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There are many platforms from which you can play Hero Wars – mobile version, Facebook version, vk.com version, hero-wars.com version, and maybe some others. In this post, I will show you the biggest differences between the mobile versions and Facebook versions. Even tho on first glance all platform gameplay seems identical I ended up with a HUGE list of differences between the mobile and Facebook versions. I won’t go too deep in details about everything but I will try to cover all differences so you can figure out which version suits you better.

  1. PETS

On the Facebook version, there are pets. Pets are small creatures that can be assigned to the hero team. There are 6 pets at the time I am making this post and each of them has different types of skills.

There can be assigned one pet per team and they are real game-changer in battles. You can level up pets by doing adventures with your teammates.


On the Facebook version, there is a magical place called Titan Valley where you can boost your titans. The main objective in Titan valley is to do a Tournament of the elements where all server players compete to be a champion. In these tournaments, you have to beat enemies and get to the next stage until you reach stage 7. Tournaments last for five days from Monday to Friday and each day you start over from stage 1. Each day you can get materials to upgrade titans. On the last day of the tournament, rewards are given away and first place gets a huge reward which consists of 100 scrolls that can be traded for Nebula or Kharh soulstones, artifact coins, skin stones, or chaos cores. Each participant gets a reward depending on his place in the tournament.

Besides the tournament, there are new features for titans as well. You can boost your titans with Totems, artifacts, and skins which isn’t possible on the mobile version. Totems bring more tactics for titan fights and that is because totems can be activated only when 3 or more titans of one element are in the fight.


Outland on each version is totally different. For a Facebook version, you have to beat bosses until they become too strong and after that, you can just claim each day reward just by opening the chest for each boss. That means that you can only open 3 chests daily if you can’t beat any boss. On the mobile version, you have to do each day 5 fights and you will get 5 chests daily. Each time boss gets stronger but the difficulty raises so slow that you will never run into the problem of killing the boss. Besides that on the mobile version, there are Highwaymen battles where you have to take easy battles which can be skipped after doing them without losses. These battles give rewards where you get some adena, items and highwaymen coins which can be traded for items and Satori, Faceless and Cornelius soulstones

    4. TOWER

Tower are pretty similar on both versions but there are little differences. On the Facebook version, you receive extra gold instantly after doing the tower but on mobile version you get extra gold in the mail next day.

Besides that there are level differences when you are able to skip fights at the tower for the mobile version it is level 90 and for the Facebook version it is level 130. You can also trade leftover skulls for adena in the Facebook version.


Valkyries favor on Facebook version is for one weak but on the mobile version for 2 weeks but prices are different too. Besides that Valkyrie on Facebook version makes fight faster 5 times but on the mobile version only 4 times faster. Also, there is extra bonus on the Facebook version which gives players the ability to instantly do 15 fights at Dungeon and you will get 150 titanite for free each day.


In both versions hero, soulstones can’t always be obtained the same way. For example, Kharh’s soulstones on the Facebook version can be only obtained from Titan Valley tournaments but on the mobile version, Kharh’s soulstones are being obtained from Guild war shop. In each version there are different heroes being obtained from the shop, missions, etc On the Facebook version there are caskets that contain hero soul stones of your choice (except Jet and Cleaver) which is great to unlock new heroes while on the mobile version you have to wait for special events for some heroes. For the mobile version you can get books for participating in cross-server wars and upgrade already unlocked heroes to absolute stars.


Devs are doing 2 times more jobs on events because they make different events for each version. Not only monthly heroes, small events are with different heroes but also big events like Christmas event and totally different with different objectives and rewards.


On the mobile version, friend coins were removed and you can’t get any friendship chips anymore. These chips are swapped with Highwaymen coins from the Outland.

9. Fighting speed

Fighting speeds on each version is different. On mobile version fights without boosts are a little bit faster. That is a reason why Valkyries favor speeds up mobile version only 4 times but Facebook version 5 times faster.


Starting out is a bit different. The initial dialogues are different, as are some of the early heroes. In the Facebook version, the very first mission grants you Artemis instead of Astaroth. You also do not acquire Aurora as part of the story. Astaroth is still acquired by the end of chapter 1, along with Phobos, so it’s not that different, but having a marksman character instead of a third tank does make for a more balanced initial team. Since Aurora doesn’t seem to be part of the story, there are no quests with her that grant extra friendship chips. You can still acquire her by farming her soul stones.


On the mobile version, there is a theater where players can watch ads and receive gifts like emeralds, gold, energy, and instant raid tickets. There are also Boxy which gives small rewards for watching ads, rewards are something like 20k gold, 1 soulstone, energy, etc per ad.


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There are differences between mobile and Facebook server count that means that the mobile version has more players than Facebook does. That also means that new servers for the mobile versions go more frequently.


The Mobile version gets access to raid multiple times when you have done a mission to 3 stars and made 1 purchase without any minimal purchase restrictions. On the Facebook version, you have to reach VIP level 5 to do multiple raids. That means if you don’t invest some decent amount of money in gave will have to do instant raid 1 by 1.


On the Facebook version, you get daily quests 1 by 1 after 1-hour interval but on the mobile version, you have to log in game in specific times to claim free energy. That makes it much harder to claim all daily energies for mobile players.


For the Facebook version, the hero max level is 130 but on the mobile version max level is 120. Max gear on the Facebook version is Red +2 but on the mobile version, it is Orange +4. This means that the Mobile version is a bit easier to reach the end game.


This won’t be a huge game-changer but on the Facebook version when you choose to do raid x10 you will definitely get at least 1 item from those raids and when you choose to do x3 hero soulstone missions you will get at least 1 hero soulstone while on the mobile version you can finish raids empty-handed. Trust me there will be plenty of times when you come empty-handed from hero missions.


There are also some changes to hero skills and skins on both platforms. For example, Sebastion with his acting skills on the mobile version removes debuffs and makes a shield for teammates but on the Facebook version, his first skill removes debuffs and makes a shield that protect allies from 15 future debuffs. These changes can really change the battle outcome so make sure that you are watching the right tutorials for each hero on youtube.


There are huge differences in prices for everything. The Mobile version is almost 2 times more expensive than the Facebook version. So if you want to save some money then you should aim for pc version of the game. Also, fun fact – since game developers are Russians prices on Russian social platforms are almost 2 times cheaper than of Facebook.


The Facebook version has a longer campaign with the harder boss at the end. Facebook has 15 chapters while the mobile version has only 13 chapters.


Hero Wars devs are really generous with their gifts which is a huge plus for me. Mobile version players have to do specific campaign missions to receive gifts while Facebook players just have to press on the link to receive gifts. Also, Facebook version gifts seem to be always better. These presents can be obtained by following Hero Wars social pages.


This one is a pretty huge Facebook version players can test all heroes which they have unlocked in the game with max stats. That means that Facebook players can do some testing with all heroes while mobile players can only test heroes which they have unlocked and leveled up.

     22. MESSAGING

The Facebook version has some better features than the mobile version. On Facebook, you can write private messages to players and you can even unlock and use cool stickers.


One more plus to the Facebook version is that you can get more information about your guild members. On the mobile version, you can see activity, titanite points, and presents given by guild master but on the Facebook version, you can also see how many attacks the player has made in guild wars and how many adventures have any of your guild members done. Also in guild wars general can add a red dot to the enemy player and give orders where each member of the guild should make their attacks.


The Facebook version has better graphics and the game is mostly played on bigger screens which makes the game more enjoyable.


There are different times on expedition missions in airships. The Mobile version again has a little worse situation since Valkyries minion takes 9 hours to do while on a Facebook version that mission takes only 3 hours. Other than that changes don’t affect gameplay too much.

     26. Glyphs

This also isn’t a huge game changer but the mobile version can upgrade glyphs to level 40 while Facebook players can upgrade hero glyphs to level 50. Upgrading glyphs to level 50 doesn’t take much longer than the mobile version because on the Facebook version players get higher tier runes for activity points + limits to reach each stage for runes are lower as well. For example, the Facebook version needs 65000 activity points to reach make rewards while on the mobile version you need 75000 activity points.

 27. MENUS

Both games have different menus. On the main screen, there are some changes which doesn’t affect gameplay too much but it is a little bit easier to navigate on Facebook. Besides that when you are on the hero page you can easily go to a new hero by choosing the hero’s avatar on Facebook but on the mobile version you have to press the small arrow on the edge of the screen to go 1 by 1 hero until you get the hero you wanted for.

     28. DISCORD

The Mobile version has a better-developed Discord channel. Discord channel is great to get new information, latest leaks, etc if you haven’t joined the discord group then join by pressing this link – https://discord.gg/Jqty7ZZ


The Mobile version has one really good feature what the Facebook version hasn’t and that is cross-server wars. In these wars participants guild from different servers. In this tournament, your aim is to win as many as possible wars in a row to get more cross-server trophies that can be traded at merchant for huge prices like books which can evolve hero to max level, max skills, absolute star or trade these trophies for gold trophies.

Summary about Hero Wars Facebook vs Mobile

To sum everything up in a few sentences I would like to say that the Facebook version is a superior version of Hero Wars with better graphics, longer gameplay, more features, and so on. Since the Facebook version allows you to play games from your phone as well I would recommend playing games on Facebook.

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