Hero Wars Alvanor

Hero Wars Alvanor

Hero Wars Alvanor hero will be released on the 25th of December, 2020 as a part of Witnerfest event. He is one of five Hero Wars Elf class heroes. Elf class consists of Aurora, Alvanor, Dark Star, Kai, and Thea. His part in this class is to be support but he really does everything. Alvanor has heal, he has damage reduction, he has damage. Alvanor will work great with Elf heroes because of passive Elf class buffs. Alvanor’s healing will be doubled if that heal is applied to the Elf class hero. Also, Dark Star’s damage boost also applies to Alvanor so make sure you pair these 2 heroes together. Alvanor’s weakness is low armor which makes him vulnerable to physical damage dealers but he can compensate that with his skill Rune of Earth which will decrease basic attack damage power.

Alvanor’s max stats

Strength 2475

Descarga de fuente ROBLOX x
Descarga de fuente ROBLOX

Intelligence 11995

Agility 1990

Physical Attack 16025

HP 173301

Armor 1990

Magic Resist 17705

Magic Power 56781

Magic penetration 16830

Power 88295.55

Alvanor’s skills

Runes of Ice
Damage: 48907.65 Chance to slow is lowered if the target’s level is above 120 (at max stats)
Alvanor conjures 5 Runes of Ice in front of himself and launches them at enemies. Each rune travels towards the nearest enemy, damaging and slowing the target.

Rune of Life
Skill timeout: 8
Healing: 33951.45 (at max stats)
Alvanor conjures a Rune of Life that heals all allies once per second. While the rune is active, all allied Elves are healed twice as effectively regardless of the healing source.

Rune of Fire
Skill timeout: 12
Damage: 32751.45 (at max stats)
Alvanor invokes the power of the Rune of Fire, unleashing it on the two nearest enemies. Each target takes 32751.45 damage.

Comment: When paired with Dark Star damage has 30% increase which will make him serious threat to enemies.

Rune of Earth
Initial timeout: 2
Skill timeout: 11
Decreases basic attack damage by 36029.55 (at max stats)
Alvanor activates a Rune of Earth to protect his allies. While the rune is active, allies take decreased damage from basic attacks. The Rune of Earth is always active for Elves.

Comment: Great skill to counter Keira and other physical damage dealing heroes. Pretty useless skill against Twins, Satori, DOH, etc teams


Not much information about Alvanor, will be updated as soon as Alvanor wil lbe released in the game.

Alvanor’s active artifact – Magic damage

Team composition

Needs more testing and will be updated later. Alvanor will definitely synergy well with Elf class heroes.

cons, pros and counters

Alvanor’s cons:

  • hard to get soulstones
  • synergies well with Elfs but otherwise can’t be used for his full potential
  • low armor for a front lane

Alvanor’s pros:

  • Great at countering physical attack because of Rune of Earth skill. (especially against Keira)
  • Offers decent healing for allies especially for Elfs (double healing)
  • Synergies well with magic damage teams because of magic attack artifact
  • Has decent magic defense

Alvanor’s counters:

  • Keira because of Rune of Earth skill

Alvanor’s is countered by:

  • Physical skill attacks because of his low armor (for example, Kark’h)

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Alvanor guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> My Youtube link

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