Hero Wars hero synergy

Hero Wars are all about building your team right to get most out of your team and heroes. You have to follow some basic rules to make decent team composition like choosing META (META = Most Effective Tactic Available) heroes and building team around them. You can build your team around those META heroes but you also need good team composition and you can’t build good team composition if you haven’t synergy between your heroes. That is a reason why I made this post about Hero Wars hero synergy.

What is synergy in Hero Wars?

By definition, synergy is the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, b...
Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, best COMBOS

Synergy in Hero Wars are when you combine 2 or more heroes together to make them even better than they would be if they would be alone.

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Synergy between Cleaver and Peppy

Cleaver and Peppy synergy

Cleaver and Peppy synergy is known for a long time. Cleaver is a one of the greatest tanks available in the game. Cleaver also is hardest hero to get. That is because he is only available from Heroic Chest with really low drop chance %. When you combine Peppy’s skill Boldness with Cleavers skill Putrefaction then they both deals a lot of damage to enemy heroes. Problem about this is that you need to cast both skills at the same time to trigger this effect. Peppy’s Boldness skill will shield Cleaver and when Cleaver receives damage Peppy will deal damages to the nearest rivals. When Peppy shields Cleaver then Cleaver has to active his Putrefaction skill. This will make Cleaver damage himself and oppenents which means that Peppy’s Boldness skill will be triggered as well.

Peppy's Boldness skill
Peppy’s Boldness skill
Cleaver's Putrefaction skill
Cleaver’s Putrefaction skill

Synergy between Lars and Krista

Lars and Krista synergy

Lars and Krista are twins. They are most commonly used as a duo because they aren’t half as useful as they are when they are combined together. Almost all Lars’ damage/stuns boosts rely on Mark of Water and Mark of Water is added by Krista’s 2 abilities – Chain of Frost and Frozen Needles. I strongly suggest using these 2 heroes together or do using them at all. Twins combo is one of the strongest Hero Wars synergy/combo in the whole game.

Synergy between Karkh and Faceless

Karkh and Faceless synergy

Karkh and Faceless is another great combination that has dominated the Hero Wars game for a long time. Their synergy is really good especially when you have a chance to active Faceless Doppelganger skill which copies Karkh’s Nexus of Horror skill which throws 3 enemy heroes in the air and deal damage to them. If Faceless copies Karkh’s Nexus of Horror skill he will do twice as much damage as he would. Besides, that Faceless synergies will with Karkh because Faceless Power Throw skill throws the nearest enemy in the air which triggers Kharh’s Deadly Tendrils skill which damages all heroes who are thrown in the air.

The hardest counter against this combo is Andvari who denies displacements and throws in the air. See Hero Wars counter list.

Synergy between Nebula and Jet + damage dealer (Keira)

Hero Wars hero synergy between Nebula and Jet

Many Hero Wars players still don’t realize the power that these two heroes can provide when they both boost your damage dealer when team composition is right. Nebula is great for boosting your damage dealer’s damage but she also can boost Jet’s damage which will also boost stats which Jet gives to your damage dealer. 3 out of 4 Jet’s skills are boosted by Nebula which is insane because if you pair these two heroes with great damage dealers like Keira she will destroy any tank in a few hits.

Hero Wars SYNERGY between heroes, best COMBOS

The best composition in my opinion could be Astroth, Andvari, Keira, Nebula, and Jet. In this composition, Astroth will take all damage. Andvari will protect allies from knock-ups and displacements + add some stuns to the enemy team. Keira will receive Nebula’s physical attack boost and Jet will also receive Nebula’s magic attack boost. Nebula’s boost to Jet will increase Jet’s skills and make Keira even a bigger beast.

Synergy between Orion, Dorian and Helios

Hero Wars hero synergy between Dorian, orion and Helios

These 3 heroes are also called DOH = Dorian, Orion, and Helios. This actually is a one really solid combo. Especially if you combine these 3 heroes with Aurora (scales well with magic damage buffs from artifacts) and Celeste (great healing, great damage, and magic attack artifact). When combined, this team composition can take out twin teams, Karkh teams, and almost all critical damage dealer teams. Including Yasmine for the Facebook version.

Why this synergy is so well?

That’s because of many things:

First of all Dorian has perfect placement which is right between both damage dealers. Helios and Orion will heal an insane amount of health because of this.

Helios is a great counter against critical damage dealers. Helios Flaming Retribution skill will damage heroes who make a critical hit.

Orion will deal an insane amount of damage. Also, Orion’s active artifact adds armor penetration buff to the whole team and that is what Helios really is missing in his kit.

Synergy between Martha and Jorgen

Martha and Jorgen synergy

Martha and Jorgen are great combos for defensive teams in Arena or Grand Arena. When you are defending your arena spot you can’t know what team composition your enemy will use to defeat you. Martha with Jorgen is a possibly most balanced shield for your team.

Martha will offer insane healing from her teapot, she will hold your backline because of her great defensive stats and her active artifact offers armor buff for all teams. Jorgen is great because he can provide the team with shields, he will deny a lot of energy to the enemy team. Both these heroes adds a lot of defense for your team and they fit really well in most team compositions.

Synergy between Dorian and Elmir

Hero Wars hero synergy between 
 Dorian and Elmir

Dorian and Elmir synergies really good with each other. Elmir by default is a front-line fighter. Elmir’s Shifting Sands skill makes him jump at the backline for 10 seconds which is enough to regenerate health from Dorian’s Vampiric Aura and go back to front to take and deal some damage and jump back again. In theory this synergy sounds really great and in the reality it actually isn’t that bad. But I feel that sometimes Elmir hasn’t enough damage to really shine.

There are some things what you can do to fix this – take another damage dealer who will help Elmir to kill enemies team or you can try to use Jorgen because of his Leper skill in your team if the enemy backline is squishy like Lars, Thea or others. Also, Jorgen heals a lot from Dorian’s Vamipiric Aura when he can use his active skill fast enough.

Synergy between Aurora + Cain + Dante or Yasmine (Facebook)

Aurora and Cain and Yasmine or Dante synergy

Yes, yes… this combo is only for the Facebook version. So this will be more interesting to to Facebook players. For mobile players I would like to say that it is good to know what is happening on Facebook version of Hero Wars as well. That is because you can never know if Yasmine and Pets won’t be added to mobile version. Fingers crossed.

So Aurora and pet Cain work really well together because of the ability to dodge enemy’s team basic attacks. When you level up Cain to max stats he will add 34.97% extra energy to his patronage. Aurora can go insane mode when her active artifact dodge buffs stack up. You can pair these 2 heroes with Yasmine because she really relies on Dodge stat to really shine. Also, she will make Cain’s Night fangs stack up really fast. Besides Yasmine, reworked Dante is also a great choice or even better choice. Dante’s Foresight skill will add extra dodge to the whole team and Dante’s active artifact also adds dodge buff to the whole team.

Synergy between Corvus, Morrigan and Keira

Corvus and Morrigan and Keira synergy

At the moment I am making this article Corvus and Morrigan is available only to mobile version. So now we make +1 extra synergy for both version of the Hero Wars game. BUT I have heard leaks that Facebook version will also receive Corvus and Morrigan.

Corvus and Morrigan are the latest heroes at the time I am making this article. Corvus and Morrigan are undead-type heroes who mostly synergize only with undead-type heroes – Keira, Faceless and Phobos. Corvus and Morrigan work really well together because Corvus Royal Defense and Morrigan’s Moonlight skill. Both skills trigger when allies health drops below 20% and both these skills are made to help the weakest ally to survive. Besides that Morrigan’s skeletons works well with Corvus Altar. Corvus Altar will deal damage to heroes who damage allied undead type heroes and Morrigan’s skeletons count as undead type.

Why did I put Keira in this combo?

That’s because Corvus and Morrigan are made to tank and support damage dealer and Keira is only damage dealer who can really benefit from all buffs which these 2 heroes offers – armor and magic defense buffs plus healing from Morrigan, enemies tank armor reduction, attack boost and safety net when Corvus drags Keira to middle of the team when Keira’s health drops below 20%. Also Morrigan offers armor penetration artifact which greatly improves Keira’s damage.

Synergy between Jorgen and Ishmael

Hero Wars hero synergy between Jorgen and Ishamael

Yes, you can’t see Ishmael too often after nerf he received a long time ago and with all new improved heroes being released. But he can really shine when he is being paired with Jorgen. Ishmael’s biggest problem is that he hasn’t aoe damage (multi-target damage) and it takes way too much time to kill enemies tanks. Jorgen’s Leper skill gives Ishmael a chance to hit enemies backline and turn fight around by killing the enemy team from a back. This is extremely hard because Martha is one of the most used healers in the game. Martha is a really good tank because of her insane healing. Jorgen’s Leper skill gives Ishmael only 10 seconds to kill enemies team backline and that needs great timing because Ishmael needs his active skill Awakening to be active at the time when Jorgen casts Leper skill.

Can you think about other good hero synergies which I didn’t mention? Then leave a comment down below! I hope you learned something from these Hero Wars hero synergy tutorials! For more useful videos visit my YouTube channel.

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    Hi, with the new updates on FB version, Phobos is also a good choice to team with Corvus and Morrigan. I think that Phobos is now a bit overpowered if you attack an enemy team that is build around a physical damage dps. Use Corvus and Morrigan as nucleus of the team and switch between Phobos, Faceless, Jorgen/Helios when attacking physical damage teams and Keira, Nebula, Jet/Sebastian/Jorgen when facing other teams.

  7. Hater (server 270)

    I’m working on a demon team to see if it’s viable. Ishmael, Lilith, Ziti, Jhu, Celeste. The first four all have passive healing, plus a major healer I think will make them super hard to kill once I get their skills and artefacts in decent shape.

  8. Hater (server 270)

    Oh! Another worth adding is Jhu and Martha. I’ve been tore up by this combo. Between Jhu being unkillable when he is enraged and Martha healing him up, plus his own speed boost on top of Martha’s. I’ve knocked out the three front heros and still had my team team lose to just Jhu and Martha.

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