Frontier Guardian

Tomorrow (05.06.2020) will be new event for Hero skin stones. Make sure you save energy and emeralds for this event!


Outland Monsters teamed up with hordes of Darkness to cast a shadow over the Dominion! Are you brave, ready to arrange a hot meeting for the aggressors on earth and in the sky, in the dungeons and in the vast expanses of our common home?

Path of perseverance
The task Reward
1. Visit to the game: Day 1 Energyx100
2. Visiting the game: Day 2 Energyx100
3. Game visit: Day 3 Energyx100

Hero Wars Keira guide - teams, counters, level up orders, etc

Path of honor
The task Reward
1. Get 1 VIP Level Outland Coinx100 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1
2. Get 2 VIP level Outland Coinx250 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1
3. Get 3 VIP level Outland Coinx500 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1
4. Get 4 VIP level Outland Coinx750 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1
5. Get 5 VIP level Outland Coinx1000 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1


The way forward
The task Reward
1. Spend 100 Emeralds Outland Coinx100
2. Spend 300 Emeralds Outland Coinx150
3. Spend 600 Emeralds Outland Coinx200
4. Spend 1000 Emeralds Outland Coinx300 Large Chest of Form Stonesx1
5. Spend 1,500 Emeralds Outland Coinx400 Large Chest of Form Stonesx2
6. Spend 3000 Emeralds Outland Coinx500 Large Chest of Form Stonesx3
7. Spend 6000 Emeralds Outland Coinx750 Large Chest of Form Stonesx4
8. Spend 12,000 Emeralds Outland Coinx1000 Large Chest of Form Stonesx5
9. Spend 20,000 Emeralds Outland Coinx1500 Large Chest of Form Stonesx6
10. Spend 30,000 Emeralds Outland Coinx3000 Large Chest of Form Stonesx7
11. Spend 40,000 Emeralds Outland Coinx7500 Large Chest of Form Stonesx12
12. Spend 50,000 Emeralds Outland Coinx10000 Large Chest of Form Stonesx20


Path of wisdom
The task Reward
1. Spend 100 Energy Outland Coinx10 Intelligence Stonex20
2. Spend 200 Energy Outland Coinx15 Intelligence Stonex30
3. Spend 300 Energy Outland Coinx25 Intelligence Stonex50
4. Spend 500 Energy Outland CoinX50 Intelligence StoneX75
5. Spend 1000 Energy Outland Coinx75 Intelligence Stonex100
6. Spend 1500 Energy Outland Coinx100 Intelligence Stonex200
7. Spend 2000 Energy Outland Coinx150 Intelligence Stonex300
8. Spend 2500 Energy Outland Coinx200 Intelligence Stonex400
9. Spend 3500 Energy Outland Coinx250 Intelligence Stonex500
10. Spend 5000 Energy Outland Coinx375 Intelligence Stonex750
11. Spend 7000 Energy Outland Coinx500 Intelligence Stonex1000
12. Spend 12000 Energy Outland Coinx750 Intelligence Stonex1500


Way of Agility
The task Reward
1. Get 10 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx10 Dexterity Stonex20
2. Get 25 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx15 Dexterity Stonex30
3. Get 50 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx25 Dexterity Stonex50
4. Get 75 Soul Gems of any hero Outland CoinX50 Dexterity StoneX75
5. Get 100 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx75 Dexterity Stonex100
6. Get 150 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx100 Dexterity Stonex200
7. Get 200 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx150 Dexterity Stonex300
8. Get 250 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx200 Dexterity Stonex400
9. Get 300 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx250 Dexterity Stonex500
10. Get 350 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx375 Dexterity Stonex750
11. Get 400 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx500 Dexterity Stonex1000
12. Get 450 Soul Gems of any hero Outland Coinx750 Dexterity Stonex1500


Path of power
The task Reward
1. Open 1 Outland Chest Outland Coinx10 Strength Stonex20
2. Open 3 chests in Outland Outland Coinx15 Strength Stonex30
3. Open 5 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx25 Strength Stonex50
4. Open 7 chests in Outland Outland CoinX50 Strength StoneX75
5. Open 10 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx75 Strength Stonex100
6. Open 15 chests in Outland Outland Coinx100 Strength Stonex200
7. Open 20 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx150 Strength Stonex300
8. Open 25 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx200 Strength Stonex400
9. Open 35 Outland Chests Outland Coinx250 Strength Stonex500
10. Open 45 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx375 Strength Stonex750
11. Open 55 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx500 Strength Stonex1000
12. Open 65 Chests in Outland Outland Coinx750 Strength Stonex1500


The path of power
The task Reward
1. Complete 1 mission Outland Coinx300
2. Complete 5 tasks Outland Coinx600
3. Complete 10 tasks Outland Coinx1000
4. Complete 15 tasks Outland Coinx1500
5. Complete 25 tasks Outland Coinx2000
6. Complete 40 tasks Outland Coinx2500
7. Complete 60 quest Strength Stonex3000
8. Complete 61 tasks Intelligence Stonex3000
9. Complete 62 missions Dexterity Stonex3000


Total Rewards
The task Reward Number of tasks
Path of perseverance Energyx300 3
Path of honor Outland Coinx2600 Large Chest of Form Stonesx5 5
The way forward Outland Coinx25400 Large Chest of Form Stonesx60 12
Path of wisdom Outland Coinx2500 Intelligence Stonex4925 12
Way of Agility Outland Coinx2500 Dexterity Stonex4925 12
Path of power Outland Coinx2500 Strength Stonex4925 12
The path of power Outland Coinx7900 Intelligence Stonex3000 Strength Stonex3000 Dexterity Stonex3000 9
Total Energyx300 Outland Coinx43400 Large Chest of Form Stonesx65 Intelligence Stonex7925 Strength Stonex7925 Dexterity Stonex7925 65




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