energy to activate his active skill and make him shine with that aoe damage. Also Jorgen’s Leper skill will make a curse on the enemy’s team and make the furthest enemy take all team’s physical damage so without proper defense or healing enemy’s backline will be dead in seconds. 


Dorian is a counter to Twins, Kharh, Qing Mao, Cleaver

Dorian can be a real pain in one place one you choose wrong team composition against him. His aura will heal nearby allies based on their dealt damage that means you don’t want to use skills that will bring all enemy’s team closer together. Twins will often loose even to Keira because they will end up fighting Keira who will be pushed into Dorian’s aura and won’t be stoppable. There can be times when Kharh knock-ups take enemy’s damage dealer into Dorian’s aura and it will make Kharh lose a fight. Also Qing Mao will push all enemy team into Dorian’s aura so I don’t recommend using any of these heroes against Dorian especially when there is Keira on the enemy team. Also Cleaver can be countered with Dorian as I already told that earlier in this article.


Nebula is a counter to Satori and heroes who rely on negative effects

Nebula is really good against Satori because she will remove all Satori’s Fox marks from 2 closest enemies. That means Satori won’t be able to instantly kill 2 enemy heroes. Besides that she a great damage booster for damage dealers like Orion, Keira, etc. Generally good for all negative effects putting heroes.



Yasmine is a counter to Keira, Kharh, Twins and almost all squishy damage dealers

00. Creo 3.0 Tutorial for Beginner ...
00. Creo 3.0 Tutorial for Beginner . Creo User Interface part 1

Yasmine is the latest hero at the moment I am making this video and she is really good against squishy damage dealers because she most of the time can one-shot enemy hero when she uses her active skill Dance of Death. Even if she doesn’t one-shot enemy hero poison most likely will finish the work. Yasmine is hard countered by Helios so make sure the enemy’s team hasn’t one!


Cornelius is a counter to mages like Celeste, Satori, and others

Cornelius is a good counter to mages but often can’t find his spot in most meta compositions so he gets left behind. It is just not worth investing in him since he is so situational. Otherwise he can one-shot high intelligence heroes like Satori. It is really satisfying to watch how the enemy’s hero gets one-shotted by this old smart grandpa.


These heroes aren’t only ones who would deserve to be on this Hero Wars Counter List but definitely the main ones. I hope you enjoy these kinds of articles and if you do then please subscribe to my youtube channel by pressing the subscribe button! Thanks


Hero Wars TOP 5 mistakes

Hello Heroes!

In this article, I will talk about Hero Wars TOP 5 mistakes that you can make as a new or even experienced player. These mistakes will make you fall behind and you most likely won’t be able to compete with other top players just because your tactics aren’t that great. Make sure you read this article through and make sure you don’t make these mistakes!

1. Don’t level up all your heroes at once

DON’T level up all your heroes at once! I have seen so many players doing this mistake, don’t be one of them. You will drastically fall behind because of this and there are a few reasons why:

  • game is designed that you can fully level up only 5 heroes at once for free to play or low pay to win players
  • you will run out of gold because you won’t be able to upgrade all your hero skills
  • you will run out of the experience potions  and your team will be lower than your actual account level
  • not having gold and experience potions will result in difficulty finishing tower and once again you will fall behind in gold and items
  • you won’t be able to compete in the arena because of a low-level team and as a result you won’t get extra emeralds
  • top guilds won’t accept you in the guild because they need strong players with well-developed team for guild wars

2. Make a good team compositions

From the early to mid-game you will need only 1 team to stay competitive which means that you need only 5 heroes who synergies well with each other to be considered a good player. In the late game, you will need 3 teams and fully developed 15-18 heroes. Fully developed hero count varies because you can’t always use the same team to beat your enemy, each hero has its own counter and you want to use this to your advantage. For example, if you are against Yasmine then you should include in your team Helios since she is the best counter to her. 

If you are reading this post then most likely you are a new player and that is a reason why I will go over which 5 heroes you should level up for your early game team. The answer is simple – there aren’t the best top 5 heroes but there are some basic rules which you need to remember to succeed in this game. Your team should consist of:

  • At least 1 healer. Healer is a crucial part of your team because he will help your team to survive longer. Healer is really important in the tower because you won’t be able to get to the 50th floor without recovering heroes health. For the tower, I would recommend using even 2 healers because you will need to protect your damage dealer and main tank at all costs. The best healer for the tower is Celeste which can be bought at the early game with real money but for the arena, guild wars, etc you should focus on Martha or Dorian. But don’t get me wrong other healers are good as well but these 3 healers are the meta ones.  
  • Only 1 tank. Don’t use 2 tanks in your team because that will make huge disbalance in your team composition. 1 tank is enough to protect all allied heroes. 
  • 1 or 2 supports. Depends on team composition but most team composition will have 1 or 2 supports who will make your damage dealer shine like never before and boost/protect other allies as well.
  • 1 or 2 damage dealers. Most team compositions will have 1 damage dealer who will do the work by himself but there can be team compositions where you will swap second healer or support for the second damage dealer.

3. Spend your gold wisely

One of the game currencies is gold. You will run out of gold pretty fast if you won’t use it wisely. You will need gold for many things in the game like evolve heroes/titan stars, upgrade hero skills, make items, etc. There are many ways how to get gold as well like doing tower, doing campaign missions, completing tasks, spinning wheel, etc.

I have some tips for you to make sure you don’t run out of it:

  • do daily tower to 50th floor because this is the best place where to get gold. If you can’t do tower to level 50 daily then you are doing something wrong (wrong team compositions or wrongly developed heroes most likely) 
  • don’t upgrade or evolve titans/heroes which you are not using
  • make sure you upgrade hero level dependant skills first because your heroes will benefit from those skills the most. You won’t see too bug difference when you upgrade hero skill which will boost only skills damage for a static amount of damage but there is a huge difference if you level up a level-dependent skill which will greatly improve the success rate of the skill 
  • Using wheel to exchange emeralds for gold is one of the worst ways how to spend your emeralds but it is ok to do that from time to time. Just don’t go too crazy

4. Spend your emeralds wisely

Another currency in the game is Emeralds. Emeralds can be bought for real money and can be obtained in the game for doing tasks or fighting in the arena. Using emeralds will greatly improve your chance to compete with other players. Make sure you use and buy them at the right time and for the right reasons. There isn’t the best place where to spend your emeralds because it will always depend on what do you need from the game at that exact moment. Some tips about emerald spending, buying, and obtaining:

  • try to buy emeralds on sale preferably on 4x sale
  • use emeralds when there is an event going on
  • don’t go too crazy all at once because emeralds cost will rise dramatically if you buy the same thing over and over again
  • make sure you get as high in the arena as possible just before high scores are calculated. There is no need to use all your 5 attacks as soon as your attacks refreshes because there is a good chance you will be defeated by other players by the time high score will be calculated again and you will get fewer emeralds.
  • buy emeralds when there is an event going where you can get extra emeralds or energy for buying emeralds 
  • I like to use emeralds daily for energy (2 times for 50 emeralds at least), I use emeralds for hero soul stone missions but only 1 time for each mission and only for those heroes that I have in my main team or I am going to develop in the future. At the early game that isn’t the worst idea to invest emeralds in titans because that will give you a huge boost for the rest of the game
  • worst way how to use emeralds are when you can’t wait for something and just buy it for emeralds like merchant time refresh, skill point refresh, etc because you could get those all things just by waiting a little bit.

5. Not claiming or doing all your daily tasks

I have read so many comments that players are not claiming their daily task rewards just because they can’t do tower and don’t want to make account level too high because they can’t keep up with hero levels, hero skill levels, etc. If you make your team right, if you spend your resources wisely you will never run in a problem like doing tower, leveling top 5 hero skills to the account level, or something like that. Being lower in a level than your enemies just because you are not getting extra experience from daily tasks will greatly reduce your chances to get in a good guild, be high in the arena or be competitive.