Hero Wars hidden treasures

In this article, I will show you how you can be a real pirate and find Hero Wars hidden treasures in chapter 9. You have to follow some simple tasks to get a small reward which will be useful for the early game.

This hidden treasure hunt will be only available on PC platforms like Facebook, Vk, etc. Sorry mobile players 🙂

Hero Wars Secret Hidden Treasures o... x
Hero Wars Secret Hidden Treasures on Chapter 9

Open the game and navigate to chapter 9 in the campaign. There you will see some clickable things waiting to be clicked in the right order to get a reward. Sequence how to press on items is – small bush (1), horn (2), violet books (3), wood plate near the skull (4), wood on the skull (5), flags in the water (6), grave near skull (7) and flower near shark (8). The tower will light up (9) and you will be able to press the newly added “X” mark (10) on the map and claim reward.

Step by step guide for treasures with pictures

You can just watch the video and repeat actions or you can try to repeat the sequence after the pictures below. I hope you enjoyed this article and if you did then subscribe to my YouTube channel for more useful videos!

Hero Wars hidden treasures on chapter 9
Hero Wars hidden treasures on chapter 9

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