Hero Wars Cain

Cain is one of the best Hero Wars pets when used properly. Even tho Cain doesn’t have too many heroes to be patronage with he can be really great in the right team setup. Cain synergies really well with dodge-type heroes because all of his skills are tied to the dodge of the other heroes. Probably one of the most iconic synergies is Cain with Aurora. Aurora has a really high dodge chance by default and when you combine Aurora with Cain they are unstoppable because Aurora can compensate her only weakness which is lack of armor with extra dodge. You don’t need armor if you can dodge all attacks, right?

Hero Wars Cain

Role – support

Main Stat – skill power

Attack type – physical attack

Max Stats

Level – 130

Power – 181943

Skill Power – 12360

Patronage Power – 11064

Armor penetration – 47911

Max bonus stats to patronage hero

Physical attack – 9,958

Dodge – 2,987

Cain’s skills explained

hero wars cain nightfangs skill

Cain’s White skill: Nightfangs

Cain gains charges each time any ally performs a successful Dodge (max 20 charges). When used, this skill unleashes all charges against the nearest enemy, dealing Physical damage.

  • Charge damage: 18,560 (150% Skill Power + 20)
  • Min charges: 3 (3)
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
Anime War 6
Anime War 6

Even tho Invisibilty Master skill gives dodge chance to heroes who don’t have in-built dodge chance you want to use Cain with as many dodge heroes as possible. That is because each time your heroes dodge a basic attack Cain will get 1 stack on his Nightfangs skill. Save Nightfangs skill to do final blow to low enemy hero and don’t waste damage on active armor artifacts.

hero wars cain invisibility mastery skill

Cain’s Green skill: Invisibility Mastery

Passive skill. Increases Dodge for the entire team.

  • Dodge: 3,290 (25% Skill Power + 200)

This skill will increase dodge chance to all heroes on your side no matter they have a dodge chance by default or not.

hero wars cain Dark Patron skill


Cain’s Violet skill: Dark Patron

Master gains bonus Energy for each successful Dodge.

  • Bonus Energy: 34.97 (0.307% Patronage Power + 1)%

Hero to whom Cain is attached gains extra energy each time that hero dodges a basic attack. Patronaged hero preferably should be in the front of your team so he can receive enemies’ basic attacks and gain extra energy to activate his active skill much faster. 34.97% bonus is counted from hero’s max energy not gained energy + 34.97%.


Most of Cain’s power comes from items, especially from Violet items. Here are Hero Wars developers distributed max stats for Cain by level, items, and skills:

Cain’s Max power 181943 from which 23.6% level, 2.9% skills, 1% base, 21.2% white to blue items, and 51.4% Violet Items.

Patronage Heroes for Cain

There are a lot of heroes who can be patronized with Cain. Let’s go over them and see if Cain is the best option for them.


Aurora and Cain

Aurora is probably the best hero wars hero who can be patronaged with Cain because she is the only tank class who can be combined with Cain. Tank heroes stand in front of the team and this means Aurora will be able to fully benefit from Cain’s dodge boost and extra energy. Some players say that Cain isn’t the best choice for Aurora since Aurora can’t fully benefit from a physical attack boost as a patronage hero but she will greatly benefit from the extra dodge chance and extra energy she will gain from Cain’s violet skill Dark Patron. Almost 35% extra energy per dodge is no joke. Each dodge will charge Aurora’s energy bar full multiple times in 8 seconds allowing her to stack dodge artifact boost and she will be able to do a decent amount of damage meanwhile. Also, Aurora has really great magic defense and but low armor which she compensates with dodge so Cain is must-have patronage for her.


Yasmine and Cain

Yasmine is another great hero who can really benefit from Cain. Unlike Aurora, she will fully benefit from Cain’s stats boost since she is a physical type warrior who relies on dodge chance to jump on enemies and assassinate them. In most fights, Yasmine won’t stand as a first hero so she won’t be able to dodge as many basic attacks as Aurora. Don’t worry there will be plenty of fights where Yasmine will solo carry fights because she will be able to quickly stack multiple artifact boost to clear all enemy team once the allied tank is down or thrown behind her.

Hero Wars cain and dante

Dante and Cain

Dante’s story is similar to Yasmine’s story because he will be able to fully benefit from Cain’s stats boost. He will stand mostly as a second hero and won’t be able to fully benefit from Cain’s violet skill since he won’t receive that many basic attacks. Even though Dante isn’t a tank hero some players use him as a high dodge and high damage “tank”. This strategy is really fun to watch because you will win really fast or die really fast. Basically, they put Dante as a first hero, and behind him supports and healers. Each time Dante will dodge a basic attack he will gain extra energy and he will be able to easily charge his active skill before enemies can launch their active skills or take Dante down. Dante combined with supports like Sebastian, Nebula, and Jet will make Dante a one-shot killer if he gets a critical strike on his active skill. Takedowns will make him use his active skill almost instantly and there are fights where the enemy team disappears in a few seconds. Each time Dante actives his active skill he will get an extra dodge chance which will make physical damage enemies harder to take him down.

Hero Wars cain and Heidi

Heidi and Cain

Heidi and Cain isn’t the best combo since Heidi is a squishy mage hero who stands in the middle of the team. He won’t be able to fully benefit from Cain’s stats and extra energy. I don’t recommend using Cain on Heidi but Heidi can benefit from Cain’s Green skill: Invisibility Mastery if Cain is all team’s main patronage.

Hero Wars cain and Elmir

Elmir and Cain

Even though Elmir is warrior type hero and Elmir will benefit from passive stats which Cain provides he won’t be able to use Cain’s violet skill most of the time because he jumps to the back once he actives his active skill. I would use Cain on Elmir only if you haven’t better options where to put Cain.

A little secret – Elmir’s clones won’t give energy to Elmir if they dodge basic attacks from the enemy.

Hero Wars cain and Dark Star

Dark Star and Cain

Dark Star is a marksman who won’t really benefit from extra dodge chance most of the time and she won’t receive too many basic attacks from the enemy team. I really don’t see a good point why to Cain on her. Well, Dark Star could benefit from Cain because of extra physical attack, and maybe if you are against Keira or someone else whose attack Dark Star could dodge and gain extra energy.


Jet and Cain

Jet is probably the worst hero to be combined with Cain because he is almost always the furthest hero from the enemy team. The chance that he will be hit by any basic attacks is really slim so he won’t be utilizing Cain’s boost too much. Even if Jet stands as a last hero and Jhu starts to hit him there isn’t too high a chance that Jet will survive Jets 2 or 3 basic attacks. Also, Jet active skill is a channeling type skill that isn’t ideal.

Qing Mao

Qing Mao and Cain

Qing Mao can be beast with Cain because she benefits from all Cain’s skills and Qing Mao’s active skill will deal a lot of damage to the enemy team especially if Qing Mao manages to dodge multiple basic attacks in a row and stack armor penetration buff from her active artifact and take down 1 or 2 enemy team heroes in a small amount of time.

Cain’s tips and tricks

  • Use Cain as patronage with heroes who are the closest to enemies to fully utilize Cain’s violet skill Dark Patron for extra energy
  • Make sure you use Cain as patronage with hero who benefits from physical attack boost
  • Full dodge team in theory sounds good but there aren’t too many dodge heroes who synergies well with each other
  • Cain’s violet skill Dark Patron gives 34.97% energy (at max stats) of heroes max energy not gained energy so 3 dodged attacks are more than enough to charge energy bar full
  • Cain can do some serious damage with his active skill Nightfangs if timed right. Use Cain’s active skill to take down low front lane enemy and don’t waste damage while armor artifact is up or enemies healers can heal enemy’s tank back to full.
  • Cain doesn’t necessary needs to be team’s main patronage he is great as a hero patronage perhaps other Hero Wars patronages like Oliver, Biscuit and others can be more useful to the team since extra ~3000 dodge chance won’t help too much from Cain’s second skill to heroes who doesn’t have built-in dodge chance
  • Cain’s Nightfangs damage relies on stacks which can be obtained by dodging attacks. Make sure you have multiple heroes who have high dodge chance to maximize Cain’s damage

How to counter Cain

  • Cain won’t be so useful against mage teams because mages doesn’t rely on basic attack damage but skill damage which can’t be dodged
  • Cain as a main patronage for team can be countered with armor artifact to reduced incoming damage
  • AOE basic attacks can stack up Cain’s active skill really fast. Try to avoid Keira on your side if enemy team has many dodge heroes
  • Celeste’s basic attacks doesn’t count as regular basic attack and this mean that Celeste’s basic attack won’t trigger Cain’s violet skill.

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