Hero Wars Legend returns

Hello Heroes!

Hero Wars just released new video about Legend who is coming back to game. There are many which could change but Hero Wars Devs aren’t giving too much information from this video. Video is only 21 sec long but I think that I have a clue what it could be. Most likely it won’t a new chapter to campaign or new hero because Yasmine was released only 1 month ago and Devs stated on comment section that new heroes can’t come back to game.

Man and Prosthetics x
Man and Prosthetics

I think that this video is about Dante or Phobos rework because both of them need a rework to be more used in meta teams.

All information from the video also makes us think that Hero Wars Legend who will return will be one of them and here are reasons why:


He is the only Hero who uses a spear as a weapon in the Hero Wars game. Besides that on his official wallpaper, he is fighting against some kind of monsters.


In his official wallpaper he has birds in the background like in the video. Also there are hands coming from the ground in the wallpaper and video also reveals a zombie coming from the ground. What I liked the most is the play of the words in the video title. Title says that Legends returns and by legend we as a Hero Wars players understand a ledendary hero like Cleaver. But maybe legend is used as a story which is being told from generation to generation. Why not?

Check out Phobos Legend from over here https://herowars.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360023312794-Phobos

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