Hero Wars Keira team

In this post, I will be talking about the best Hero Wars Keira team. Keira is a real beast when it comes down to taking down the enemy teams in a few moments. Keira has many team compositions for both versions of the Hero Wars game – Facebook and mobile. I will be talking about both versions of Keira teams. Corvus and Morrigan don’t work the same for both versions. Besides that, there are differences in Sebastian and Andvari’s skills which make both versions kind of unique.

Also, remember that you can swap heroes as you want or what you have. It is ok that you don’t have Jet at the beginning don’t be afraid to swap Jet with Martha for extra healing or Qing Mao for extra armor penetration, etc. Also, you can swap Astaroth to another tank that you prefer but in my opinion, he is the best tank in the game.

Keira teams

Team number 1 – Astaroth, Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Jet

Keira blender team
Jet, Nebula, Keira, Andvari and Astaroth

This team is a “new” blender team which is probably even better than it was previously. I would recommend this build for mobile players more than Facebook players. But this team will work against certain team compositions on Facebook as well. Now Sebastian is being swapped with Andvari who adds extra stuns to the team and protection from Karkh and Twins. For the mobile version, this team will work better. That is because Andvari will protect all squishy allies behind him from displacements and lift-ups including Cleaver’s Rusty Hook. Also, Nebula will now increase 3 out of 4 Jet’s skills. This will make Keira easier kill tank because she will have higher armor penetration than the enemy’s tank armor (thanks to Jet’s armor reduction). Besides, that Jet will add more critical hit chances to Keira and increase even more her physical attack. You couldn’t do that if Sebastian would take Nebula’s buff. For the Facebook version, Andvari will protect himself and Astaroth. This team will easily kill the Karkh team on both versions, Twins teams on the mobile version. This team won’t work too well on the Facebook version against Twins because you need Sebastian to counter Marks of Water.

Team number 2 – Andvari, Keira, Nebula, Jet +x

Keira old blender team
Jet. Sebastian, Nebula, Keira and Andvari

This is how the old Keira blender team looked like and this one still works on the Facebook version. In my opinion, this is a solid choice. That’s because in this team composition Keira receives Andvari’s protection from knock-ups and displacements at the Facebook version. For Facebook Keira players I would recommend this team over Keira team 1. Now you will be able to easier kill Karkh and Twins who are the biggest threat to you. As I mentioned before this won’t work for the mobile version. Nebula and Sebastian would change there position with each other on the mobile version. Also, I want to mention that this will work only when hardly developed Andvari. Andvari needs to be tanky enough to survive enemy hits. For the mobile version, you can add a second tank as I did on the first Keira team for extra protection. Also, you can go for any other hero you prefer or need to counter the enemy’s team.

Team number 3 – Astaroth, Qing Mao, Keira, Nebula, Jet

Armor reduction Keira team
Jet, Nebula, Keira, Qing Mao, and Astaroth

I hope most of you already know that Keira can proc pure damage. In order to do that her armor reduction is higher than the enemy’s armor. This being said I can introduce Keira team number 3. Qing Mao is a great fighter on her own especially when you need to take down high health enemies like bosses on campaigns or events. That’s because she will deal % damage from the enemy’s max health. Also, she adds armor penetration buff to the whole team. Even better Qing Mao has an artifact that gives armor penetration. So, if you have problems to proc Keira’s pure damage or you haven’t Keira’s winter skin then you can add Qing Mao to help Keira out.

Team number 4 – Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Nebula, Jet

Corvus and morrigan and Keira
Jet, Nebula, Morrigan, Keira and Corvus

At the moment I am making this post for the Facebook version only Undead type heroes are Corvus and Morrigan. This means that this build is available only for the mobile version where Keira, Faceless, and Phobos are also considered Undead type heroes. This is a critical hit team. Keira will deal a lot of damage to the enemy team thanks to all for hero buffs who will really improve Keira’s damage.

Team number 5 – Corvus, Andvari, Keira, Morrigan, Nebula

Corvus keira morrigan team
Nebula, Morrigan, Keira, Andvari and Corvus

This team also will work only for mobile version players unless the Facebook version receives some changes to undead heroes. This team composition has 2 pluses. 1st is that you have Andvari for defense against Karkh and Twins + extra stuns. 2nd is that Keira will receive Nebula’s physical attack boost since Nebula is on the last spot in this team composition.

I hope you learned something from these Hero Wars Keira team compositions! For more useful videos visit my YouTube channel.

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