Hero Wars tips and tricks, part 1

In this video series I will be explaining how to do small tricks which in the long run will boost your gaming experience at Hero Wars game.

I will explain first tip from the video so you can understand how useful this can be for you if you haven’t enough experience in Hero Wars.

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Best Tips and Tricks on How to Win Grand League in Dream11


Answer – at the beginning of the game you should focus only on 5 heroes which will be in your main team. When the game keeps progressing you will unlock grand arena (for Facebook and mobile) and Cross Server wars (for mobile version). After unlocking Grand arena and Cross Server wars you will need 3 teams of 5 heroes. So you should already know which heroes you should level up and which leave alone because you won’t have enough resources to level them all up. There are many team compositions but the main guideline for new players who are building teams is – 1 tank, 1 damage dealer, 1 support, and 2 fill-ups. These fill-ups depend on your team composition so make sure you have done research which heroes to combine.

In this video you will learn about:

  • How many and which heroes to choose in your team
  • How to get most of the raids and why rush campaign mode
  • Why you should invest a little amount in the game
  • How to claim arena rewards
  • Why you shouldn’t level all your heroes at once
  • Why you should rush tower
  • Why to do daily tasks
  • How to get extra loot like 900 emeralds per month
  • Why you should join a guild
  • Why you should follow Hero Wars social networks

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