Hero Wars Karkh team

Karkh is probably one of the best Hero Wars heroes. Hero Wars Karkh team power hides in Karkh’s ability to lift up heroes and deal tons of damage. He works great against many meta teams and hasn’t almost anything to counter him unless you are using Andvari on your side. Down below I will show you 4 good team compositions that you can use to defeat your enemy. You can swap Astaroth to any other tank which you prefer but in my opinion, Astaroth is the best tank in the Hero Wars game.

Team number 1 – Martha, Faceless, Nebula, Karkh and Astaroth

Karkh damage team
Martha, Faceless, Nebula, Karkh, and Astaroth

This Karkh team will work great when you are on the attack on Arena or Guild Wars. That’s because Nebula will increase Karkh’s damage greatly with her skill buffs and her active artifact. Faceless goes well with Karkh because she can copy Karkh’s skills and throw enemy heroes in the air and Karkh will be able to deal even more damage. Martha and Astaroth is a solid choice to protect Karkh.


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Team number 2 – Martha, Faceless, Jorgen, Karkh and Astaroth

Hero Wars Karkh defense team
Martha, Faceless, Jorgen, Karkh, and Astaroth

This is probably the best Karkh defensive team since Jorgen offers much more defense than Nebula. Even though Karkh’s damage won’t be that high like it would be with Nebula, Karkh with Faceless help will deal enough damage to kill the enemy’s team. Jorgen will be better for defense and sometimes on offense since he can shield his team, deny energy to enemies. Jorgen is especially good against enemies who have tank with high priority to use his active skill to be useful like Galahad or Cleaver.

Team number 3 – Martha, Faceless, Kai, Karkh and Astaroth

Full in Karkh composition

This is another full-in Karkh combo. This is probably the best chance to use Kai in the Hero Wars game because in the general he isn’t that good but you can use him with Kharh if you are on offense and want some extra knock-ups which Kai can offer. Otherwise, Kai won’t do too much and if you are facing Andvari with this team setup then you are dead. That is because Andvari will deny all knock-ups from all three heroes – Faceless, Kai and Karkh.

Team number 4 – Jet, Faceless, Nebula, Karkh and Astaroth

Critical hit karkh team
Jet, Faceless, Nebula, Karkh, and Astaroth

Critical hit Karkh team composition is a really strong team composition of you have troubles to take out the enemy tank and want to finish fight fast. The problem with this team composition is that you can be lucky and Karkh can crit a few times in a row and win the fight or you can be really unlucky and not pull off many critical hits and lose the fight. I would call this team composition high risk, high-reward team.

I hope you learned something from these Hero Wars Karkh team compositions! For more useful videos visit my YouTube channel.

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