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Summary to Hero Wars Corvus guide

Corvus is possibly the best tank for Undead type heroes because of buffs to this class. Strike of the Damned damage and debuff amount to the enemy heroes is calculated from Undead type heroes on Corvus side which means more Undead type heroes on the field, more damage Corvus makes. Besides, that Corvus will buff only Undead type heroes’ physical and magical damage with his Unity of the Damned skill. Corvus power hides in an ability to be a decent tank and meanwhile deal a lot of damage because of his Altar of Souls skill. This guide is for Hero Wars Corvus mobile version.


Hero Wars Corvus

Battle order: between Luther and Ziri.

Outland boss: Vadjar.

Base skin: Strength.

Skills Auto: Cooldown 4.95, Range 50, Area 47


Strike of the Damned: Corvus attacks the enemy frontline, dealing (0.3 * PA + 100 * Skill level) damage and decreasing all defenses (0.1 * PA + 25 * Skill level, armor, magic defense, dodge) for 5 seconds. Defense decrease effectiveness and damage dealt are increased by 10% for each Undead ally on the team.

As mentioned before Strike of the Damned uses full potential when all allies are undead type heroes. I recommend using Strike of the Damned when the damage dealer has his active skill ready to use most of a 5-second debuff.

Corvus 2nd skill  Strike of the Damned

Unity of the Damned: Cooldown 16, Corvus increases his Undead allies’ physical and magic attack for 10 seconds. Formula: 0.25 * PA + 10 * Skill level.

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Unity of the Damned is something unusual for tank-type heroes to actually boost damage for allies because tanks are meant to soak up all damage and let damage dealers to their job. Unity of the Damned works only with Undead type heroes and directly boosts Keira’s team compositions.

Altar of Souls: First cooldown: 10, further 30. Corvus conjures an altar behind his team. The altar damages enemies (0.025 * HP + 10 * Skill level) whenever they deal damage to allied heroes. The altar’s health decreases when allies take damage. Base HP: 1.3 * HP + 400 * Skill level

Altar of Souls skill is a real deal breaker for heroes who does aoe damage because while Altar is on the battlefield it can destroy enemy heroes in a seconds.

Corvus 4th skill Altar of Souls

Royal Defense: First cooldown: 1, further 8. Chance to move an ally is lowered if the target’s level is above 120. When an ally’s health drops below 20%, Corvus moves them to the center of the team. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds.

Royal Defense will make your allies to survive longer on the battlefield when they are on a critical health level. Royal Defense synergies really well with Morrigan’s healing ability which is also triggered when allied hero health drops below 20%. When heroes are in the middle of the team they can be hit only with aoe damage because single target attacks mostly focus on the closest enemy.


Corvus has only 1 skin because he is recently released hero. His main default skin gives Strength and I would recommend to level it up as fast as possible if Corvus is your main tank.

Hero Wars Corvus default skin

How to get Corvus soul stones

Corvus soul stones can be gained only from special events so make sure you invest as many resources as you can to make him to higher star. There is no information on when his soul stones will be added to the heroic chest.


Corvus artifacts are all about his tankiness and you should level them all up as fast as possible. I don’t recommend upgrading any of Corvus artifacts as a priority because all 3 artifacts are must-haves in order to make him a good tank. Undead King’s Glaive will be useful if you are against physical damage dealers like Keira, Kharh, and others since it gives all allies an armor buff.

Undead King’s Glaive – increase armor

Defender’s Covenant – increase armor and magic defense

Ring of Strength – increase strength


Corvus skills scale with a physical attack but I would recommend upgrading his attack glyph as last because scaling is really low and Corvus main goal is to take damage and protect his team. 2 out of 4 Corvus skills scales with health so leveling up Strength and Health as a priority is a good choice. When you can level up all health-related glyphs you have to choose to go for armor or magic defense and that depends on your individual server. Analyze your fights and see which defense you need more. I would recommend to upgrade glyphs in this order:

Strength – Health – Armor – Magic Defense –  Physical Attack

Team compositions

When you are making Corvus team composition you should consider a factor that he is made to synergies with Morrigan and Undead type heroes but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use him in different team compositions. Top team compositions which i have seen are:

Undead team – Corvus, Morrigan, Keira, Faceless and Phobos (all undead type heroes for best synergy)

Karkh counter team – Corvus, Andvari, Keira, Morrigan, Nebula (will work good against Kharh and twins.

Armor penetration team – Corvus, Qing Mao, Keira, Nebula and Martha/Morrigan

crit damage team – Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Sebastian and Jet for crit damage

Cons, pros, and counters

Corvus cons:

  • Doesn’t offer defense stats to allies just boost damage and takes damage
  • Synergies well only with Undead type heroes
  • Needs an investment to be good

Corvus pros:

  • Can save allies from death if they are being attacked by single target damage dealer with Royal Defense skill
  • Boosts physical and magical damage to allies
  • Strike of the Damned is great against tanks if timed well
  • has decent damage because of Altar

Corvus is countered by:

  • himself if not combined with undead heroes
  • Jhu if he takes all Altar damage when being immortal

Corvus counters:

  • aoe damage dealers like Twins, Orion when Altar is up
  • Keira when altar is up
  • Yasmine when altar is up

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Corvus guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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