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Hero Wars Jorgen is possibly the best support for both mobile and PC platforms. Jorgen’s power hides in an ability to manipulate allied and enemy’s team hero energy. Jorgen can fit in almost all team compositions because of his uniqueness and usefulness. Also, the enemy’s backline heroes who are squishy should be scared of Jorgen because of his Leper skill which makes redirect damage to the furthest enemy hero. Read further this article about Jorgen’s guide for Hero Wars and get more detailed information about him.


Hero Jorgen


Jorgen skill torment of powerlessness

Torment of Powerlessness – Jorgen summons a skull to the enemy’s front line which deals magic damage to nearby heroes. Affected enemies can not gain energy for 9 seconds.

This is the strongest Jorgen skill because he will deny energy gain for heroes who will be affected by this skill. Heroes like Orion who relies on energy gain to do serious damage feel this debuff real hard.

Jorgen skill cycle of energies

Cycle of Energies – Protects an ally with a magic shield. The ally will gain energy at a doubled rate until the shield is destroyed.

As mentioned before Jorgen can manipulate energy to both sides for the enemy team he denies energy but for allies, he doubles energy gain while the hero is being attacked and shield is active. Cycle of Energies can absorb all types of attacks.

This skill is hardly countered by Satori because each time the allied hero receives extra energy Satori will add Fox marks to that hero which can result in instant death when Satori uses his active skill.

Jorgen skill leper

Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, b...
Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, best COMBOS
Leper – Jorgen curses everyone on the enemy team, making the furthest enemy the target of the curse. Physical damage taken by heroes on the enemy team will be redirected to the target of the curse for 10 seconds.

If you are facing Jorgen and can’t understand why your backline hero just disappeared even though the enemy team has no hero who deals range damage then that is because of Leper. Sometimes this skill can be a disadvantage because if your team doesn’t manage to kill a backline enemy like Martha she will heal up all damage dealt and valuable damage will be wasted.

Jorgen skill tainted wounds

Tainted Wounds – With every attack, Jorgen steals some of the affected enemies’ energy.

Most of the time Tainted Wounds will target enemies team tank and most tanks haven’t most overpowered active skills for example Astroth shield if you are facing mage team composition. Beneficial against Cleaver and other tanks whos active skills are a real threat.


Even though Jorgen is in a game for a long time he has only 3 skins and most likely he won’t receive another one for a while because he is considered as one of the best or even the best support heroes in the game. Jorgen skins are Default one which adds Strength, Champion’s skin which is free to get for guild wars trophies and adds Health and last skin is Devil skin which is for no reason a clown skin and adds Magic Defense to Jorgen.

I would recommend upgrading skins in this order – Default, Champion’s and then Devil skin.

Jorgen Default skin
Default skin
Jorgen Champion skin
Champion skin
Jorgen Devil skin
Devil skin

How to get Jorgen’s soul stones

Jorgen soul stones are easily obtainable from the Outland shop. You can buy 5 Jorgen soul stones for 500 Outland coins but the problem is that Outland coins are a really valuable resource for expert players. If you are not going to use Jorgen in your team I would strongly suggest using Outland coins for skin stone chests since skin stones are one of the hardest obtainable game currencies.


There are two ways how you can level up Jorgen’s artifacts depending on what team composition you are running. If you make a team who won’t benefit from an increased magic attack then I would go Ring of Strength and Defender’s Covenant first and only later when everything else is maxed out Shavarakk’s Blood. But if you are running a mage team that will really benefit from magic attack increase and Jorgen can survive in battle long enough, go for Shavarakk’s Blood.

Shavarakk’s Blood – increase magic attack

Defender’s Covenant – increase armor and magic defense

Ring of Strength – increase strength


Jorgen benefits from magic attack glyph only on 2 skills so I would leave this for last because Jorgen’s main role is to survive and manipulate energy. I almost always recommend leveling up the main stat for a hero because this stat also is calculated in the dodge chance formula which is really crucial for Jorgen because his basic attacks steal energy from enemy heroes. I would recommend leveling up glyphs in this order but feel free to change magic defense and armor glyphs depending on your needs.

Strength – Health – Armor – Magic Defense – Magic attack

team compositions

Like I mentioned before in this Jorgen guide he fits in most team compositions because of his uniqueness and lack of good support heroes. Teams with the magic attacks will benefit from Jorgen’s active artifact buff more but Leper skill will benefit physical team compositions more. Jorgen really shines on defense because he is really tanky for support. Mainly use his ability to deny energy for enemy heroes. Some good team examples for Jorgen:

Astroth, Kharh, Jorgen, Faceless, Martha (sometimes Jorgen is swapped with Nebula for extra damage)

Krista, Celeste, Jorgen, Lars, Martha (Martha can be replaced with Astaroth, or Nebula)

Astroth, Jorgen, Orion, Dorian, Helios (works well to counter Yasmine)

cons, pros, and counters

Jorgen cons:

  • Have to sacrifice skin stones for Jorgen soul stones
  • Leper can waste damage if the target is not killed and healed
  • Active artifact buff benefits mostly mage teams
  • Enemy Satori can add extra fox marks to allies because of Cycle of Energies

Jorgen pros:

  • Denies energy for the enemy team
  • Can help to take out squishy backline heroes like Lars with Leper skill
  • Fits in almost all team compositions
  • Easy to get soul stones

Jorgen is countered by:

  • Satori (because of Fox marks which are added to enemy hero when that hero receives extra energy)
  • Strong enemies backline who can survive Leper skill like Martha

Jorgen counters:

  • heroes who rely on energy gain
  • squishy backline heroes

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Jorgen guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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