Hero Wars – tips and tricks, part 2

In this video series I will be explaining how to do small tricks which in the long run will boost your gaming experience at Hero Wars game. This is Hero Wars – tips and tricks, part 2 so if you haven’t watched part one then go see it on my Youtube channel and don’t forget to subscribe!

I will explain one tip from the video so you can understand how useful this can be for you if you haven’t enough experience in Hero Wars.

Hero Wars ARMOR and MAGIC DEFENSE e... x
Hero Wars ARMOR and MAGIC DEFENSE explained.


Each small investment counts toward your success to dominate the server. In one month doing this tip, you can get 9000 more titan potions and that is a huge deal in a long run. So what do you have to do? At the beginning of the game, it will be easy to upgrade at least 1-time gift of the elements for 1 hero. As when the game progresses further you will notice that it gets harder and harder to make 1 upgrade and when that day comes when you can’t do any Gift of the elements upgrade you won’t be able to do a daily task which rewards you 300 titan potion.BUT if you leftover just a little bit (250 titan sparks) you can do an upgrade and receive those 300 titan potions. The trick over here is that if you invest those 250 on hero which you won’t use and reset that hero’s gift of element level you will get a refund for all invested sparks.

Hero Wars – tips and tricks, part 2 content

In this video you will learn about:

  • How to get extra 300 titan potions
  • How to get extra 100 outland coins
  • How to get more hero soulstones
  • In what order to upgrade artifacts
  • Where to get useful and newest information about Hero Wars

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