Hero Wars Summer fest

Update from 06/18/2020 for NonMobile Hero Wars, image #1

Summer festival from 19.06.2020. – 26.06.2020

Update from 06/18/2020 for NonMobile Hero Wars, image #2
  1. Hardworking Bee (Quest counts)
  2. Festival Pass (Days Login)
  3. Festive Mood (Spending Emeralds)
  4. Solar Energy (Spending Energy)
  5. Surprise Fan (Outland chests)
  6. Life of the Party (Hero soul stones)
  7. Special Invitation (VIP Level)
  8. Fervor (Arena or Grand Arena Battle)

Avatars, Frames, Summer Doll

Update from 06/18/2020 for NonMobile Hero Wars, image #4

Avatars: Unhappy Sun, Happy Sun, Awesome Sun, Frustrated Sun, Relaxed Sun, Crazy Sun, Stunned Sun, Surprised Sun, Upset Sun, Sad Sun, Baffled Sun, Forest Nymph, Disgusted Sun, Offended Sun, Sickly Sun

Colorful Summer Frame: Complete the Festive Mood streak in the Summer Festival special event

Sweet Summer Frame: A rare reward for opening Summer Dolls

Summer Doll: Reward unknown


Cooldown: 4.9 seconds
Speed: 750
Range: 175

Ult: Dante throws 4 spectral spears at multiple enemies, dealing physical damage (Formula: 2.2 * Physical attack + 100* Skill level) and pushing the targets back (distance 110).

Second skill: Increases all allies’ Dodge by 5 seconds.
Formula: 0.18 * Physical attack + 3 * Skill level
Cooldown Initial: 5 seconds
Cooldown: 18 seconds

Third skill: When dodging damage over 5% of total health, Dante conjures a spectral spear and throws it at the nearest enemy after 1 second (but not more than once every 7 seconds).
Formula: 1.1 * Physical attack + 100 * Skill level
Speed: 750

Fourth skill: When a spectral spear from Instrument of Fate or Retribution hits an enemy, Dante decreases the target’s main stat by 5 seconds.
Formula: 0.07 * Physical attack + 8 * Skill level — 292

Solar skins

Faceless — Magic attack (600-10650)

Dante — Armor penetration (600-10650)

Martha — HP (6160-106645)

Other updates

  1. Renamed hero chest (with choice of a hero, finally devs made it dependent on the parameters, rather than manually listing the names of the heroes).
  2. Renamed chest with stones of super titans.
  3. Sebastian was finally added to the hero chest x50 (always) and x100 (only for the Summer Festival).
  4. New players who enter the game 30 days in a row get a week of rewards, among them: ordinary titans to choose from (or their stones, if all titans are already have), and on the seventh day there will be a super reward – Super titan to choose from (or its stones, if there are all three Super titans). Log in daily for 7 days to summon a Super Titan of your choice!
  5. Andvari and Sebastian added to the Town Chest (City Chest).
  6. The cost of Pet Rank Stones is 1 coin (there will be only Flawless stones).
  7. Summer xmas egg.

Go check in game all Hero Wars Summer fest details by yourself

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