Hero Wars Armor

There are many types of stats in the Hero Wars game. When we are talking about offensive stats we mostly know 3 types of damages – physical, magical, and pure (white color) damage. But are those stats only ones which will determine how much damage your heroes will do to the enemy team? The short answer is NO. There are stats that also affects damage output from your hero like armor and magic resistance to enemy team heroes. Also, there are penetration stats that actually are really important, especially for your damage dealer.

What are armor and magic resist?

Before we start to talk about armor and magic resist we need to understand that in Hero Wars game is physical damage that is reduced by armor, a magical attack which is reduced by the magic defense, and pure damage is a flat amount of damage and it can’t be reduced.

Hero wars armor

How armor and magic resist is calculated (formula)

Before I start to explain anything you need to understand that armor and magic resist isn’t a flat amount of defense. These numbers are being calculated in percentage. For example, 500 armor won’t reduce incoming damage by 500 damage. Actually 500 armor will reduce physical damage by 14%. Here are some armor examples for damage reduction:

500 – 14%
1000 – 25%
2000 – 40%
4000 – 57%
8000 – 72%
12000 – 80%

Ziri’s maximal armor stats ar 29399 which will reduce enemies physical damage by 90.8%.

The numbers above are calculated by this formula (1-1/(1+Armor/3000))*100%. If you want to calculate magic resist % then you need to put magic resist values in armor value place.

This means that damage depends on your hero’s physical damage amount and the enemy’s armor amount. Lets imagine that your hero has a 10000 physical attack, no armor penetration, and the enemy’s hero has 4000 armor. That means 4000 armor will block 57% damage, not flat 4000. That will result in 10000-10000/100*57=4300 damage.

hero wars damage absorption graph


The first couple of thousands of armor reduce more damage in percentage. 4000 armor will reduce 57% but extra 4000 armor reduces extra 17% damage (in total 72%). That is 3.35 times less benefit for the second 4000 armor.

Armor isn’t flat amount but is calculated in percentage

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Armor penetration can reduce armor to enemy heroes and boost your damage (see this article)

You can’t have enough armor to reduce damage to zero

Armor artifacts are really important because they will protect all your team by a good amount of damage

In general armor won’t protect you against mage teams and vice versa

Armor formula done step by step

Maybe for some of you this formula isn’t that easy to solve. So we will do Ziri’s physical damage reduction for max stats example:

Ziri’s max armor is 29399.

Formula – (1-1/(1+Armor/3000))*100%

Step 1. We need to solve brackets (1+Armor/3000) = (1+29399/3000)=1+9.799=10.799 now formula looks like (1-1/10.799)*100%

Step 2. Divide 1/10.799=0.092 and now formula looks like (1-0.092)*100%

Step 3. We need to subtract 1-0.092=0.908 and formula now looks like this 0.908*100%

Step 4. We need to multiply 0.908 with 100% to get percentage for damage block. 0.908*100%=90.8%

I hope that some of you are already thinking that 90.8% damage reduction is insane. That can’t be right because my maxed out damage dealer has a lot more damage and isn’t reduced by 90.8%. Maxed out Keira has 73188 damage. So… her damage should be 73188/100*9.2=6733. Actually, Keira does a lot more damage and that is because we have supports who can boost your damage, artifacts, and many other things BUT the most important thing in this calculation are armor penetration which is explained in this article – Hero Wars ARMOR PENETRATION.

Enjoyed my tutorial about Hero Wars armor calculations? Then leave a comment down below! I hope you learned something from this and go see the armor penetration article over here – armor penetration! For more useful videos visit my YouTube channel.

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