Hero Wars Christmas event (mobile)

There are already some leaks to Hero Wars Christmas event. There will be a new hero Alvanor. Dark Star will receive a rework and there will be new great looking winter skins.

Hero Wars Alvanor or AVALON??

There isn’t too much information about upcoming new hero Alvanor or maybe Avalon but at least we can make a guess what type of hero he will be and how he will look like.

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Hero Wars Avalon

Judging from picture below I would say that Avalon will be a support/healer hero but we have to wait to know it for sure. Look at elemental marks, I think these marks means damage boost, healing and armor boost.

Spirit Valley, new game mode for hero wars mobile

LoadRunner leaked image where you can see that Titan Valley from Facebook version is being added to mobile version as well. There will be differences from to mobile version like clan boss fights which Facebook players doesn’t have. This new Spirit Valley will introduce new updates to titans. You will be able to upgrade titan artifacts, skins and there will be Totems which will totally change the way you play titans. Read more HERE.

hero wars spirit valley

New Winter skins

There will be new winter skins. No stats are known at this moment but at least we know which heroes will receive skins and how will they look like. All skin images are named like NY_skin_xx and that most likely indicates that skins will be available on on New Year.

Dante’s Winter skin (health)

Jorgen’s Winter skin (magic attack)

Markus Winter skin (magic attack)

Rufus Winter skin (health)

Hero Wars New year astral event

Judging from leaked images there will be New Years Astral event. What is really interesting is that you can see Cleaver icon. Most likely there will be a chance Cleaver skin but could it be possible that Cleaver will be available to obtain in New Years Astral event?

Hero Wars new year astral event

Hero Wars Dark Star rework

There will be a Dark Start rework for all her skills but there are no information at this moment. Will be updated.

Dark star skill icons:

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