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Morrigan is an Intelligence-based hero and her role is Support/Healer. She works well when paired with Corvus because of their skill synergy. Also, her skills are mostly usable only on Undead type heroes. Your main goal is to pair Morrigan, Corvus, and Keira to make most out of this hero. Morrigan mainly focuses on healing when allied hero health drops below 20% and armor increase when her Bone Armor skill is active. One of Morrigan’s strongest parts is the ability to summon skeletons as allies which will deal extra damage to enemies and in a meantime will tank some damage as well. Morrigan can summon skeletons with her active skill Graven’s Army and her violet skill Necromancy when enemy heroes die or are resurrected. Read further this article about the Hero Wars Morrigan guide and get more detailed information about him.


hero Wars Morrigan guide

Order in battle: between Judge and Celeste.

Boss Outland: Brog.

Basic form: Intelligence.

Anime War 6
Anime War 6

Auto Skills: Timeout 5.2, Range 200, Speed 600


Morrigan 1th skill Graven's Army

Graven’s Army: Morrigan Calls 3 Skeletons (HP: 1.3 * MA + 190 * Skill Level, Damage: 0.3 * MA + 25 * Skill Level, Range 25, Protection 10%) to their side, who are fighting in the front row and are the Undead. At the same time, there may be no more than 6 skeletons under The Control of Morrigan.

These skeletons synergies really well with Corvus’ Altar because skeletons counts as Undead type heroes. This means that the Altar will deal damage to enemy heroes if skeletons will be attacked. Lars’s active skill can be countered with skeletons because of insane damage which will be redirected to him back from the Altar.

Morrigan 2th skillBone Armor

Bone Armor: Timeout 16, Duration 10. Morrigan imposes temporary protection on the Undead allies, increasing their armor and protection from magic by 0.2 * magic attack, as well as the healing level of the 0.5 * magic attack.

Make sure you use Undead type heroes in your team composition because this skill will work only on Undead type heroes.

Morrigan 3rd skillMoonlight

Moonlight: Timeout 8. Morrigan heals (0.95 * MA + 200 * Skill Level) ally-Undead if his health falls below 20%. It doesn’t work more often than once in 8 seconds.

Moonlight skill has its good and bad sides because Morrigan won’t heal allies unless their health drops below the critical 20% mark. It is a good choice to bring one more healer to keep allies’ health bars filled up.

Morrigan 4th skill Necromancy

Necromancy: The chance to summon a skeleton from an enemy is reduced if its level is above 120. Increases damage to allied skeletons (0.15 * MA, 30 * Skill Level). Each time the enemy dies, Morrigan calls the skeleton out of his body, even if the enemy tries to rise again.

Necromancy skill will work on Astaroth’s revive.


Morrigan has only 1 skin because she is a recently released hero. Her main default skin gives her Intelligence. This skin will improve Morrigan’s overall performance but I would save skin stones for different heroes because you won’t see a too huge difference in her. Level up her skin if you have free intelligence skin stones.

Morrigan default skin

Default skin

How to get Morrigan’s soul stones

Morrigan soul stones can be gained only from special events so make sure you invest as many resources as you can to make him to a higher star. There is no information on when his soul stones will be added to the heroic chest.


Morrigan was made as a buff for Keira in an indirect way. Morrigan’s active artifact Raven’s Skull perfectly synergies with Keira’s weakness – armor penetration. So if you are pairing Morrigan with Keira you should focus on Raven’s Skull artifact to boost even more Keira’s damage but if you see that she dies too early then go for Tome of Arcane Knowledge as a priority since the magical attack will increase skill power to armor and healing + extra health never can hurt. I would leave Ring of Intelligence as a last priority. But don’t get me wrong Intelligence is important on Morrigan as well.

Raven’s Skull – increase armor penetration

Tome of Arcane Knowledge – increase magic attack and health

Ring of Intelligence – increase intelligence


Morrigan glyphs can be tricky all depends on your individual server and needs. I would go for Intelligence first no matter what and then focus on health because survivability is really important. After these 2 glyphs, you have to make analyze what you need more if Morrigan doesn’t die early then focus on the magic attack but if she does then analyze what she needs more armor or magic defense and focus on that glyph to make her survive longer and boost allies.

Intelligence – Health – Magic attack – Magic Defense – Armor <- if she doesn’t die too early

Intelligence – Health – Magic Defense – Armor – Magic attack <- if she dies too early (prioritize armor or magic defense on your needs)

Team compositions

Morrigan always should be paired with undead-type heroes because otherwise, she loses all her potential. She also synergies well with Corvus and Keira so going for those 2 heroes is a solid choice. You just have to fill 2 support depending on your needs. Since you have already damage dealer Keira and tank Corvus I would suggest taking the second healer to keep health bars filled and support. Even tho I need to make more testing Morrigan team compositions could be like this:

Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Nebula, Martha

Corvus, Qing Mao, Keira, Morrigan, Martha/Nebula (depending on how tanky backline you need)

Corvus, Keira, Morrigan, Sebastian, Jet (win early or die composition)

Cons, pros, and counters


  • Works well with undead type heroes
  • heals allies only on critical 20% mark
  • Active artifact benefits mainly damage dealer


  • needs only 1 skin to level up
  • good support/healer for Keira

countered by:

  • Herself if not paired with undead type heroes


  • doesn’t counter anyone in direct way

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Morrigan guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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