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Summary to Hero Wars Sebastian guide

Sebastian for Hero Wars Facebook and other PC platforms is one of the best support heroes. Sebastian for the mobile version has different skills and order how he stands in team composition. Check Hero Wars Sebastian mobile guide here -> Sebastian mobile guide.

Sebastian goes well with critical strike heroes because of his Striking solo skill which makes heroes critical strike deal pure damage. Sebastian’s second skill Battle song will even increase critical hit chance for heroes who already has critical hit chance so that means you can pair him with heroes like – Jhu, Ishmael, Yasmine, Artemis, Jet, etc.

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Sebastian power also hides in his active skill which will remove a lot of debuffs from allied heroes and that makes him one of the best support heroes in the entire game. His active skill Ode to Serenity can totally counter heroes like Satori because he won’t be able to stack Fox marks and do a lot of damage.


Ode to Serenity – Removes all debuffs from allied team and conjures a shield that prevents debuffs from being applied 15 times.

Debuffs that Sebastian can remove with Ode to Serenity which makes him one of the best support heroes in Hero Wars game:

  • Stun
  • Blind
  • Silence
  • Slow
  • Control
  • Charm
  • Energy stealing by Jorgen’s Tainted Wounds
  • Physical damage redirect by Jorgen’s Leper 
  • Energy block by Jorgen’s Torment of Powerlessness
  • Mark of Water
  • Fox Fire Mark 
  • Armor reduction 
  • Damage over time
  • Tracker’s Mark
  • Knockback
  • Energy burn/dispersion 
  • Physical attack reduction 
  • Entangle by Maya’s Poisonous Bonds
  • Root by Maya’s Queen’s Revenge
  • Bind by Andvari’s Stone Grasp 
  • Magic attack reduction
  • Magic defense reduction
  • Health regeneration block 
  • Mojo’s Hex effect
  • Cornelius’ Memory Loss effect 
  • Chabba’s Wild Hunger

Ode to Serenity won’t work on the skills which are applied to the battlefield like Celeste’s Cursed Flame and others. Besides that this skill won’t work on some skills to prevent total disbalance, skills which won’t be affected by this are Faceless’ Power Throw, K’arkh’s Nexus of Horror and Kai’s Fetters of the Wind. Cleaver’s Rusty Hook pull can’t be dispelled either.

Battle Songincrease the critical hit chance for all allies that have that stat for 5 seconds.

Striking Solo – Ally critical hits deal extra pure damage while they’re affected by Battle Song.

Public Idol – Sebastian enters combat with x amount of energy. x amount is calculated by this formula: 0.0595 Physical attack, + level *0.2 + 8.


Sebastian for Hero Wars Facebook and other platforms has only 2 skins at the moment I am making this article. Sebastian has his default skin and Romantic skin. Default skin will improve Sebastian’s agility stat and Romantic skin will improve Physical attack stat. I would recommend upgrading Default skin first and then Romantic skin.

Romantic skin

Default skin


Sebastian’s soul stones are hard to get so if you have chance to get his soul stones always use that opportunity. Best way how to get his soul stones is Sebastian’s event or monthly soul stone chest.


Sebastian’s active artifact boosts all allied teams critical hit chance that means heroes with build-in critical hit chance will be even more powerful. This artifact will give a critical hit chance to heroes who don’t have this skill. I would recommend to level up active skill first so he can even more increase damage dealers critical hit chance and then even out other two artifacts.

Old Lute – increase critical hit chance

Warrior’s Code – increase critical hit chance and physical attack

Ring of Agility – increase agility


Sebastian’s role is support so his main goal is to stay as long as possible alive to boost his damage dealers damage and remove debuffs from allied heroes. That is a reason why you should level glyphs like this

Agility – Health – Physical attack – Magic defense – Critical hit chance

Team compositions

You can pair Sebastian with Nebula because they synergies really well + damage dealer. Team compositions depend on what against you are and what heroes you have.

Some good Sebastian team compositions (Tanks can be changed if needed):

Astroth, Jhu, Nebula, Sebastian, Thea/Martha

Aurora, Yasmine, Nebula, Sebastian and Martha (Nebula can be switched to Jorgen for defense and you want to run Aurora with pet Cain)

Ziri, Ishmael, nebula, Sebastian, Martha

Astroth, Kharh, Nebula, Sebastian, Faceless

Hero Wars Sebastian Cons, pros and counters

Sebastian cons:

  • hard to get soul stones
  • squishy
  • can’t counter Kharh team knock-ups

Sebastian pros:

  • removes almost all debuffs
  • greatly improve critical hit chance to dealers damage
  • adds pure damage on critical hits
  • goes well in many team compositions

Sebastian is countered by:

  • hasn’t real counters but can be oneshotted by enemy’s team damage dealer sometimes

Sebastian counters:

  • Can counter a lot of hereos who depends on debuffs like Satori, Twins. etc

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Sebastian guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> Press here

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