Hero Wars Keira

Hero Wars Keira

Summary to Keira

Keira is one of the best damage dealers in Hero Wars. Keira is so great because she can do a lot of damage in a small amount of time to the whole enemy team. There is even a team composition which is called “Blender team” that usually refers to a hyper-offensive Keira-based team that’s supposed to evoke the image of a blender chopping up the enemy team. The 3 core heroes of this team are Keira, Sebastian, and Jet. Keira will be a great damage dealer throughout all stages of your Hero Wars journey. The main thing to keep in mind is that Keira needs all armor penetration she can get including allied hero active artifact buffs, she is really expensive hero if you want to squeeze the most out of her and most of your enemies will know how to counter Keira.

Max Stats

Mobile max stats

Intelligence: 1926

Agility: 10999

Strength: 2408

Health: 166437

Physical Attack: 56842

Magic Attack: 5778

Armor: 15449

Magic Defense: 3605

Armor Penetration: 28495

PC max stats

Intelligence: 2458

Agility: 13177

Strength: 2980

Health: 245677

Physical Attack: 73188

Magic Attack: 7374

Armor: 21967

Magic Defense: 6537

Armor Penetration: 36595


Blade Whirlwind
Blade Whirlwind

Blade Whirlwind – Keira launches a whirlwind of blades. The blades reach the furthest enemy and then return, dealing damage to enemies as they fly and silencing them for 4 sec. on their way back.

Blade Whirlwind can do some serious damage once activated but most of Keira’s damage will come from her basic attacks. You should think about this skill more like a basic attack booster and silencer because once Blade Whirlwind is activated Keira will boost the physical attack to the whole team. If you manage to kill multiple enemies with this skill you can stack up physical artifact boost multiple times and gain a lot of free physical attack for several seconds which can be enough to “blender” the enemy team.

Enraged soul
Enraged Soul

Enraged Soul – Attack and skill speed increased up to 300%.

Initial timeout: 11
Skill timeout: 25
Keira’s speed increases for 5 sec.

You should combine Enraged Soul skill with other hero artifacts to get the most out of Keira’s damage potential.

Dancing Blades
Dancing Blades

Dancing Blades – Passive skill. Keira’s basic attack can ricochet between enemies. The ricocheting blade deals 25% of basic attack damage on each hit.

The chance to ricochet is lowered if the target’s level is above Keira’s current level. That means you need to level this skill as a priority because ricochet can fail if the enemy will be higher level than your Keira is. Also, keep in mind that Dancing Blades will deal damage to the whole enemy team which is great but there is also a downside to this because each Keira’s basic attack will gain energy to all enemy heroes and they will be able to use their active skills much faster.

Piercing Pain
Piercing Pain

Piercing Pain – Passive skill. If the enemy’s armor is lower than Keira’s armor penetration, her basic attack deals extra damage.

Replantando keikis x
Replantando keikis

Piercing Pain synergies with Dancing Blades and that is a reason why you want to have as much armor penetration as possible. Each ricochet will make Piercing Pain deal extra damage to the enemy. Right now at max stats only Luther and Ziri have enough armor to deny Piercing Pain extra damage from Keira. But you can counter this skill by having a hero who has armor artifact buff which can deny Piercing Pain effect to the whole team. This all being said Keira needs all armor penetration that she can get including other hero armor penetration artifact buffs.

Keira’s skins and level up order.

For both Hero Wars versions, Keira has the same skins with the same effects. There are 3 skins for Keira – Default skin which boosts Keira’s agility, Blooming skin which boosts physical attack, and Winter skin which boosts Keira’s armor penetration. I would recommend focusing on armor penetration skin because armor penetration will increase Keira’s damage much more than physical attack boost or agility boost unless you just started to play Keira and still haven’t any decent physical damage to penetrate through enemy’s armor. Blooming and Default skin are both great as a second choice to Keira go for Blooming skin if you have unlocked it or just max out Default skin since that skin is unlocked for free.

How to get Keira’s soul stones

Keira’s soulstones are really easy to get. You can obtain Keira’s soulstones from Campaign missions starting from chapter 3. This means you can start to invest in Keira in the early game unlike other great Hero Wars damage dealers like Kark’h, Twins, and so on.


Since Keira will be your main damage dealer you should focus on leveling up all her artifact to the max as fast as possible. In my opinion Alchemist’s Folio is a priority number one since it offers armor penetration and a decent amount of physical attack. Actaviana’s Blades are great as well if you have enough armor penetration to pierce through at least 3 enemy’s team heroes’ armor because Actaviana’s Blades buff can benefit all Keira’s team, not just herself. Besides that Actaviana’s Blades can stack up a few times if Keira can kill multiple enemies in a small amount of time like in the Outland when fighting the boss.

Octaviana’s Blades – increase physical attack

Alchemist’s Folio – increase armor penetration and physical attack

Ring of Agility – increase agility

Keira’s glyphs order

I would suggest leveling up Keira”s glyphs in this order -> Armor penetration – Physical attack – Agility – Health – Armor. Keira is all about doing damage and this glyph order will focus on that. If you have trouble keeping Keira alive long enough then you can focus on leveling up her health glyph but other than that you should stick to this order.

Keira’s team compositions

As mentioned before Keira is really expensive hero to max out to her true potential because she needs really expensive heroes by her side to make her really shine. Down below will be some great Keira’s teams for both versions (mobile and PC version). I will include f2p friendly team compositions and p2w compositions as well. Keira’s team compositions down below are not the only ones that are great. Feel free to change heroes to counter the enemy or replace heroes that you don’t own with those who you own.

  • Andvari, Keira, Sebastian, Jet + 1 hero of your choice. +1 hero can be another tank for the mobile version, a counter to the enemy team, or a Nebula for Facebook version. P2W team with high burst damage if Keira can make a critical hit. Also known as a blender team. Nebula is great for the Facebook version only because of her placement in team composition where she buffs Keira and Sebastian, not Sebastian and Jet like in the mobile version. Andvari is great with the tank on the mobile version because on the mobile version he will protect allies behind him from knock-ups and displacements but on the Facebook version, he will protect only 1 ally in front of him.
  • Tank, Andvari, Keira, Dorian, Jet. P2W team with insane healing to Keira from Dorian’s vampiric aura.
  • Corvus, Keira, Morrigan + 2 heroes. Undead team composition where you can mix other heroes depending on your needs. Some solid choices could be – Sebastian and Jet, Qing Mao and counter to the enemy team, Martha and Jorgen for defense, etc. Works only for the mobile version because Keira isn’t classified as an undead hero on Facebook. This team can be pretty cheap if compared to other great Keira team compositions if you somehow manage to get Corvus and Morrigan to the absolute star.
  • Astaroth, Qing Mao, Keira, Jorgen, and Martha/Thea – Not ideal team but good enough team F2P players. Jorgen and Martha will be great for defense purposes and Qing Mao can offer armor penetration to increase Keira’s damage + do damage on her own. Astaroth probably the best tank in the game. If you don’t have Martha then go for Thea or Markus.
  • Astaroth, Keira, Nebula, Orion + 1 hero. +1 hero depends on your enemy team but Dorian, Martha, Helios fits well in this team composition. F2P friendly if you don’t count that you need to invest in 2 damage dealers.

Keira’s cons and pros

Keira cons:

  • AoE damage builds up energy to all enemy team
  • Has a lot of counters because she was too overpowered
  • In most team compositions she will stand as a second hero
  • Needs big investments to make her truly shine

Keira pros:

  • Very good damage output
  • Has many team composition to choose from
  • Easy to get soulstones
  • Competetive throughout all stages of the game

Keira’s counters and what Keira can counter

Keira is countered by:

  • Helios – when you pair Keira with Sebastian and Jet she will damage herself each time she does a critical hit
  • Lian – each ricochet damage that hit Keira will make her charmed
  • Yasmine – great counter on Facebook because Yasmine will use her active skill on the enemy who hit her in the last 3 seconds and that hero mostly will be Keira. For the mobile version of Hero Wars Yasmine will use her active skill on a hero with the lowest armor but Keira has decent armor compared to other heroes.
  • Corvus – Corvus is a great counter to Keira because his altar will damage Keira each time Keira does a ricochet from her basic attacks. You can use Corvus as a second tank if he dies too fast and can’t summon the altar.
  • Twins – in general Twins should beat Keira but it all goes down to what team compositions both sides have and how well developed they are

Keira counters:

  • There isn’t one specific hero who Keira can counter. Keira is great against everything in right team composition unless countered by heroes above.

Keira’s tips and tricks and synergies

Tips and tricks:

  • Max out Keira’s armor penetration at all times
  • On manual mode wait for Keira’s Enraged Soul skill to activate and only then active Keira’s and other support hero artifacts to maximize damage output
  • If you have an ally who has an armor penetration artifact then use it at the same time when the enemy activates the armor artifact to their team. That way you will deny armor boost for the enemy and Keira’s Piercing Pain skill will be active

Keira’s synergies well with:

  • Qing Mao because of armor penetration artifact and Open Heart skill which lowers armor for the enemy
  • Sebastian and Jet for insane critical hits
  • Corvus and Morrigan for mobile version because of Undead buffs
  • Andvari to protect Keira from Kark’h
  • Dorian if you can make the right team composition to put Keira in Dorian’s vampiric aura
  • Nebula and Orion where Nebula will boost Keira’s and Orion’s damage while they both do aoe damage

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Keira guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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