Hero Wars Karkh

Summary to Kark’h

The days of Karkh ruling the META may be over, but he is still one of the strongest damage dealers in the Hero Wars and a force to be reckoned with at almost all levels. Karkh is still arguably the most powerful warrior in the game and the best part about him is that he doesn’t need huge investments or strong heroes by his side to really reach his true potential. His high armor penetration, massive damage output, and ability to recover health make him very formidable. All of his skills synergize very well with each other making him the only damage dealer you usually need in the team.

Karkh specializes in killing off low-health back and midline heroes with heavy burst damage. Most backline heroes do not have the armor to reduce Karkh’s Deadly Tendrils damage. Artifact armor buffs from a hero can greatly reduce the damage if it is greater than Karkh’s armor penetration. 2 kills on Karkh’s active skill can have enough energy to quickly trigger his active skill again, quickly chaining them together to kill the entire enemy team. Karkh is fairly low health and very vulnerable to Magic Damage because Negator of Laws skill only blocks physical damage.

Max Stats

Mobile max stats

Intelligence: 2016

Agility: 11132

Strength: 2549

Health: 168836

Physical Attack: 49801

Magic Attack: 6048

Armor: 15462

Magic Defense: 2987

Armor Penetration: 28020

PC max stats

Intelligence: 2572

Agility: 13552

Strength: 3145

Health: 256972

Physical Attack: 67020

Magic Attack: 7716

Armor: 22542

Magic Defense: 15713

Armor Penetration: 34600


hero wars karkh skill Nexus of Horror
Nexus of Horror

Nexus of Horror – K’arkh throws into the air three enemies with the lowest health. When the affected enemies fall back down, they are stunned for 2 seconds. Chance to stun is lowered if the target’s level is above 130 (1 * Level)

Nexus of Horror synergies really well with Karkh’s 3rd skill Deadly Tendrils and 4th skill Survival Factor. Each time there is an enemy in the air Karkh will deal damage and heal himself for a fraction of the damage dealt. The great thing about this skill is that Karkh will through the 3 lowest health enemies in the air which means there is a potential to one-shot squishy enemies in a single skill shot and damage won’t be wasted hitting tanks.

Negator of Laws

Negator of Laws – K’arkh opens an interdimensional rift that can block enemy physical attacks for 8 seconds. The hero gets extra energy for each attack blocked.

Block chance for physical attacks: 52% (0.2 * Level + 26)

Extra energy for a blocked attack: 15.5% (0.05 * Level + 9)

At max level there are 52% chance to get 15.5% of total Karkh’s energy. So when Negarot of Laws is active there is a high chance that Karkh will be able to use his active skill Nexus of Horror multiple times in a small amount of time. There are heroes who hardly can survive 1 knock up damage from Karkh and if they are not healed fast enough then second knock up damage will be final blow to them.

Hero Wars Karkh guide - counters, t...
Hero Wars Karkh guide - counters, team compositions, skills, etc

Deadly Tendrils

Deadly Tendrils – While K’arkh is alive, he strikes every enemy who was thrown into the air. If the enemy level is equal to or less than 130 (1 * Level + 20), K’arkh deals double damage. Damage from attack is 100% Physical attack.

Deadly Tendrils skill is a main source of Karkh’s damage. Level this skill up always first and keep it as high as possible because you need this skills level to be equal or higher than enemy’s level to make double damage. Keep in mind that Karkh will deal damage to all enemies who are knocked up and it doesn’t matter from who this knock up comes Karkh or his allies.

hero wars karkh skill Survival Factor
Survival Factor

Survival Factor – Attacks against enemies thrown into the air heal the hero for a fraction of the damage dealt. Health recovered: 27.5% (0.25 * Level + 5) of damage dealt.

Survival Factor gives Karkh self-healing which is great because you can sometimes sacrifice the healer for extra support to increase Karkh’s damage.

Karkh’s skins and level up order.

For both versions of Hero Wars Karkh skin situation isn’t equal. There are 3 skins for the Facebook version and 2 skins for the mobile version. Right now Karkh is in a decent spot in terms of balance for the mobile version and that is a reason why he hasn’t Dark Depths skin which boosts magic defense like on the Facebook version. Just to make it clear Karkh’s magic defense is really low and even with fully maxed out magic defense skin Karkh still has a lower magic defense than most magic dealer’s magic penetration. That means Karkh still is going to receive the same amount of damage from most mages.

Karkh’s skins are Default skin which boosts agility, Stellar skin which boosts armor penetration, and Dark Depths skin which is only for the Facebook version and boosts magic defense. I would recommend going for Stellar skin first because armor penetration is priority number one to all physical damage dealers, then max out Default skin and as the last skin go for Dark Depths skin which won’t change too much to be honest. I would highly suggest to skip levelling up Dark Depths skin since it doesnt offer too much and spend agility skin stone for other heroes skins.

How to get Karkh’s soul stones

Karkh’s soulstones aren’t that easy to get. For the Facebook version of the Hero Wars Karkh soulstones can be obtained by participating in Tournaments of Elements where you will be able to get scrolls which you will be able to change for Karkh’s soulstones. Of course, you can go for VIP bundles to get early Karkh’s soulstones, this way you won’t waste resources levelling up another damage dealer while you haven’t unlocked Karkh. For the mobile version, it is easier to unlock Karkh because you just have to join an alliance and slowly get guild war silver trophies in order to buy Karkh soulstones.


Since Karkh will be your main damage dealer you should focus on leveling up all his artifacts to the max as fast as possible. In my opinion Alchemist’s Folio is a priority number one since it offers armor penetration and a decent amount of physical attack. K’arkh’s Essence is also a great artifact because the physical attack buff benefits all team, level this artifact evenly with Alchemist’s Folio if your team can benefit from a physical attack boost. For example, we can take Nebula, if her attack is boosted then she will boost Karkh’s attack even more. As a last artifact go for Ring of Agility.

K’arkh’s Essence – increase physical attack

Alchemist’s Folio – increase armor penetration and physical attack

Ring of Agility – increase agility

Karkh’s glyphs order

I would suggest leveling up Karkh’s glyphs in this order -> Armor penetration – Physical attack – Agility – Health – Armor. Karkh is all about doing damage and this glyph order will focus on that. If you have trouble keeping Karkh alive long enough then you can focus on leveling up his health glyph but other than that you should stick to this order.

Karkh’s team compositions

For both versions of Hero Wars Karkh team compositions are easy to make because you don’t need expensive heroes by his side to crush enemies. Most of the time you will be running the same core heroes and swapping between 1 or 2 of them to adjust to the situation. Here are some of the best Karkh team compositions:

Astaroth, Karkh, Faceless, Jorgen, Martha – Full defense team. Astaroth is almost always the tank of choice because Astaroth and Karkh together stand close enough for Karkh to take some of the front line damage and gain extra energy while also providing an extra life for Karkh. Jorgen is common as Karkh support because of both his defensive and offensive abilities, delaying enemy ults and redirecting damage to the back row. K’arkh is most commonly paired with Faceless due to the synergy between Deadly Tendrils and Power Throw and copying Deadly Tendrils skill with Doppelganger skill. Also, extra magic defense from Faceless’ Spell expert skills helps Karkh to survive against mage teams. This team is great on defense because all Karkh’s allies are defense-oriented. You can swap Martha with Nebula to add some extra damage when going on offense with this team.

Astaroth, Karkh, Kai, Faceless + 1 hero of your choice – No Andvari team composition. When you are facing a team without Andvari then you can go for Kai, Faceless, and Karkh combo where Kai and Faceless will throw enemies in the air and Karkh will deal damage. In my opinion, this build is a troll build that can sometimes work but I wouldn’t suggest to main this team as the main team. + 1 hero can be a counter, healer, or support.

Astaroth, Karkh, Nebula, Faceless, Jet – Critical hit Karkh team. This team is better on offense because you won’t be countered by Helios. If Karkh is lucky he can deal a lot of damage to the enemies with critical hits. This team is definitely fun to play.

Some other team compositions worth mentioning:

astaroth, k’arkh, nebula, faceless, helios

astaroth, k’arkh, kai, jorgen, martha

astaroth, k’arkh, nebula, jorgen, faceless

astaroth, k’arkh, nebula, faceless, martha

yasmine, k’arkh, faceless, helios, nebula

astaroth, k’arkh, kai, faceless, martha

cleaver, corvus, k’arkh, jorgen, faceless

astaroth, karkh, faceless, isaac, martha

Karkh’s cons and pros

Karkh cons:

  • Soulstones not obtainable from the beginning of the game
  • Hard countered by Andvari, especially on the mobile version
  • Low magic defense
  • Not too many teams to choose from

Karkh pros:

  • Very good damage output
  • Cheap team compositions
  • F2P friendly (2 skins to max out, cheap teams, soulstones obtainable from shops)
  • Good against physical teams because of the Negator of Laws skill
  • Competetive throughout all stages of the game

Karkh’s counters and what Karkh can counter

Karkh is countered by:

  • Andvari On mobile version Andvari is a hard counter because he will protect all heroes behind him from knock-ups and displacements. On the Facebook version Andvari will protect 1 hero in front of him if there is any otherwise 1 hero behind him from knock-ups and displacements.
  • Elmir – Elmir copies have low health and these copies will absorb Karkh’s active skill damage
  • Jorgen – he significantly slows down the rate at which Karkh fires his active skill
  • Armor artifact – if you manage to active armor artifact at the right time Karkh’s active skill’s damage can be significantly reduced.
  • Hard magical damage – Karkh has a low magic defense, mages that hit hard and early are great against Karkh
  • Pet Axel – Axel is great against Karkh because Axel doesn’t allow enemies to deal more than 45% of allies’ maximum health per hit.
  • Blinds – K’arkh can also be countered by Blind (from heroes like Fox, Artemis, or Peppy)

Karkh counters:

  • Karkh isn’t a real hard counter to anything
  • Physical damage dealers – this doesn’t mean he will win against all physical damage dealers but he can absorb a lot of incoming damage with Negator of Laws.
  • Squishy heroes – low armor heroes with low health can be easily killed with Deadly Tendrils skill especially when Karkh manages to use it 2 or 3 times in a small amount of time.

Karkh’s tips and tricks and synergies

Tips and tricks:

  • If you want to see Karkh’s true damage potential then you have to play him on manual mode and combine all throw combinations together. For example, Karkh’s Nexus of Horror skill copied by Faceless’ Doppelganger skill, and right after that Kai’s active skill which will deal damage on its own and also activates Karkh’s Deadly Tendrills skill 3rd time.
  • Avoid Andvari and Axel at all cost

Karkh synergies well with:

  • K’arkh is most commonly paired with Faceless due to the synergy between Deadly Tendrils and Power Throw, but the added magic defense from his 4th skill helps add to his survivability.
  • Nebula is also another common support for K’arkh as her damage boost from her 4th skill not only increases K’arkh’s basic attack damage, but also every activation of Deadly Tendrils.
  • Astaroth is almost always the tank of choice for K’arkh teams because they stand close enough together for K’arkh to take some of the front line damage and gain extra energy while also providing an extra life for K’arkh.
  • Jorgen is also common as a K’arkh support because of both his defensive and offensive abilities, delaying enemy ults and redirecting damage to the back row.
  • Kai because Kai’s active skill Fetter of the Wind will throw all enemies in the air and deal damage to them. All enemies thrown in the air will receive additional damage from Karkh’s Deadly Tendrils skill.
  • Isaac for the Facebook version because Isaac can deny up to 15% of incoming magic damage to allies. Also, Isaac can silence enemies, deal a lot of damage with his active skill and he offers armor penetration artifact.

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