Hero Wars Axel

Axel is one of the best Hero Wars pets for defense purposes. His main strength is making your weakest heroes survive longer in the fights. Axel wasn’t in the first pack of pets when Hero Wars Devs introduced pets. He was made later when the game was developed a little bit further and some things had to be nerfed indirectly. Before Axel was released Karkh was a huge threat to many teams because of the insane burst damage he could do. Axel is a really great Karkh counter and burst hero counter in general because he denies one-shots and distributes physical and magical damage among all allies. Unfortunately, Axel hasn’t anything to offer for offense so choose wisely when you are going on the attack with Axel most likely you can swap some of your heroes to counter any team and use another pet for extra damage.


Hero Wars Axel Role – support, healer

Hero Wars Axel Main Stat – skill power

Hero Wars Axel Attack type – none

Hero Wars Axel Max Stats

Level – 130

Power – 181943

Skill Power – 12360

Patronage Power – 11064

Magic penetration – 47911

Hero Wars Axel Max bonus stats to patronage hero

Magic attack – 99576

Armor – 9958

Axel’s skills explained

Axel's White skill: Bubbles of Justice!

Axel’s White skill: Bubbles of Justice!

Axel applies a shield that distributes physical and magic damage taken by allies between all heroes, proportional to their remaining health.

  • The shield can distribute 685,800 (5,500% Skill Power + 6,000) damage
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
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Bubbles of Justice is really great active skill that can make a huge difference in team fights to keep the lowest health allies alive longer. Keep in mind that this skill only distributes physical and magical damage, pure damage will be applied fully. Even though an almost 700k shield is really great to defend the lowest health allies sometimes this skill can make your heroes go down even faster than they would have. Imagine a situation when your tank and damage dealer are the last two heroes standing alive. If Axel uses his Bubbles of Justice skill all damage that your tank would receive will be distributed among these 2 heroes. This means that your damage dealer will receive unnecessary damage which could be taken only by your tank.

Axel's Green skill: Healthy Snack!

Axel’s Green skill: Healthy Snack!

Axel grows a magical seaweed under the ally with the lowest health. That seaweed increases all healing received for 10 seconds. The seaweed activates when healing is first received.

  • Increases healing received by 50 (0.325% Skill Power + 9.8)%
  • Cooldown: 5.85 seconds

Well, this skill is ONLY useful when you have a good healer who actually heals the lowest health ally. Without an additional healer, this skill will be wasted. 50% of the healing increase is no joke so make sure you have someone on your team who can actually trigger this skill. Keep in mind that Oliver’s green skill can be boosted by this Healthy Snack aswell.

Axel's Violet skill: Defensive Blub!


Axel’s Violet skill: Defensive Blub!

Axel protects the owner from powerful attacks.

  • Damage from a single attack cannot exceed 45 (-0.226% Patronage Power + 70)% of a hero’s maximum health

At max stats, Karkh can’t kill Axel’s owner even when he triggers his Deadly Tendrils 2 times in a row and that is a huge deal. I recommend to patronage Axel with the lowest health ally who dies first most often or is vulnerable to high burst damage. Of course, if you want to use Axel to the full potential then I would suggest using him with heroes who can benefit from both his passive stats boost – magic attack and armor. For example, Celeste or Maya, both of these heroes are squishy so extra armor won’t hurt them when they will be against physical damage dealing teams and extra magic attack for these 2 heroes are always welcome.


Most of Axel’s power comes from items, especially from Violet items. Down below are stats distributed by Hero Wars developers for Axel by level, items, and skills:

Axel ‘s Max power 181943 from which 23.6% level, 2.9% skills, 1% base, 21.2% white to blue items, and 51.4% Violet Items.

Axel ‘s Patronage power 11064 from which 35,2% level, 2.9% skills, 0,2% base, 13,3% white to blue items, and 51.2% Violet Items.

Axel ‘s Skill power 12360 from which 31,6% level, 0,2% base, 22,4% white to blue items, and 45,9% Violet Items.

Axel’s Skill Magic penetration 47911 from which 3.1 % base, 31.7% white to blue items, and 65.1 % Violet Items.

Axel‘s tips and tricks

  • Axel is defensive pet. On offense you should use counter heroes combined with pets like Fenris who can boost counter hero damage.
  • Preferably use Axel on the lowest health ally who can be burst down in one-shot or needs extra survivability.
  • Using Axel on a tank is a bad choice unless there aren’t better options because most tanks won’t be able to fully utilize Axel’s Defensive Bulb skill
  • To reach full Axel’s potential use Axel on magic type hero who can utilize magic attack stat boost
  • On manual fights don’t use Axel active skill Bubbles of Justice to avoid unnecessary damage to your squishier allies when there are 2 or 3 allies alive and only tank is receiving damage from the enemy team (no aoe damage form the enemy team)
  • Axel’s green skill can boost Oliver’s green skill healing by 50%, this effect will happen almost every 6 seconds
  • Axel can counter really high burst damage heroes like Karkh, Cornelius and others who deal high damage in a single blow
  • When facing Cornelius try to use Axel on the highest intelligence hero because most of the Cornelius damage will be denied

How to counter Axel

  • Pure damage counters Axel active shield, so Yasmine, Sebastian and other pure damage heroes can be useful
  • Pet Biscuit counters healing type teams
  • Don’t use high burst damage heroes. Keira or Orion is a great option because all damage will be distributed equally among all enemy team which isn’t an obstacle to these heroes
  • Celeste can deny Axel’s green skill Healthy snacks

Patronage Heroes for Oliver

There are a lot of heroes who can be patronized with Oliver. Let’s go over them and see if Oliver is the best option for them. Keep in mind that Oliver offers a health and armor passive boost which is really great option for a tank.

Hero wars Aurora and Axel

Aurora and Axel

Aurora has many pet options. In my opinion, Aurora has better options in terms of pet synergy, for example, Cain. Extra armor and magic attack as passive stats from Axel are great in theory but Aurora can’t use Axel’s Patronage skill. I would use Axel on squishy allies instead and use Oliver or Cain on her.

Hero wars Astaroth and axel

Astaroth and Axel

Astaroth is similar to the Aurora. He is a tank, he won’t be one-shotted so he won’t take advantage of Axel’s patronage skill. The extra magic attack won’t help him too much so I would suggest going for Oliver.

Hero wars Alvanor and axel

Alvanor and Axel

Alvanor is one of the heroes who can be actually one-shotted and who will take great benefit from Axel’s passive skills and patronage skill. Having trouble keeping Alvanor alive, then use Axel on him. The extra magic attack won’t hurt because 2 out of 4 Alvanor’s skills benefit from the magic attack buff.

Arachne and Axel

Arachne has 3 options to choose from Mara, Albus, and Axel. All three pets will offer magic attack + some unique stats for Arachne. Go for Mara if you want some extra stun time and magic defense. Go for Albus if you need more damage and defense isn’t a problem for you. Go for Axel if you want some armor extra protection from burst damage.

Celeste and axel

Celeste and Axel

Celeste and Axel are probably the best synergy you can get from Axel. Celeste greatly benefits from the magic attack buff, armor buff is situational but helps a lot in most cases because Celeste in many team compositions stands really close to the front. Celeste is also a squishy hero and Axel can help her to survive high bursts from the enemy team. If there aren’t threats from the enemy team to burst Celeste down and you are against the magic dealing team then it would be wise to use Merlin for extra magic penetration which will help to take down the enemy’s tank faster.

hero wars axel and dorian

Dorian and Axel

Dorian has 2 options from pets – Axel and Merlin. Both of these options are bad in my opinion. Merlin won’t help a lot since Dorian is mainly used for vampirism not damage dealing. Axel won’t work to full potential because Dorian mostly stands close to the backline so extra armor and patronage skill will be wasted. I would use Axel on someone else if possible.

Hero wars Axel and cornelius

Cornelius and Axel

Even tho Cornelius stands in the middle or back of the team he can be sometimes one-shotted so Axel is a decent choice for him. The extra magic attack can sometimes be missing damage to make Cornelius one-shot the highest intelligence enemy.

hero wars axel and faceless

Faceless and Axel

Faceless has a lot of options in terms of pets – Merlin, Biscuit, Mara, and Axel. Marlin probably is the best choice for Faceless because of extra magic attack, magic penetration, and skill speed increase. I feel that Biscuit, Mara, and Axel are situational patronage pets. Need more stun duration? Go for Mara. Need to reduce healing for the enemy team? Go for Biscuit. Need more survivability? Go for Axel.

hero wars axel and heidi

Heidi and Axel

Heidi has a lot of options in terms of pets – Albus, Cain, Biscuit, and Axel. I feel like the only bad choice for Heidi is Cain because he won’t benefit from a physical attack buff and there is a low chance that Heidi will be able to receive that many basic attacks to fully benefit from extra energy and spam his active skill. Albus, Biscuit, and Axel are great options for Heidi. Albus will be great to increase Heidi’s pure damage, Biscuit will cut down healing for the enemy team and Axel will provide extra survivability to Heidi. The choice is up to you what you need the most.

Hero wars Isaac and axel

Isaac and Axel

Axel is probably the worst choice for Isaac since he won’t be able to use passive magic attack buff and there won’t be too many fights where he will be one-shotted by the enemy team. Oliver will provide more survivability and extra armor allowing Isaac to charge his active skill to the point where he will deal a lot of damage. Isaac is mage counter so extra magic defense from Mara will be just in time to make Isaac an even stronger counter. Also, extra silence duration can come in handy against fast-stacking heroes like Orion.

Hero wars Jet and axel

Jet and Axel

Axel is the only patronage pet who can provide Jet with an extra magic attack which is great because Jet’s buffs will be even stronger. Axel’s patronage skill will be useful against Jhu, Karkh, and other heroes who can do some serious damage to the backline where Jet is mostly located. In most cases, I would go for Axel on jet unless you haven’t any healer on your team and you want some healing on Jet then go for Oliver.

Hero wars Jorgen and axel

Jorgen and Axel

Jorgen has built-in survivability so I wouldn’t worry about Jorgen being killed too easily. The sad part about Jorgen is that he hasn’t many options to choose from in terms of pets. Jorgen can be patronaged with Oliver and Axel. I will that none of these pets are really suited for him but if I had to choose I would go for Axel because of the magic attack boost.

Hero wars Judge and axel

Judge and Axel

Judge can be patronaged with Biscuit, Oliver, and Axel. All three pets offer armor. Oliver will be great if you need survivability to Judge and he isn’t burst down in a few hits but taken down slowly. Axel will be great against high burst. Biscuit will be great to cut healing for the enemy. The choice is up to you what you need more.

hero wars kai and axel

Kai and Axel

Kai has 3 options – Biscuit, Axel, and Merlin. Go for Merlin if Kai survives long enough in the team fights. Want to cut healing? Go for Biscuit. Can’t survive high burst? Go for Axel. All three pets will provide Kai with a magic attack which is great.

Lars and axel

Lars and Axel

Cornelius is probably the biggest threat to Lars. Axel can deny Cornelius one-shotting Lars and allowing him to stay in the fight and do his job – dealing damage. If Lars can survive in team fights then I would go for Merlin or Biscuit because of extra damage or healing reduction to the enemy team. Mara can be a decent option if you need magic defense buff.

Hero wars axel and krista

Krista and Axel

Krista has built-in defense from her violet skill so Axel’s patronage skill won’t be needed. Armor will come in handy but Biscuit almost always will be better than Axel because of its ability to cut down healing for the whole enemy team because of Krista’s aoe damage. Go for Merlin on Krista if you want to deal as much damage as possible and don’t think that fights will be long enough to need defense from other Axel or Biscuit.

martha and Axel

Martha and Axel

Martha has a lot of built-in survivability and she won’t benefit from Axel’s patronage skill. Armor can come in handy against Jhu but as already mentioned Marthas has enough survivability to hold the backline. Magic attack for extra healing isn’t bad so I would choose Axel over Oliver.

Hero wars lian and axel

Lian and Axel

There is no doubt that Lian should be paired with Mara because Lian offers way too much crowd control because of her charms. Mara will increase charm duration and make the enemy go crazy. It is unlikely that Lian will be burst down by the enemy team so Axel won’t help too much unless you will use Lian as a tank. If that is the case then Axel could be a decent choice because of the armor buff.

Markus and axel

Markus and Axel

Markus has 3 options – Axel, Oliver, and Merlin. In my opinion, Merlin won’t help Markus too much because Merlin’s magic penetration and skill speed for damage skills only won’t help too much. So you need to choose between 2 defensive options. Markus has armor and magic defense artifacts and overall, he has decent defensive stats. The probability that he will be one-shotted is low but a magic attack and armor from Axel is a good option. On the other Oliver’s extra health, healing, and armor would be even better. I would go for Oliver unless you want to squeeze most out of the Markus healing and damage potential.

Maya and axel

Maya and Axel

Maya has 3 options – Albus, Axel, and Biscuit. All of these pets will offer magic attack. Use Albus if you haven’t threats by the enemy team to kill Maya and deal some extra pure damage to the enemy team. Use Biscuit if you want to cut healing for the enemy team. Use Axel if you want to help Maya stay alive longer.

Mojo and Axel

I don’t recommend using Mojo because he is showing good results in my testings. If you have Mojo on your team that is most likely because of his damage so I would recommend going for Merlin to boost Mojo’s damage output. Need magic defense and want Mojo’s stuns to last longer? Go for Mara. Want to cut healing for the enemy team? Go for Biscuit. Having trouble keeping Mojo alive long enough? Go for Axel.

Hero Wars axel and Morrigan

Morrigan and Axel

Morrigan has 2 options in terms of pets – Axel and Oliver. I feel that Oliver is a better option because of extra health which synergies with Morrigan’s ability to heal herself only when she is under 20% of her max health. If there is a threat that Morrigan can be burst down then go for Axel. Also, Axel can be a better option over Oliver if Morrigan can’t be killed easily and you want more healing for your undead-type allies.

Orion and Axel

Orion is known for high magic damage output and high energy gain. Mostly he will be located in the middle of the team and combined with Dorian and Helios. Survivability shouldn’t be an issue for Orion unless Karkh or some other high-burst damage hero can take him down. If that is the case then go for Axel. Otherwise, I would recommend Merlin or Biscuit depending on enemy team composition.

Peppy and axel

Peppy and Axel

Peppy is known for high magic damage output and synergy between her and Cleaver. Mostly she will be located in the middle of the team and survivability should be an issue for Peppy unless Karkh or some other high-burst damage hero can take her down. If that is the case then go for Axel. Otherwise, I would recommend Merlin, Mara, or Biscuit depending on enemy team composition.

Phobos and Axel

Phobos and Axel

Phobos has a high magic damage output and he can take down single target enemies. Mostly he will be located in the middle of the team and survivability should be an issue for Phobos unless Karkh or some other high-burst damage hero can take him down. If that is the case then go for Axel. Otherwise, I would recommend Merlin, Albus, or Biscuit depending on enemy team composition.

Rufus and Axel

Rufus and Axel

Rufus is known because of his ability to counter magic-type team compositions. Armor and health won’t help him too much so it wouldn’t make much sense to use Oliver with Rufus together. Axel, Albus, and Biscuit offer magic attacks that synergize really well with Rufus’ skills. Axel probably is the best choice for Rufus but not an ideal match.

Satori and Axel

Satori and Axel

Satori has a high magic damage output with his Fox marks and he can take down the whole enemy team in a few seconds if the stars align right. Mostly he will be located in the middle of the team and survivability should be an issue for Satori unless Karkh or some other high-burst damage hero can take him down. If that is the case then go for Axel. Otherwise, I would recommend Merlin or Biscuit depending on enemy team composition.

Thea and Axel

Thea and Axel

Thea is really squishy hero and that is her biggest drawback. So choosing Merlin isn’t that great idea. Luckily you have 2 other options – Axel and Mara. Mara could be a decent choice when you are against full magical teams because of her magic defense and silence duration increase. Otherwise, I would always go for Axel because of extra magic attack, extra armor, and survivability to burst damage.

helios and biscuit

Helios and Biscuit

Helios weak point is that she hasn’t a lot of magic penetration. That is a reason why she is combined with Orion most of the time. Merlin is possibly the best choice for Helios because Merlin can provide that magic penetration and extra magic attack. Axel can be useful for survivability against high burst damage in some fights. Biscuit doesn’t synergize too well with Helios because he won’t be able to trigger his patronage skill to many enemy team heroes.

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