Hero Wars September update

Hero Wars September update is incoming. Much exciting news for mobile version players – reworked Dante, Solar skins for Faceless, Martha and Dante, Season Pass, Golden Pass, Corvus and Morrigan fixes, and more. Special thanks to LoadRunner for leaks. Visit https://hwgame.top/ to support him

Dante rework

Hero Wars Dante background

HeroQuest: Demo-Video zur Neuauflage x
HeroQuest: Demo-Video zur Neuauflage

Dante’s updated skills

Hero Wars rework Dante stats

Dante Ult

Old: speed 300, formula: 0.5 * Physical attack + 70 * Skill level

New: speed 1000, knockback (distance 100, time 0.3), formula: 0.95 * Physical attack + 85 * Skill level. 4 hits

Second skill Duration 7, Cooldown 14, First cooldown 4, formula: 0.1 * Physical attack + 25 * Skill level

Third skill knockback (100, 0.3), cooldown 0.1, formula: 0.9 * Physical attack + 40 * Skill level – 650

Fourth skill Duration 7, formula: 0.06 * Physical attack + 20 * Skill level

Watch video for more info

New solar skins for Dante, Faceless and Martha

Hero Wars Solar skin avatars

Dante’s Solar skin stats

Dante Solar skin stats

Dante will receive strength skin which will make him a decent choice as a damage dealer but time will show how good he will be. Most meta damage dealers has armor penetration skin which really boost performance on the hero.

Faceless’ Solar skin stats

Faceless Solar skin stats

Faceless will receive magic resist skin which will help in some situations when you are against heavy mage teams like Twins or Satori. I feel like this skin won’t change too much for average players who haven’t reached end game.

Martha’s Solar skin stats

Martha Solar skin stats

Same goes for Martha’s Solar skin, won’t change too much unless you are against heavy mage teams or willing to max out Martha’s potential.

Battle Pass or Golden Pass? Astral event?

Hero Wars Golden pass logo
Hero wars Golden pass rewards

There isn’t too much information about this but some information has been leaked and copied down below. Also, possible rewards are in the picture above.

A unique frame and avatar

x2 energy recovery until the season ends

Unique seasonal quests grant you privileges for the entire season!

Unique bonuses

Access to all rewards

This is a special event available from team level 15. With special awards and quests.

Astral event

Astral event chests

Astral Casket

20Artifact Chest Key1
20Astral Casket1
20Great enchantment rune1
20Titan potion100
20Huge EXP potion1

Astral Coffer

1Arena coins30
1Highwaymen coins30
1Outland coins30
1Spark of Power1
6Common enchantment rune1
20Big EXP potion1

Astral Chest

14Chest of Supertitans200
14Astral Casket1000
14Astral Coffer100
14Faceless soulstones100
14Martha soulstones100
14Sebastian soulstones100
14Corvus soulstones100
14Morrigan soulstones100

Other small changes

Changes to Morrigan and Corvus ult times

Corvus and Morrigan – small fixes (maybe they won’t be)

Corvus ult old: animation-delay 0.25 new: animation-delay 1.65

Morrigan Ult old: animation-delay 2.5 new: animation-delay 2

What do you think about the Hero Wars September update? Thanks to LoadRunner for the information. Visit https://hwgame.top/ to support him

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  1. Huriphoonado

    The Astral Golden Pass is starting to feel like a rip-off. After spending $10 U.S. to purchase the Golden Pass and ~25,000+ emeralds, it looks like I am going to fall short of the level 16 final reward unless I spend ANOTHER $20-$50 on emeralds. The rewards have been great so far, but that good feeling of in-game progression has been replaced by the bitterness of realizing this event has such an extreme hidden cost.

  2. Naruto

    Thanks for good articles.
    I have a question.
    I play webver Hero Wars.
    Is Dante rework applied at Web ver?
    It seems Dante is stronger than Karkh now.

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