Hero Wars Darkness Falls Event for Facebook (07.24. – 07.31.)

Corvus and Morrigan

Hero Wars Darkness Falls Event for Facebook (07.24. – 07.31.)

In this post you will get information about everything you need to know about Hero Wars Darkness Falls event for Facebook version.

5 quests and 1 or 2 bosses are available daily on the event map. Fight bosses and complete quests to earn Morrigan and Corvus Coins and exchange them for unique gifts in the event stores.

Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, b...
Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, best COMBOS

Events and bosses are replaced with new ones daily at 2:00 AM, GMT+0. The boss difficulty levels are reset when new bosses appear.You’ll need Nocturnal Scrolls to fight bosses. Complete special quests to obtain them. Good luck in your battles, and don’t you forget – darkness falls!

Darkness Falls event tasks

  1. Days Login 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
  2. VIP Level 1-2-3-4-5-6-7
  3. Buying Emeralds 100-300-1000-2500-5000-10000-15000-25000-40000-60000-90000
  4. Spending Emeralds 100-500-3000-7000-12000-18000-25000-35000-50000-70000-90000-120000
  5. Complete invasion missions 1-3-5-10-15-20-25-30-35
  6. Spending Energy 100-500-1000-2000-3000-4000-6000-8000-10000-12000-15000-18000
  7. Outland chests 3-6-10-25-35-50-75-100-125-150-200-250
  8. Arena or Grand Arena battle 1-3-5-10-15-25-35-50-70

The Darkness Falls everyday quests

Day 1 TasksScrolls
Complete 5 missions1
Upgrade The Gift of the Elements1
Use Emerald exchange 1 time1
Spend 500 tower coins1
Begin 1 expedition2
Day 2 TasksScrolls
Complete 5 chests in the Tower1
Complete 5 summions in the Summoning Circle1
Open 3 chests in Outland1
Start or join 1 adventure1
Fight 3 times on Arena or Grand Arena2
Day 3 TasksScrolls
Begin 1 Expedition1
Use Pet Summoning 1 time1
Collect 75 Titanites in the Guild Dangeon1
Upgrade any hero’s skin 3 times1
Use emerald exchange 1 time2
Day 4 TasksScrolls
Complete 3 missions1
Spend 500 Tower coins1
Open 1 chest1
Win 1 battl in the Tournament of the Elements1
Spend 500 Arena Coins2
Day 5 TasksScrolls
Spend 200 energy1
Open 5 chests in the Tower1
Use EXP potion1
Open 3 chests in the Adventure1
Upgrade any hero’s skin 3 times2
Day 6 TasksScrolls
Start or join 1 adventure1
Open 3 chests in Outland1
Fight 5 Times on the Arena or Grand Arena1
Get 50 Soulk Stones of any hero1
Upgrade the Gift of the Elements 1 time2
Day 7 TasksScrolls
Begin 1 Expedition1
Complete 4 summons in the Summoning Circle1
Complete 3 missions1
Use Pet Summing 1 time1
Use EXP potion2

The Darkness Falls Bosses

Day 1.

Castle Bandits, Reward: Corvus Coin – 750, Morrigan Coin – 750.

Day 2.

Sea Creatures and Kraken, Reward: Strength skinstones – 200, Morrigan Coin – 750 / Intelligense Soulstones – 200, Corvus Coin – 750.

Day 3.

Fairies of the Woods, Reward: Corvus Coin – 750, Morrigan Coin – 750.

Day 4.

Forest Creatures and Wild Satyr, Reward: Intelligence skinstones- 200, Morrigan Coin – 750 / Agility skinstones – 200, Corvus Coin – 750.

Day 5.

Shaman’s Gang, Reward: Corvus Coin – 750, Morrigan Coin – 750.

Day 6.

Angels of Retribution, Reward: Corvus Coin – 750, Morrigan Coin – 750.

Day 7.

Invader Squad, Reward: Corvus Coin – 750, Morrigan Coin – 750.

Hero Wars Corvus


Not even death could stop Corvus once and for all. Resurrected by his daughter, he swore to protect the Kingdom of Graven and its new Dominion allies from enemies once more. Woe be to those who cross the path of the King of the Undead!

Corvus artifact

Undead King’s Glaive (Armor 15-32040)
Outland boss: Vajar
Battle order: beyond Cleaver and Luther
Main stat: Strength
Favor: Oliver, Albus

Hero Wars Corvus Skills

Auto. Cooldown 4.95, Range 50, Area 47

Strike of the Damned

Strike of the Damned. Corvus deals Physical attack + 100 * Skill level damage to the enemy front line (Range 50), temporarily decreasing all defenses (Armor, Magic Defense, Dodge) for 0.1 * Physical attack + 25 * Skill level. Defense decrease effectiveness and damage dealt are increased by 10% for each Undead ally on the team.

Unity of the Damned

Unity of the Damned. Physical and magic attack bonus: 0,25 * Physical attack + 15 * Skill level. Corvus increases his Undead allies’ physical and magic attack for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 16.

Altar of Souls

Altar of Souls. Altar damage:0.012 * Base HP + 10 * Skill level — 190, Altar health: 0,9 * Base HP + 200 * Skill level. Corvus conjures an altar in the center of his team. The altar deals pure damage to the enemy heroes whenever they deal damage to allied heroes. The altar’s health decreases when allies take damage. Cooldown: Initial — 10, Next — 30.

Royal Defense

Royal Defense. Chance to move an ally is lowered if the target’s level is above 130. When an ally’s health drops below 20%, Corvus moves them to the center of the team. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds. Cooldown: Initial — 1, Next — 8.

Hero Wars Morrigan


Unable to accept her father’s death, Morrigan frantically searched for an opportunity to bring him back to life. The angels warned her the price would be extremely high, but she was willing to pay it. Now that Corvus has been resurrected by dark magic, nothing will drive this family apart ever again.

morrigan artifact

Raven’s Skull (Armor penetration 15-32040)
Outland boss: Vajar
Battle order: beyond Judge and Celeste
Main stat: Intelligence
Favor: Oliver

Hero Wars Morrigan Skills

Auto. Cooldown 5.2, Range 200, Speed 600, Formula: Physical attack + 75 * Hero Level.

Army of Graven

Army of Graven. Skeleton health: 1.3 * Magic power + 190 * Skill level. Skeleton attack damage (physical): 0.3 * Magic power + 25 * Skill level. Resist: 10%. Morrigan summons 3 Undead skeletons (Chance of getting Melee Skeleton relative to Archer Skeleton: 15 to 50) to her side to fight in the front row. She can control up to 6 skeletons at any given time.

Update at 07/23/2020 for Canvas Hero Wars, image #13

Bone Armor. Morrigan temporarily (for 10 seconds) boosts Undead allies’ defense, increasing their armor and magic defense by 0,2 * Magic power + 15 * Skill level, as well as healing them by 0,5 * Magic power + 100 * Skill level. Cooldown: 16.

Bone armor

Moonlight. Healing: 0,95 * Magic power + 200 * Skill level. Morrigan heals an Undead ally if their health drops below 20%. Can be triggered once every 8 seconds for each ally. Cooldown: 1.

Morrigan moonlight skill

Necromancy. Damage bonus: 0,15 * Magic power + 30 * Skill level + 250. Chance to summon a skeleton from a fallen enemy is lowered if the target’s level is above 130. Increases damage dealt by allied skeletons. Whenever an enemy dies, Morrigan summons their skeleton, even if they attempt to resurrect.

Darkness Falls Morrigan shop

Darkness falls Morrigan's shop

Darkness Falls Corvus shop

Darkness Falls Corvus shop

Darkness Falls Avatars

Darkness Falls avatars

Avatars and Icons

Undead frame

Undead Frame

Corvus, Morrigan, Angel Galahad, White Crow, Jolly Raven, Wise Raven, Scary Raven, Royal Raven

Darkness Falls coins

Corvus coin, Morrigan coin, Night scroll (need for boss battle), Mysterious Sarcophagus

After the completion of the event, all unspent coins and scrolls will be automatically exchanged for Mysterious Sarcophagus at the rate: 1 Sarcophagus = 750 coins or 3 scrolls.

Other Updates

  1. All creeps and bosses can now have max color red+2 (instead of orange+4)
  2. Flawless Artifact Chest. Contains Flawless Artifact resources. You can choose the reward when you open the chest.
  3. Duration of Helios’ second skill is 14 seconds instead of 10.

That is all what you need to know about Hero Wars Darkness Falls event if you liked this post comment down below.

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    Thanks for the info and great works you shared. But I wondered if the undead type property has been applied in FB/desktop version for Keira、Faceless、Fobos? In my test seems that Keira still can’t get the benefit from Corvus?

    1. MrFungry

      No idea, I am wondering about that as well. Trying to get more info

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    What’s in the Mysterious Sarcophagus?

  4. Frank

    Thank you for the information. Do you know if they are going to add the undead moniker to any heros? In the current FB version only Corvus and Morrigan are listed as undead. Reading the Mobile info heros such as Keira were also considered undead.

  5. Jason Brown

    Opened some M.S. bought 9, opened a total of 63, got more M.S., (how I opened 63 with only getting 9), Skin stones, NRG, EXP, Gold, Titan potions, Tower coins and flawless artifact chests.

  6. Sword

    Any reason to keep fighting the Boss’s to make them get to higher levels. seems like i can just keep raiding them at lower levels and reap the same rewards without the boss leveling up. Do you get better rewards if you beat the boss at higher levels?

    1. MrFungry

      You can just get Corvus and Morrigan coins

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    1. MrFungry

      I dont know why made boss level so high but there are no tricks about this.

    2. Ryu

      You can Raid your fights and get for sure the rewards 😉

  9. Alex

    Which one is their position under the Hero Wars Tier List?

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