Hero Wars Aurora

Hero Wars Aurora

Summary to Aurora

Let’s start this Hero Wars Aurora guide by explaining some basics about Aurora. Aurora is a tank that’s rated highly by most end-game players but not really used by most early to mid-game players because she sometimes dies too fast and you can see Aurora’s true potential only at the late game when she is close to the max stats. Aurora is probably the best tank for the PC version because on the PC version each time Aurora dodge basic attacks she also gains energy and pet Cain can really boost her dodge chance. For the mobile version, Aurora is a top-tier tank but I wouldn’t call her the best tank since she can’t stack up energy like on the PC version of Hero Wars.

Aurora is not like other tanks in a couple of ways: most tanks in the game get their ability to tank by having high health combined with armor and magic defense, that’s not the case with Aurora she has more health than most other tanks but has some of the lowest armor and magic defense. Her ability to tank comes from her health, dodge, and shield. Aurora lacks an armor artifact boost which can sometimes make her a less than optimal choice against some physical teams where you will be relying on artifact boosts to mitigate damage. However, Aurora does well against both physical and mage teams. Aurora is best both with and against mage teams. With a team of mages behind her adding magic attack/penetration artifact buffs she can deal a decent amount of damage.

Similarly when she is against mage teams her ability to absorb and reflect back 80% of magic damage received can cause her to do a significant amount of damage. This is most useful when there are mages that deal small ticks of damage rather than one large hit, for example, Helios’s spheres, Satori’s ult, and Cleaver-Peppy synergy allow Aurora’s shield to build up and burst multiple times. Against physical teams, Aurora’s dodge can be useful, especially against physical teams that would be acting to reduce the tank’s armor such as using Jet, Sebastian, and Qing Mao. Since Aurora’s ability to tank is not tied to her armor she is not impacted by their armor debuff in the way that other tanks are.

Max stats

Mobile max stats

Intelligence: 2886

Agility: 2497

Strength: 10428

Health: 650974

Physical Attack: 16306

Magic Attack: 21282

Armor: 14017

Magic Defense: 3826

Dodge: 8131

Magic Penetration: 6950

PC max stats

Intelligence: 3644

Agility: 3093

Strength: 12580

Health: 813094

Physical Attack: 20290

Magic Attack: 35768

Armor: 15813

Magic Defense: 5224

Dodge: 9795

Magic Penetration: 12490


Hero Wars Aurora's Crystal of Selias skill

Crystal of Selias – A light flash strikes at the center of the enemy team and deals damage to all enemies around the point of impact. (50% Magic attack + 40 * Skill Level)

On the desktop version when you have maxed out Aurora combined with maxed out Cain Aurora can stack up energy that fast that she becomes a magic damage dealer. Damage output from this Crystal of Selias can be really insane.

Hero Wars Aurora's Crystalline Onslaught skill

Crystalline Onslaught – Stuns and damages a nearby target. Stun chance is lowered if the target’s level is above skill level. (40% Magic attack + 25 * Skill Level)

Remember to level up this skill as a priority since stun chance is lowered if the target’s level is above skills level. This skill is great in general but once you kill the enemy’s tank she will stun the second hero from the enemy team and in most cases that the second hero is the damage dealer. So this means you will deny a lot of damage to the enemy team.

Hero Wars Aurora's Piercing Light skill

Piercing Light – Casts a spark of light which deals damage to all rivals in its way. (40% Magic attack + 35 * Skill Level + 100)

Hero Wars Aurora's Rainbow Halo skill

Rainbow Halo – Passive skill: The shield partially absorbs magic damage. After absorbing a certain amount of damage, the shield explodes, damaging nearby enemies. (0.5 * Level + 40 of magic damage)

Rainbow Halo is really great skill against magical damage because Aurora can absorb 80% of incoming magical damage and damage nearby enemies when the skill is fully charged. Rainbow Halo isn’t that good against physical damage dealers but that is a reason why she has so high dodge chance.

Aurora skins and level up order

For both Hero Wars versions, Aurora has the same skins with the same effects. There are 4 skins for Aurora – Default skin which boosts Aurora’s strengthNordic skin which boosts dodge, Spring skin which boosts health, and Devil skin which boosts Aurora’s armor. Aurora is all about absorbing magical damage and dodging basic attacks. She doesn’t benefit much from armor skin like other tanks because she hasn’t armor glyph and she has low armor in general. So skin level up order should be Nordic skin for extra dodge, Spring skin for health as a safety net if dodges aren’t working that great, Default skin for strength, and as the last go for Devil skin which looks the best and gives armor. You can go for Default skin first if you haven’t unlocked Aurora’s other skins that are totally normal and Default skin is almost 2 times cheaper to max out.

How to get Aurora soul stones

For both Hero Wars versions, Aurora’s soulstones are really easy to get. You can obtain Aurora’s soulstones from Campaign missions starting from chapter 2. This means you can start to invest in Aurora in the early game and you don’t need to waste resources on another tank while you haven’t unlocked Aurora.


Selias’ Legacy

active artifact increases dodge

Book of Illusions 

increase dodge and health

Ring of Strength

increase strength

Since Aurora will be your main tank and probably the only tank on the team you need to max her out as soon as possible. Aurora’s artifacts are Selia’s Legacy which increases dodge to the whole team, Book of Illusions which increases dodge and health but only for Aurora, and Ring of Strength which increases strength also only to Aurora.

I would recommend leveling up artifacts more or less equally. Level-up priority should be Book of Illusions first because in the early game Aurora needs as much health as possible and extra dodge helps to deny some basic attacks. As a second artifact, I would choose Selia’s Legacy for an extra dodge chance for the whole team, and as a last artifact go for Ring of Strength. If you have a lot of dodge heroes on your team then go for Selia’s Legacy first since everyone on your can benefit from dodge artifact buff.

Aurora glyph order

I would suggest leveling up Aurora’s glyphs in this order -> Dodge – Health – Strength – Magic penetration – Magic attack. Feel free to change this order depending on your needs but this order is theoretically the best order. You can go health and strength first if you feel that dodge chance isn’t good enough but remember that more dodge you have better evasion and all small buffs to dodge adds up. Level up magic penetration always before the magic attack because magic penetration allows Aurora to do more damage than an actual magic attack.

Aurora team compositions

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile x
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile

In Hero Wars Aurora has great flexibility when you make team compositions. As mentioned before she will synergy more with a magic attack boosting heroes and dodge heroes. Aurora can be used as a pure tank with stuns and a small amount of magic damage but you can also use Aurora as a damage dealer/tank. I am running Aurora on my main team and there are situations from time to time when my damage dealers die to the counter but Aurora has enough damage to kill the enemy team on her own. Here are some great Aurora team compositions:

  • Aurora, Celeste, Jorgen, Faceless and Lian – this team is insane but extremely hard to level up. Aurora and other heroes will benefit from all hero active artifacts because Celeste, Jorgen and Lian has magic attack artifact and Faceless will add magic penetration to the whole team. This team is well rounded team who can beat many meta teams.
  • Aurora, Krista, Celeste, Lars and Martha – well rounded team with good damage output and great healings from Celeste and Martha. Aurora, Lars and Krista is a core to this team and you can swap between following heroes depending on your needs because all of them will work great in this setup – Celeste, Nebula, Martha, Jorgen, Lian, Faceless and some others.
  • Aurora, Dante, Nebula, Heidi and Jet – full dodge team, where Nebula will boost damage to Dante and Heidi. Jet for extra buffs to increase Dante’s damage and Aurora to tank the damage. This team is actually really strong.
  • Aurora, Yasmine, Sebastian + 2 heroes of your choice – Aurora’s dodge chance will boost Yasmine a lot, Sebastian will be great to increase critical hit chance with his artifact and he will add extra damage to Yasmine’s critical hits. + 1 heroes can be counter to the enemy team and second +1 could be a healer or support depending on your needs. Some solid choices coudl be Nebula to increase attack, Isaac for PC version to counter mages, as a healer Martha against physical damage dealing teams or Thea against magic damage dealing teams or Celeste to boost Aurora’s damage and add some early heals.

Other team compositions which work but I won’t give deeper thoughts:

  • aurora, elmir, sebastian, artemis, jet
  • aurora, arachne, nebula, orion, dorian
  • aurora, elmir, nebula, dark star, jet
  • aurora, arachne, nebula, lars, dorian
  • aurora, jorgen, faceless, peppy, martha
  • dante, daredevil, aurora, nebula, elmir
  • aurora, andvari, celeste, orion, helios
  • aurora, elmir, qing mao, sebastian, jet
  • aurora, qing mao, sebastian, artemis, martha
  • aurora, qing mao, dante, nebula, heidi
  • aurora, andvari, satori, celeste, peppy
  • keira, dante, aurora, andvari, nebula
  • aurora, qing mao, sebastian, dark star, thea
  • aurora, andvari, satori, celeste, faceless

Aurora cons and pros

Aurora cons:

  • Low armor for a tank
  • Has 4 skins to upgrade
  • Not that effective in the early-mid game
  • Dodge artifact buff is really situational
  • Doesn’t provide team with additional defense buffs

Aurora pros:

  • Great against magical teams
  • Has many team composition to choose from
  • Easy to get soulstones
  • Has a lot of damage if combined with right heroes like Celeste
  • Possibly the best tank for the PC version
  • Synergies well with dodge heroes and magic damage artifact heroes
  • Hard to counter

Aurora counters and what Aurora can counter

Hero wars Aurora is countered by:
  • Aurora hasn’t real counters only soft counters
  • Isaac – Isaac will reduce Aurora’s damage output, silence her and do a decent amount of damage after 3rd time he actives his active skill.
  • Magic defense artifact – magic defense artifacts will help against Aurora’s damage but this is considered as a soft counter
  • Corvus – Aurora does small amount of damage but pretty frequently, when Corvus altar is up then Aurora will deal damage to the enemy team and herself
Hero wars Aurora counters:
  • Aurora-Peppy is a hard-counter to Cleaver-Peppy teams
  • Squishy teams because of her damage output when enemy’s team tank is down and there is nothing to protect squishes (soft counter)
  • Magic damage dealing heroes who do multiple attacks for small amount of damage like Satori, Helios, etc. (soft counter)
  • Physical teams relying on armor de-buff because Aurora isn’t relying on armor to survive

Aurora tips and tricks and synergies

Tips and tricks:

  • Aurora’s stuns can interrupt active skills like Mojo’s Totem of Wrath
  • Keep Aurora’s dodge chance as high as possible to get most on Aurora
  • Don’t give up Aurora because of low early – mid game experience, especially on PC version
  • Combine Aurora’s active skill with magic attack, magic penetration artifacts if possible

Aurora synergies well with:

  • heroes who can provide Aurora with magic attack or magic penetration buff like Celeste, Orion, Faceless, etc for extra damage
  • dodge heroes like Yasmine, Dante, Nebula, etc
  • Peppy to counter Cleaver + Peppy combo
  • Isaac to decrease even more magic damage from the enemy team

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Aurora guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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