Hero Wars August events

All information will be updated as soon as I will get more information, stay tuned. All information about upcoming Hero Wars August events in one place! Latest information down below. What are your ideas and thoughts about upcoming events? Hero of the month for August is CORVUS.

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Special thanks to ??????? from discord who made all the images with event tasks. Here is a link with his discord channel https://discord.gg/3cDvwCf . There is a lot of useful information, go check it out.

Kai 02.08. – 04.08.

hero wars august events for Kai

Outland chest sale 04.08. – 06.08.

Outland chest discount will be 55% at least that is what LoadRunner leaked. Make sure you save up some emeralds for this event. This is a great event because you will be able to get a lot of outland coins and skin stones. Skin stones are probably the rarest material in the game besides artifacts.

Qing Mao and Aurora 06.08. – 08.08.

hero wars august events calendar qing mao and aurora event

Both of these heroes are great especially when you have invested a lot of resources in them. Aurora at the late game will be one of the best tanks in the game especially against mage teams. Qing Mao is a great hero in campaign missions when you will face high health bosses. Besides that she goes well with Keira because she has really good armor penetration buffs which Keira can’t have enough.

4x sale moved to 22. August with Sun sale event.

4x sale will be only for 1 slot. This means that you won’t be able to choose which purchase plan you can get for 4 times bigger value. Fingers crossed that you will be able to get a lucky slot for the amount that you would like to spend.

Runic milestone 10.08. – 12.08.

Runic milestone event

Ziri 11.08. – 13.08.

Hero wars august event calendar ziri

Ziri is a great tank but she leaves her team vulnerable when she is recovering health burred underground. Make sure you have good second hero who can survive until Ziri comes back.

Gift of Elements 15.08. – 17.08.

titan August event

Only event for august when you will be able to to boost your titans. Make sure you use full potential of this event because titans are really useful for your guild at guild wars.

Lian 18.08. – 20.08.

Hero Wars Lian August event

22.08. – 26.08. Sun Sale + Rufus event + sales

(More info coming soon)

Seb Kemp finds out Santa Cruz are w... x
Seb Kemp finds out Santa Cruz are winners

For more detailed information press here – Sun Sale event

Rufus event 22.08 – 26.08 (4 days event)

Sun Sale 22.08 – 26.08 (4 days event)

Lootbox shop: 250 Emeralds – one chest 2000 Emeralds – 10 chests


23.08 – 24.08 summoning sphere sale 55% (x5 – 315 Emeralds, x50 – 2925 Emeralds)

24.08 – 25.08 Artifact chest sale 25% (x10 – 600 Emeralds, x100 – 5625 Emeralds)

25.08 – 26.08 Outland chest sale 55% (x10 – 360 Emeralds, x100 – 3375 Emeralds)

Cornelius 26.08. – 28.08.

Cornelius august event

Cornelius is great hero when you need to counter mage and high intelligence teams. He can kill enemy in a single shot when he is against right team. Also really useful in campaign missions when you will face magic damage enemies.

Helios 29.08. – 31.08.

Helios august event

Mystery event is still not confirmed but there is a chance that it will be Yasmine’s event. Helios is greatest Yasmine’s counter. Make sure that you invest in this event as much as possible because Helios is only counter against Yasmine. He will totally destroy Yasmine and she is one of the strongest hero in Facebook version.

I hope you learned something from these leaks and for more videos on my YouTube channel. Also make sure you subscribe for my Youtube channel to get even more leaks like this Hero Wars August events leak.

Hero Wars August events

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