Hero Wars Spooky Festival

Hero Wars Spooky Festival is here with 3 new skins, special 7 days event, and with great rewards for doing tasks. For the Spooky Festival Secret Mission guide, press here.

Hero wars Spooky Festival tasks

ExerciseRewardNumber of tasks
Shady DeelingsPhantom Candyx2830 Spirit Festival Coinx1 Ghost in Love - Player Avatarx114
FearlessPhantom Candyx1750 Shocked Ghost - Player Avatarx17
Special invitationPhantom Candyx1500 Spirit Festival Coinx1 Flirtatious Ghost - Player Avatarx17
Underworld PartyPhantom Candyx3635 Spirit Festival Coinx3 Cool Ghost - Player Avatarx1 Gonila Dush framex114
Black energyPhantom Candyх2075 Spirit Festival Coinх114
Candy thiefPhantom Candyх2075 Spirit Festival Coinх114
Ghostly SleepPhantom Candyх2075 Spirit Festival Coinх114
Demon hunterPhantom Candyx560 Spirit Festival Coinx1 Player avatarx18
TotalPhantom Candyх16500 Spirit Festival Coinх9 Ghost in Love - Player Avatarx1 Shocked Ghost - Player Avatarx1 Flirtatious Ghost - Player Avatarх1 Cool Ghost - Player Avatarx1 Gonila Dush framex1 Player avatarx192

Spooky Festival Store

Hero Wars Spooky Festival Store

What to buy at the Spooky Festival store? Well, that depends on what is your goal and how long you are playing Hero Wars. For players who haven’t maxed out their hero stars, I would suggest going for “Hero Soul Stone Chest“. In my opinion, the most valuable resource on the shop for players who have reached the late game is “Chaos Particle” to level up their pets. Also, going for “Skin Stones” is a good idea since it takes a lot of time to max out all necessary hero skins. I wouldn’t recommend going for “Pet stones“, “Pet summoning Eggs“, or “Hero Items” for heroes because they are much easier to get in the game.

Spooky Festival Items

Ghost Candy

You can get Ghost Candies for doing Spooky Festival quests 7 days in a row.

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Spooky Festival Coin

Spooky Festival Coin is a coin that can be traded in the Spooky Festival Store for great prizes.

Spooky Festival Doll

Spooky Festival Dolls are special items that can be opened to get unexpected prizes. Spooky Festival Doll prizes are:

  • Spooky Festival Dolls
  • Artifact Coins
  • Pet Potion
  • Strenght Skin Stone
  • Intelligence Skin Stone
  • Agility Skin Stone
  • Rare Enchantment Rune
  • Chaos Core
  • Chaos Particle
  • Great Enchantment Rune
  • Pet Summoning Egg
  • Ghost Candies
  • Gold

Spooky Festival Secret Missions

There is a secret mission for Hero Wars Spooky Festival. This mission consists of 7 tasks. Press on the images to enlarge them if needed.

Mission 1

Task 1

In order to complete the Secret Mission navigate to Dungeon Chapter 14 and wait for a ghost to appear in the window like in the picture below.

Pressing on a point (ghost or blue dot) will make the two closest points turn to the opposite element. Ghost will turn in dot and dot will turn into a ghost. Make all ghosts disappear and make a line with dots to complete this task.

Task 2

Complete tower to level 50. Blue candy will be on the 50th floor, press the candy to complete the second task.

Task 3

In order to complete 3rd task, you need to open at least one artifact chest with an artifact key or emeralds, and on the loot screen press on the spider web of the upper left corner.

Task 4

In order to complete the Secret Mission task 4 navigate to Dungeon Chapter 6 and press on the skeleton which is located on the top of the lantern.

Task 5

To complete task 5 go to Guild view and press on the blue candy which is located in the middle of the screen on the small fountain.

Task 6

To complete task 6 go to Titan Valley and press on the blue candy which is located under the Marchant.

Task 7

To complete the last task go to the Spooky Festival event and press on the grave which is located under the Marchant.

Spooky Festival Reward

Congratulations! You did the secret Spooky Festival mission and got a sweet reward for it. 1 player avatar and 1500 Ghost candies.

Mission 2 – Puzzle

Go to the Spooky Festival event and press on the pink candy near Pumpkin. Pressing on candy will bring you to puzzle-solving task.

Solve 3 puzzles.

Congratulations! You did the secret Spooky Festival mission 2 and got a sweet reward for it. 2000 Ghost coins

3 New Devil skins for Keira, Maya, and Peppy

Devil skins keita, maya and peppy

Keira got a Devil skin which gives her a physical attack boost which is great and always appreciated for a damage dealer.

Maya got a Devil skin which gives armor that could help her against physical damage dealing teams but it looks cooler than it is actually helpful. Armor will definitely help but won’t change too much to bring Maya is meta.

Peppy got Devil skin which will give her health. It will definitely help to survive strong bursts and make her survive longer in teamfights.

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