Hero Wars Oliver

Oliver is one of the best Hero Wars pets when used properly. Oliver is a protective type of pet. You can count Oliver as an extra healer for your team from physical damage. Also, Oliver will be your tank’s best friend because in some defense fights your tank will be just unkillable. In my opinion, Oliver is a must-have pet for your team because he offers way too good stats for your tank, healing for patronage hero and as the main pet, he offers a lot of survivability to your team.

Hero Wars Oliver

Role – support, healer

Main Stat – skill power

Attack type – none

Max Stats

Level – 130

Power – 181943

Skill Power – 12360

Patronage Power – 11064

Magic penetration – 47911

Max bonus stats to patronage hero

Health – 99576

Armor – 9958

Oliver’s skills explained

Hero Wars Oliver White skill: Floria's Embrace

Oliver’s White skill: Floria’s Embrace

Shields allies with a magic shroud, restoring their lost Health as soon as they take Physical damage.

  • Shroud restores up to 175,040 (1,400% Skill Power + 2,000) of Health lost due to Physical damage.
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
Menanam Jagung di Polybag x
Menanam Jagung di Polybag

This skill can be extremely useful when your team is facing physical damage enemies. 175040 heal each time Oliver activates his active skill and absorbing that damage is no joke. Keep in mind that fewer allies standing alive less heal distributed among all heroes which means that all heals will be more powerful. On the other hand when you will face mage teams who don’t rely on physical damage this skill is almost useless.

Hero wars Oliver Green skill: Pixie Dust

Oliver’s Green skill: Pixie Dust

Heals the Hero with the lowest Health.

  • Healing: 22348 (180% Skill Power + 100)
  • Cooldown: 5.95 seconds

A great skill to keep your weakest ally alive. The healing value isn’t too high for this skill at first glance but this skill is really useful because the cooldown is only 5,95 seconds which means that Oliver will use this skill multiple times in one fight and that will stack up. This skill isn’t triggered only from physical damage, unlike Floria’s Embrace.

hero Wars Oliver Violet skill: Eternal Bloom


Oliver’s Violet skill: Eternal Bloom

Heals the master if their health drops below 50 %.

  • Healing: 11,064 (100% Patronage Power) every 0.5 seconds

Eternal Bloom will make enemies go insane because healing from this skill is really high. There are way too many times when I lost a fight to a single tank because he was patronaged with Oliver and healing from this skill was so high that I ended up running out of time.


Most of Oliver’s power comes from items, especially from Violet items. Here are Hero Wars developers distributed max stats for Oliver by level, items, and skills:

Oliver’s Max power 181943 from which 23.6% level, 2.9% skills, 1% base, 21.2% white to blue items, and 51.4% Violet Items.

Oliver’s Patronage power 11064 from which 35,2% level, 2.9% skills, 0,2% base, 13,3% white to blue items, and 51.2% Violet Items.

Oliver’s Skill power 12360 from which 31,6% level, 0,2% base, 22,4% white to blue items, and 45,9% Violet Items.

Oliver’s tips and tricks

  • Use Oliver as patronage with heroes who are the closest to enemies to use utilize Oliver’s violet skill more often and gain more value
  • Oliver will be a lot better against physical type teams because his active skill will heal heroes only for physical damage dealt
  • Even though Krista can’t be patronaged with Oliver there are fights where Oliver’s healing from active and Green skill and Krista’s Crystalization skill will be enough to make fight run out of time
  • Oliver is one of the most useful pets as a main pet for whole team. Leveling him up won’t be a mistake because he will be really useful anyway
  • Keep in mind that Oliver doesn’t offer any damage to your team like other pets
  • Most of the time don’t use Oliver with Sebastian, Jet, Rufus, Jugde, Jorgen Cornelius, Alvanor, Martha, Markus and Morrigan unless there aren’t better option where to put Oliver. Hero Wars Devs made a bait for you to utilize Oliver in a wrong way. Maybe they wanted so diversity and options to choose from, who knows.

How to counter Oliver

  • Celeste can deny healing and turn heal into the damage so using Celete against Oliver is a great choice
  • Biscuit will deny a lot of healing because 2 out of 3 skills will reduce healing for the enemy
  • Use magic type team against Oliver so he can’t use his active skill and heal his teammates
  • Often you will loose to Oliver while having multiple heroes on your side against 1 tank who is patronaged with Oliver. To avoid this try to make team composition where your main damage dealer will be able to survive the fight and then finish off enemy’s team tank + Oliver

Patronage Heroes for Oliver

There are a lot of heroes who can be patronized with Oliver. Let’s go over them and see if Oliver is the best option for them. Keep in mind that Oliver offers a health and armor passive boost which is really great option for a tank.

Hero wars Aurora and oliver

Aurora and Oliver

Aurora will synergy with Oliver pretty well even tho I would suggest combining her with pet Cain. Oliver provides passive stats which really boost Aurora’s power since she hasn’t too much base armor. If basic attacks from the enemy team aren’t dodged by Aurora then extra will come in handy.

Hero wars Astaroth and oliver

Astaroth and Oliver

Astaroth is another great hero who can be combined with Oliver. In my opinion, Oliver is the best choice as a pet for Astaroth since other pets won’t fully synergy with Astaroth in one or another way. Extra protection won’t hurt this bad boy but keep in mind that you won’t see Astaroth falling too often as one of the first heroes in the fight.

Hero wars Alvanor and oliver

Alvanor and Oliver

I don’t suggest using Oliver as an Alvanor’s pet unless there aren’t any other heroes who could benefit more from Oliver’s passive boost and extra healing than Alvanor. Synergy and position in a team fight aren’t optimal to fully utilize Oliver’s power.

Hero wars Andvari and oliver

Andvari and Oliver

Andvari has 2 good options as a patronage pet – Oliver and Fenris. Oliver will be great if you use Andvari as a tank to make him last a little bit longer in a fight. Fenris will be great if there isn’t any other hero who could benefit more from Armor penetration and physical attack boost.

Hero wars Chabba and oliver

Chabba and Oliver

Chabba is probably one of the most underrated tanks in the Hero Wars community and Oliver is the best choice as a patronage pet for him. If Chabba is your main tank use Oliver with him because other pets won’t stand even close to Oliver.

Hero wars cleaver and oliver

Cleaver and Oliver

You have unlocked Cleaver? You must be really lucky or playing for a while now. Lets put jokes aside and yes, Oliver again is probably the best choice for Cleaver since Cleaver lacks survivability in my opinion. If Cleaver is your main tank use Oliver with him because other pets won’t stand even close to Oliver.

Hero wars Cornelius and oliver

Cornelius and Oliver

I don’t see a good reason to use Oliver on Cornelius unless he dies way too fast in the fight. Axel and Biscuit is definitely a better choice for Cornelius.

Hero wars Corvus and oliver

Corvus and Oliver

Corvus is a really great tank since he offers some damage but he lacks a little bit of survivability. Oliver is a no brainer for Corvus as a patronage hero. Longer Corvus stays alive longer he will be able to protect his team and deal damage with his altar.

Hero wars Galahad and oliver

Galahad and Oliver

I don’t see Galahad as a good choice to protect your team. If you for some reason decide to use Galahad as your main tank then you have some choices because Galahad has built-in survivability. You can try to use Fenris as a patronage hero instead of Oliver for extra damage.

Hero wars Isaac and oliver

Isaac and Oliver

I hope you are using Isaac against magical team compositions and if so you are doing everything right. Sometimes Isaac hasn’t enough survivability to survive a strong burst from the enemy team. If that is the case then go for Oliver and keep your mage killer alive. Otherwise use Oliver on your main tank or other heroes who need Oliver’s passive stats more.

Hero wars Jet and oliver

Jet and Oliver

Most of the time Jet will stand as the last hero on your side. You probably don’t want to use Oliver on Jet unless you are on offense and facing heroes like Jhu, Jorgen, Cleaver, etc who can actually hurt Jet. Otherwise using Oliver on Jet is a waste of resources.

Hero wars Jorgen and oliver

Jorgen and Oliver

Jorgen is more than enough tanky for a support-type hero who stands in the middle of the team most of the time. I would prefer Axel over Oliver since Jorgen won’t need that much protection and he could benefit more from Axel’s passive stats boost.

Hero wars Judge and oliver

Judge and Oliver

Judge has a similar problem like Jorgen he doesn’t need too much protection and other pets could be more useful on him. Judge can be patronaged with 4 pets so there are plenty of choices to make Judge stronger.

Hero wars Lilith and oliver

Lilith and Oliver

Lilith is all about surviving the early stage of the fight to stack her Possession skill and because unkillable because of insanely high health pool which will stack over time to infinity. Oliver can help Lilith to survive this early stage of the fight so if you are one of those troll players who like to make your enemies mad then Oliver the right choice for you.

Luther and oliver

Luther and Oliver

Luther is a fun tank to play if you have someone who can take damage will Luther is having fun at enemies backline. You have to make a decision to put Oliver on Luther or a hero who will take damage while Luther isn’t there. If Luther is dying too fast then use Oliver on him otherwise Oliver can be patronaged somewhere else to make better use of him.

Hero wars markus and oliver

Markus and Oliver

Markus isn’t too often used as a tank but if you are using him as a tank then Oliver is the right choice. Using Markus as he is supposed to be used – healer and support, then Axel will be a better choice because extra magic attack for healing and damage + armor will come in handy when you will be facing physical damage dealing teams.

martha and oliver

Martha and Oliver

Martha is one of the hardest Hero Wars heroes to kill and I don’t see a good reason why to patronage Martha with Oliver unless you are facing really strong Jhu and Martha can’t take all the damage by herself. Martha should have enough health pool and self-health regenerate abilities to be able to survive almost everything that the enemy team has to offer.

Morrigan and oliver

Morrigan and Oliver

Morrigan has built-in self-healing when she drops below 20%. You should be more concerned about Karkh bursting her down in a single blow so combining Morrigan with Axel would be a better choice. Keep Oliver to the tank and use Morrigan with Axel.

Rufus and oliver

Rufus and Oliver

Rufus is known because of his ability to counter magic-type team compositions. Armor and health won’t help him too much so it wouldn’t make much sense to use Oliver with Rufus together. Axel, Albus, and Biscuit offer magic attacks that synergize really well with Rufus’ skills. For example, Rufus’ shield ability has 120% scaling with magic attack and Rufus violet skill scale up to 500% of magic attack.

 Sebastian and oliver

Sebastian and Oliver

Sebastian is widely used because of his counter ability to many heroes and critical hero synergy. He can be burst down by high damage but that doesn’t happen too often. Fenris or Albus is a better option in my opinion because Sebastian can deal a lot of damage in some fights and these pets will increase Sebastian’s damage and will be more useful as Oliver’s defense.

 Ziri and oliver

Ziri and Oliver

Ziri can be a beast in terms of damage taken and survivability. In my opinion, you will make your enemy even more furious when you will combine Ziri with Oliver because of insane self-healing. Just make sure you have someone who can protect your team while Ziri is recovering health underground. Even if your team all dies there will be plenty of fights where you will win on defense because of time running out to the enemy team.

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