Corvus and Morrigan coming to the Facebook version?

Corvus and Morrigan are coming to the Facebook version. This is isn’t 100% for sure but there are some signs that it will happen. Besides that this kind of event schedule we have seen before when Sebastian was first released on the Mobile version of Hero Wars and then after a while added to the Facebook version of Hero Wars as well.

Leaked images by LoadRunner

Our biggest leaker LoadRunner which give us a lot of useful information before Devs does it shared images about Corvus and Morrigan coming to Facebook.

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Verdades e Mentiras sobre Cultivo de Orquídeas + Presente

He has some kind of program which scans Hero Wars files and then he can try to figure out what Hero Wars Devs are planned to future. This is one of the images he leaked from upcoming events

As you can see there is a Corvus and Morrigan thumbnail on the second row. These images represent event thumbnails or icons. So, if there is Corvus and Morrigan icon that means the Hero Wars Dev team is planning to release an event for Corvus and Morrigan. Do we have an exact time for this event? NO, we haven’t but that is nice to know that there is a plan to release them.

Images below also were leaked and as you can see Corvus and Morrigan coins + Darkness Falls event scrolls were also added to the game files. Would Hero Wars Devs add these files without any reason just to mess with us? I don’t think so. This is hard indicator that there will be Corvus and Morrigan to Hero Wars Facebook version!

My prediction about the upcoming event and will Corvus and Morrigan will be the same as on Mobile version of Hero Wars

I think event will be live in a few weeks and event will be more or less same like it was on the Mobile version of Hero Wars. BUT I am not sure that skills will remain the same as they were on mobile version because Hero Wars Devs want to make little differences to make both platforms unique.

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