Hero Wars Titans Mobile Tier List

Hero Wars Titans Mobile Tier List

Have you ever wondered which Hero Wars Titans you should level up to make the best team and don’t regret investing resources in the wrong titans? Then this article will be for you. Hero Wars Titan Tier List is the best tier list out there at the moment, enjoy!

God tier – Hyperion, Araji, Eden (a.k.a. Super Titans) – if you have these rare titans they should be leveled first.  Best titans for guild wars AND the dungeon.  Hyperion is able to heal (the only titan that can), and Araji generally has the best attack.

S tier – Angus, Nova, and Sigurd – these are the best three titans aside from the rares above, and necessary for guild wars as they round out your “standard team” of 5.  Nova is more critical for guild wars and dungeons, although Angus is also important as the Earth team tank and Sigurd is great for countering Araji’s fire beam.

A tier – Ignis – he is the best titan to substitute above for guild wars and dungeon if you are missing one of the 3 super titans.  Some people even use a team of 3 supers, Ignis, and Nova when defending.  If Ignis fires his ultimate at the right time, Eden can do over 3 million damage at once, so be careful when you see someone defending with Ignis.  On average, a team of Nova, Ignis, and the 3 supers will defend successfully anywhere from 10-25% of the time vs the “standard team” of Angus, Nova, and 3 supers.

Titan Ignis

B tier – Moloch –he is the remaining tank titan and will be crucial in the dungeon.  In addition, you can occasionally him in guild wars but I would not recommend that because Sigurd and Angus will be a better choice.

C tier – – somewhat useful titans in the dungeons only as tanks for your mixed team.  Usable in guild wars along with Nova, Angus, and Ignis when you have zero super titans.

D tier – Vulcan, Sylva – the two worst titans in the game.  These should only be leveled as last priority.

Note: in general, once you have your “standard team” of 5 (Angus, Nova, and 3 supers), it may be more cost-effective to level your front line tank (in this case Angus) a few levels ahead of the rest of your titans.  Some people choose to level their top 5 evenly across the board, while others will have their tank 5-10 levels ahead of the remaining 4.  Generally, this is situational and there is no clear best strategy, so experiment and see what works for you.

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I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars titans mobile guide, see my Youtube channel for more info.

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  1. Anant

    Hello Mr Fungry, I find your posts very informative and i have read them all!!

    I have one question for you on titan teams. What is the best earth team for defense and offense for guild wars?. I have all the 3 super titans and also earth totem. I am confused which one of the following combinations is best in general. For this reason, I have not development Sylvia and Avalon much..
    – 4 earth + Araji
    – 3 supers + Angus + Sylvia
    – 3 supers + Angus + Avalon

    1. MrFungry

      I joined Facebook recently but from all information I have gathered the best team for any totem is all titans from that totem + 1 Super titan. 3 super + 2 earth titans won’t be that useful because you won’t charge your totem that fast. BTW earth totem is the best totem in my opinion 😉

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