Hero Wars Spirit Valley

Judging from LoadRunner’s leaks there will be a new game more for mobile version – Spirit Valley. Spirit Valley seems to be the same as Facebook’s Titan Valley but with some improvments – clan boss fights. Hero Wars Spirit Valley will introduce many new things to the titans like artifacts, titan tournaments, skins and totems. Totems will break the meta what mobile version has for titans because totems will add huge power to special team compositions. You will want to stack one element titans in order to make totem special ability charge faster.

Here is leaked image:

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile x
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Mobile
Hero Wars clan boss fight

Watch video – hero wars spirit valley overview on facebook

titan elements

With the new version, there will be an elemental system. This system work as a counter system for each element – water, fire, and earth. Fire will beat the earth element, the earth will beat the water element and water will beat the fire element. Elemental power will benefit only the countering element. For example, fire titan Elemental damage will deal more damage only to earth titans.

Hero Wars Circle of elements

titan artifacts

On the new Hero Wars Spirit Valley will be a new artifact system for titans where you will be able to upgrade 3 types of artifacts for each titan – Elemental Damage, Elemental Defense, and Health + attack stats. You should focus on your tank and main damage dealer upgrades first. You should also put the main focus on Elemental Damage because maxing out this artifact will boost speed how fast titans can active their active skill.

hero wars titan artifact

Hero Wars Totems

On Spirit Valley, you will be able to get Totems. There are 3 Totems – earth, fire, and water. These Totems are really strong and synergies with your elemental titans. In order to get your first Totem, you have to use the summoning sphere on the Altar or you can spend 5000 emeralds to reach the milestone and get your first Totem. When you receive your first Totam you should choose that element titans and put them in one team and that is because of 2 things:

  • To activate Totem in fight you need at least 3 titans from that element type
  • Each titan attack from same element as Totem will boost Totem’s active skill energy. Once 100 or more you can active that Totem

Fire Totem passively will boost Fire titans attack damage. Active skill will deal damage to enemy titans with fire tornado.

Water Totem passively will boost Water titans attack damage. Active skill will heal allied titans and deal damage to enemy titans for 10 seconds.

Earth Totem passively will boost Earth titans health. Active skill will create barrier which will reflect incoming damage to the enemy.

Tournaments of elements

From Monday to Friday you will be able to participate in the tournament of elements where you will need to go through stages of winning enemy players to get element points. For each battle, you will receive Elemental Tournament points (even for loss, based on damage done) which will be counted each day till Friday. More Elemental Tournament points you have, higher you will rank. Higher you will be on ranking, better reward you can get.

hero wars tournament of elements

Altar of elements

Altar of Elements is a place where you can summon Totems and get artifact parts for titan artifact upgrades. Odds to get Totem is really low so make sure you use your first 5000 emeralds as fast as possible to get your first totem.

hero wars altar of elements

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