Hero Wars best healer

In this article, I will cover things like who is Hero Wars best healer overall, how each healer works and what are their pros and cons, how hard it is to actually get these heroes in the game, and basic knowledge about healing. Also, remember that there ISN’T ONE BEST HEALER for all situations. BEST HEALER depends on your needs, team composition, the enemy team, game mode, etc. Everything written down below will be mainly focused on the healing aspect.

there are 2 types of healers

In Hero Wars there are 2 types of healers at least in my opinion – Main healers and Secondary healers. Main healers are heroes who mostly have enough healing power to heal all your team but Secondary healers are heroes who have healing abilities but these heroes are mostly used as a utility or damage-dealing heroes. Healing for Secondary healers is just a nice benefit.

Hero Wars best healer
Hero Wars best healer

Main healers:

  • Martha
  • Celeste
  • Dorian
  • Thea
  • Markus

Secondary healers:

  • Maya
  • Nebula
  • Morrigan
  • Jet
  • Mojo
  • Alvanor

Hero wars healer tier list

Down below you will see the Hero Wars healer tier list. Main healers are Hero Wars best healers but each hero has its own pluses and minuses. Who is THE BEST HEALER depends on your needs, team composition, the enemy team, game mode, etc. Secondary healers will do some healing but you can’t rely only on them to heal your whole team. I dived secondary healers in 2 parts – Utility healers and Damage healers. Utility healers will be great at boosting your team with buffs, damage healers will be great for damage dealing. Morrigan is a secondary healer but she is really unique because of her UNDEAD status and the same goes for Alvanor. In my opinion, Martha, Celeste, and Dorian are the best Hero Wars healers. I will do an overview of all healer heroes down below, keep reading.

Hero Wars healer tier list

Martha overview

Martha is probably the most used healer in the game and probably Hero Wars best healer for defense purposes. Martha will really shine on long fights because she needs time to active her Totem which is her main healing source for the team. But be careful Totem can be destroyed by area of effect damage and basic attacks and that means that all Martha’s healing for allies will be denied. Martha with basic attacks can heal only herself which means that most of Martha’s healing is for herself, not the allies. You don’t want to face Luther when having Martha on your side because Luther is the best counter to Martha. Luther will jump near Martha and destroy Totem as soon as it comes up, so no healing for allies.

Mainly Martha was designed to counter Jhu because of her backline placement, great defensive stats like armor artifact, high health pool and insane self-healing from basic attacks. Martha most likely will go down as the last hero from your team and that means she will be able to help her allies all fight long.

Martha’s Pros:

  • Hard to kill backline healer to counter Jhu and Jorgen’s Leper skill
  • Great self-healing from basic attacks and Area of effect healing for the team
  • Can boost allies speed up to 250% with her first skill
  • Fits well in almost all team compositions
  • Armor artifact is great against physical attacking enemies

Martha’s Cons:

  • Needs a lot of time to start healing
  • Totem can be destroyed and all healing for allies will be denied
  • Hard to get soulstones. Soulstones obtainable only from special events or Heroic chest. This means that you most likely won’t start to invest in Martha in the early game and you will need another healer meanwhile.
Hero Wars Martha

Celeste overview

Celeste is definitely the best single target healer in the game. Her healing power hides in being able to manipulate her light and dark forms. In order to get the most out of her healing power you will need to play her in manual mode. When unlocking Celeste’s purple skill Zenith Celeste’s basic attacks will be able to deal insane magical damage to the enemies or do up to 60k healing to her allies. Celeste’s Two Fates and White Night skills will also do some decent healing for the lowest health ally which is really great to keep your weakest allies alive as long as possible.

Besides being a great healer Celeste can make a decent amount of damage with her basic attacks, she can remove debuffs and she can deny healing for the enemy team. She is a must-have healer in the Hero Wars. Make sure you buy her soulstones in the early game when Hero Wars gives you a 1-time special offer for Celeste, that is totally worth it. Otherwise Celeste’s soulstones obtainable in late-game from campaign missions for the Facebook version or Heroic Chest and special events for the mobile version. Celeste synergies well with magic damage dealing units and heroes who rely on a magic attack boost because of her magic attack artifact.

Celeste’s Pros:

  • Best single target heal in the game
  • Focuses healing to the lowest health ally
  • Deals a decent amount of damage
  • Removes debuffs
  • Denies healing to the enemy team
  • Obtainable early game if you spend some money on her

Celeste’s Cons:

  • Doesn’t have artifact synergy with physical teams
  • Hard to get if you don’t want to spend money on Hero Wars
  • Sometimes can be too squishy
  • Hard to get soulstones
Hero Wars Celeste

Dorian overview

Dorian is definitely the best Hero Wars healer if he can fit the right team composition. Dorian is really unique healer because of his Initiation skill. This skill will grant vampirism to the nearby allies. This means that nearby allies will be able to heal them up by doing damage to the enemy team. If you can make a team composition where your damage dealers are close to the Dorian then Dorian is definitely the best healer in the game. The hard part about Initiation skill is that many damage dealers won’t be in the vampirism range and won’t be able to heal themselves. The best example would be the DOH team or Dorian, Orion, and Helios team. Both Helios and Orion are damage dealers and will be able to benefit from Dorian’s vampirism. Other than that Dorian can heal the lowest health ally from time to time, he can put a mark on the nearest enemy and Dorian’s allies will be able to heal themselves by doing damage to the marked enemy for 7 seconds.

Dorian’s active artifact offers a physical attack boost which is great for physical damage dealing teams but you shouldn’t be afraid to use him in magical team compositions as well. Dorian’s soulstones are really hard to get, same as Martha and Celeste. That is one of the reasons why these 3 healers are really great. Also, Dorian is a little bit more expensive than Martha and Celeste because he needs to upgrade 4 skins.

Dorian’s Pros:

  • Best healer in the Hero Wars in the right team composition
  • Synergies well with physical teams
  • Can do AoE damage
  • Has a single target heal for the lowest health ally

Dorian’s Cons:

  • Needs damage dealers around him to be effective
  • Won’t reach full potential on magical teams
  • Hard to get soulstones
  • Has 4 skins to upgrade
Hero Wars dorian

Thea overview

Thea is the first healer in this list who is really great and made for free to play players. You can get Thea’s soulstones in the early game from campaign missions. She can do AoE healing for the whole team and she has a single target heal for the lowest health ally. Besides that, she can silence the enemy’s team for 3 seconds and she can boost allies’ speed when they drop below 30% health, I am not 100% sure but speed buff should work even when Thea is dead. This means that Thea synergies really well with Jhu but ironically she can be countered by Jhu and Jorgen’s Leper skill as well.

In the early game, Thea won’t be a too effective healer because she needs some serious investments to make her really shine and that is because she has 3 skins who can boost healing amount, artifacts also boost her healing amount and she needs some defensive upgrades to hold the backline. Many new players think that Thea isn’t that good because of her early game and they don’t give her a try in the late game. Also, don’t forget that Thea can boost magic defense with her artifact which makes her really great against magic damage teams.

Thea’s Pros:

  • Decent amount of heal
  • Easy to get soulstones
  • F2P friendly
  • Good against magic damage teams

Thea’s Cons:

  • Shines at the late game
  • Sometimes dies too fast because of her placement in the backline
  • Needs serious investments in the long run
  • Countered by Jhu and Jorgen’s Leper skill
hero Wars Thea

Markus overview

After the update, Markus is a really interesting and great healer. Markus won’t have the highest healing power per skill but he can do great healing over time. Actually, you would be surprised how much Markus can heal. His placement is really interesting because in most team compositions he will be right after the tank. He pairs well with Luther because he can hold the frontline while Luther is having fun at enemies backline. Markus artifacts, skins, and items are more focused on defense boost than on healing boost. Defense makes him last longer in a fight and that leads to more healing over time. Markus has a great defense for support, decent healing over time but he doesn’t offer much more. Magic defense artifact is also really situational because mostly you will be facing physical teams but that depends on the server you are playing on. Markus soulstones are really easy to get from the shop so maxing Markus to the absolute star won’t be a problem. All this being said I still feel like he is missing something to be a hero worth investing in.

Markus’ Pros:

  • A healer with good defense stats
  • Good healing over time
  • Can hold frontline if paired with Luther
  • Artifact boost will help against magic damage dealing teams

Markus’ Cons:

  • Only offers defense and healing
  • Won’t be too effective against burst damage teams
  • Frontline placement sometimes can make him die too fast
hero Wars markus

Jet overview

Jet is a secondary healer who focuses on boosting your damage dealers’ damage and not so much on healing. But don’t get me wrong Jet can do some pretty decent healing. Jet’s healing comes from his active skill Elixir of Vigor and this skill can heal the strongest physical ally around 25k health per second until Jet’s energy runs out or gets interrupted. Even tho healing is pretty great, Elixir of Vigor casting can be interrupted which leads to no healing at all also it will heal only the strongest physical damage hero. This means that Jet’s healing is really unreliable and not always focused on allies who really need healing.

Jet is great for decreasing armor for the enemy’s tank, for denying healing to the enemy’s team, and of course, adding critical hit stat to the allies. Focus more on other Jet’s abilities and consider healing as a nice benefit. Also, Jet’s soulstones are extremely hard to get because you have to max out at least one hero in order to start to collect Jet’s soulstones. You will need 10 absolute star hero soulstones in order to get 1 Jet’s soulstone.

Jet’s Pros:

  • Good healing for the strongest physical attack hero
  • Shines because of the extreme damage boost to your physical carries

Jet’s Cons:

  • Heal can be interrupted
  • Doesn’t focus heal always where needed
  • Extremely hard to get soulstones (late-game hero)
  • Not great at holding backline

Nebula overview

Nebula is also a secondary healer who focuses on boosting your damage dealers’ damage, removes negative effects, and she can do some damage with her skills. She heals her allies with her second skill called Serenity, on each activation she heals 2 nearby allies up to 40k health at max stats. The healing amount from Serenity isn’t that great but Serenity skill also offers negative effect removal so focus more on that.

On Facebook version Nebula’s soulstones are pretty easy to get from tournaments and for mobile version her soulstones are obtainable from guild war shop. This means you can add her in your team already in the early game. She is mostly used as a damage booster both for physical and magical damage heroes but she will be better with physical damage dealing teams because her artifact will increase physical attack. Also, worth mentioning is that 2 out of 4 skins are physical attack skins which needs to max out to get most of her damage boost and healing.

Nebula’s Pros:

  • Great damage booster
  • Removes negative effects
  • Shines with physical teams
  • Easy to get soulstones

Nebula’s Cons:

  • Heals only 2 nearby allies
  • Needs good positioning in the team composition to truly benefit from her
  • Has 4 skins to max out

Morrigan and Alvanor overview

Morrigan and Alvanor both are unique secondary healers since they both can reach their full potential when supporting their classes – undead heroes for Morrigan and elf heroes for Alvanor. I won’t go too deep explaining these heroes since I haven’t much experience with them that is a reason why I merged them both in one topic. I feel like having Morrigan and Alvanor in your main team limits your team and yourself because you haven’t much of a choice to swap heroes in order to surprise your enemy to counter them. Also, these heroes are really hard to get to the absolute star since their soulstones can’t be obtained in an easy way.

Morrigan is great as a support because of her defense stat boost for undead heroes and skeleton summoning. She can do decent healing only for undead heroes and the downside to her healing is that she can activate healing only when ally’s health drops below 20%.

At the moment I am making this video Alvanor is the newest hero for the mobile version and only mobile version so Facebook players can skip this part. But sooner or later Alvanor will be added to the Facebook version as well. Alvanor is mainly a support/mage hero who can do decent damage and decrease the enemy’s team physical damage dealer damage. Alvanor’s healing amount in long fights can be pretty huge but you won’t have too much success in short fights in terms of healing.

Morrigan’s and Alvanor’s Pros:

  • Great at supporting their classes
  • In the right conditions can be great at healing

Morrigan’s and Alvanor’s Cons:

  • Can’t reach full potential when not supporting their classes
  • Hard to get to the absolute star
  • Haven’t many team composition options
morrigan and alvanor

Maya and Mojo overview

For these 2 heroes I also won’t go too deep explaining these heroes since I haven’t much experience with them. Maya can do a lot of damage with her poison and she can do a lot of slow healing over time which adds up in a long run. I personally don’t use her just because I feel like she is missing something. You won’t see her too often in the arena unless you are on an older server where you can’t win fights with meta teams. Her magic defense artifact is really situational but on the bright side her soulstones are really easy to get. In right hands she can be really powerful and she has potential but I don’t suggest her for new players of Hero Wars.

Mojo is possibly one of the worst heroes in this game and I don’t want to waste my and your time on him. Short summary for Mojo would be – active skill can do some decent damage especially on adventures but it can be interrupted. Healing isn’t that great. Magic penetration artifact is really situational. He is squishy.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you have more understanding who is Hero Wars best healer and see you on other articles. Also, check out my Youtube account.

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  1. Beancord

    Mojo is absolutely a must for Brog the Conqueror in the Outlands because the Hex (purple) skill. It doesn’t need to be high level, but the purple skill should be maxed and you won’t have to worry if it dies because the Hex won’t disappear and the rest of the team gets 2/3 of their damage in 2 sec boosted on the bugger.

  2. Beancord

    Mojo is absolutely a must for Brog the Conqueror in the Outlands because the Hex (purple) skill. It doesn’t need to be high level, but the purple skill should be maxed and you won’t have to worry if it dies because the Hex won’t disappear and the rest of the team gets maximum of 2/3 of their damage used again as magic damage to Brog, Even the skill is random target, in boss fight you only have one so it’ll be on that target in any case.

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