Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must know

In this article, I will show You 10 things all Hero Wars players should know about the game to stay competitive, have a good mindset, and just understand Hero Wars a little better. Keep in mind that I won’t go too deep in details about each and every point because I want this post to be as short and readable for you as possible. Also, the important thing will be saved for the last, so make sure you read it through.

Number 1 – There are 2 versions of hero wars

I want to start this with the most important thing you have to know that there are 2 versions of Hero Wars. One version is for PC which includes Facebook.com, vk.com, hero-wars.com, and the second version is for mobile phones. Both versions, in general, are pretty similar but there are some differences which I will list below:

  • You can’t transfer your account from PC to mobile and vice versa
  • Each version has its own developer team, which leads to:
    • Totally different events. I will cover more about this later in this post.
    • Some hero skills are different in each version. For example, Yasmine on the PC version uses her active skill on an enemy who attacked her in the last 3 seconds but on the mobile version Yasmine will use her active skill on the enemy who has the lowest armor.
    • Emeralds are more expensive on the mobile version but in my opinion, you will end up spending a similar amount of real-life money on this game.
    • Different game features. The Mobile version of Hero Wars has Cross-server wars where you can participate in guilds wars with guilds from other servers and get sweet rewards. The PC version has Pets which boosts your hero skill, it also has Titan Valley where you can upgrade even more your titans and participate in “cross-server” titans battles and fights for valuable prizes. Also worth mentioning is that the PC version has max stat hero battles for testing purposes.
  • External sources like discord can give you misleading information about the game if you are not reading information about the right game version.
  • There are a lot more changes which you can see over here

Number 2 – there isn’t the best hero in the Hero Wars

As the title already says there isn’t the best hero in Hero Wars mobile or Facebook version. Each hero has its own weaknesses and strengths. Of course, some heroes are better and more reliable than other heroes. To make the most of your favorite or best hero you need to understand how the game works – team building, synergies, counters, and so on.

number 3 – there isn’t the best team in the Hero Wars

As you already understand from “Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must know” number 2 thing that there isn’t the best team in the Hero Wars but there are teams which are more reliable and more often used. These teams are called META (most effective tactics available) teams. META teams will be more balanced but that doesn’t mean you will be invincible and rank high on the arena. Each team has its counters if your enemy understands the game.

Some example META teams:

Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must kn...
Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must know
Astaroth, Karkh, Jorgen/Nebula, Faceless, Martha – this team is really cheap and great for free to play players, works well on defense and offense and will bring you huge success in this game. Andari is a great counter against this team composition.

Andvari, Keira, Sebastian, Jet, and one more hero of the choice (also known as the Blender team) – this team is all about killing the enemy team in a few seconds or lose the fight. Really expensive team which needs a lot of money and time investment.

Astaroth, Krista, Nebula, Lars, Martha – great magic damage team which relies on synergy between Lars and Krista to kill the enemy team. Nebula will be great for extra damage boost and Martha will hold the back lane and bring some healing to the team.

Number 4 – How to build a good team

There are many team compositions that work well but in the general balanced team looks like this – 1 tank, 1-3 damage dealing units like marksmen, mages, and warriors, 1 -2 supports/healers. I would recommend to choose your main damage dealer and build your team around that hero. Some good choices can be Keira, Kark’h, Yasmine, Dante, Twins (Lars and Krista), Satori, or Orion. This is how to build a good team:

  • Building around your damage dealer to protect him from the enemy team and boost his damage output;
  • Choosing heroes who synergies well with each other. For example, skill synergy or artifact synergy;
  • don’t stack too many 1 role heroes in one team. For example, one tank is more than enough to tank damage for your team.
  • build your team to counter the majority of your server teams (each server will be different because of the events and many other factors)

number 5 – how and which heroes to level up first

There are many ways how to increase the power of your heroes like hero levels, artifacts, glyphs, items, skins, skills, and star level. All of these ways how to increase heroes’ power are great and you should focus on all of them.

In the early game, the biggest impact on your team’s performance will be from the heroes’ level. Leveling up your hero level will increase the success rate of level-dependent skills, remove item restriction which will lead to item promotion and hero skill unlocking.

To make the most out of your team early to mid-game you should focus on your damage dealer and tank. Try to get them as strong as possible because longer your tank stays alive longer your team will be protected, more damage your damage dealer can do faster enemy team goes down. For example, it is ok to have damage dealer around 60k power, tank 50k power, and other heroes around 30k. Supports and healers just support the rest of the team and level them up won’t increase the success rate of winning the battle as drastically as investments in tank and damage dealer.

A smart power increase of heroes also means that you can skip some upgrades if they are not really important. For example, it is a good idea to max out offensive glyphs for damage dealer first and leave defensive glyphs not upgraded for a while for that hero because offense heroes don’t care that much about defense. Those runes which you didn’t invest in damage dealers defense now can go to the actual tank and increase tank’s defensive glyphs to make him hold front lane a little longer and allow the rest of the team to do the job. The same rule applies to any other upgrade in the game but that doesn’t mean if your damage dealer dies fast in the battle you shouldn’t invest in defense.

Also, don’t level up all your heroes to the same level. Focus on your top 5 heroes because you will run out of gold and experience potions to level up all heroes to you account level and that will make you fall behind.

number 6 – when to buy emeralds

Most of you most likely already know that emeralds are a huge deal in the Hero Wars. Most of the players buy emeralds regularly to get faster progress in the game, stay competitive, and help their guild in the wars. I have some tips for you to make the most out of your real-life money:

  • Buy emeralds mostly on 4 times sale which mostly happens 1 time a month;
  • Buy emeralds when special emerald tasks are available on the events (for example, buy emeralds and get energy bottles as a event reward);
  • It is ok to buy emeralds with 3 times sale but going lower than that is a bad idea and won’t be worth it
  • It is ok to buy bundles for needed resources and get emeralds as an extra (for example energy drink bundle to do event energy spending quest and get some extra emeralds out of that)
Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must know
energy bundle

number 7 – How and when to spend emeralds

There are a lot of ways how to spend emeralds in Hero Wars but some are more efficient than others. All goes down to how much you are willing to spend daily to increase your progress and how much you want to make out of events to get free extra things for the same value.

The best time when to spend your emeralds is on special events like Christmas events, Black Friday, Easter, and so on but if there aren’t any special events in the nearest future then wait for regular events and spend your emeralds then. For Facebook, regular events happen mostly on weekends and for the Mobile version, regular events mostly happen 1-3 days apart from each other.

Daily emerald spending is a great way how to boost your account but that isn’t that efficient. All goes down how much emeralds you are willing to spend daily. I would recommend buying:

  • 2 times energy for 50 emeralds which is a decent value for energy. You can buy more energy to level up faster and to get some items but that isn’t really an efficient way to spend emeralds;
  • Opening skin stone chests
  • 1 time Emerald spin for the quest to get extra experience and to get some extra gold (it is ok to spend emeralds for gold in the early game but longer the game goes on less effective it becomes)
  • Hero missions 1 time for each mission if your main team heroes needs a soul stones for level up

For the early game, it is a good idea to spend emeralds on the titans. Level titans up to level 31 with emeralds because it won’t cost you too much and give you a huge early power spike in dungeons and guild wars. Leveling up titans to level 31 with emeralds will cost you 1470 emeralds in total where each next level was +2 emeralds more for level up. After 31 level each upgrade will be +10 emeralds.

Number 8 – Events and how to prepare for them

As I already mentioned before for each version of the game (PC and Mobile) has different event schedules which you can check out over here and do your own analysis.

For the PC version events are mostly just 1 time per week which starts on Friday and ends on Sunday. These events are mostly for skin stones, artifacts, runes, and titans. The Mobile version has mostly events for hero soul stones and these events happen 1-3 days apart from each other but you can see from time to time events for runes, skins, etc as well.

There are big events like Christmas events, Black Friday, etc events where you can get something special or bigger prizes as usual. I would recommend focusing all your attention on those events to get the most out of Hero Wars.

How to prepare for these events? Just use your resources wisely and make some savings. For example, don’t use your energy bottles right away when no events are going on, wait for the big events to get even more rewards for the same amount of resources spent. Also, it is a smart idea not to waste emeralds and make some savings because Hero Wars developers reward you really well for spending emeralds.

Number 9 – learn from other players

You can try and learn Hero Wars the hard way which is by your own experience but in my opinion, it is better to learn from other players’ mistakes. There are plenty of external sources where you can learn this game. Here are some of my favorites:

Number 10 – remember to enjoy the game + 1 Bonus tip

The most important thing is that you need to enjoy this game. Don’t stress about your placement in the arena or some failures on guild wars it doesn’t matter because this is just a game. If you like some off-meta team or heroes then go for them. What matters is that you have fun playing this game and you make new friends from this community.

I know that for most of you main goal is to be the best player on the server but sad truth is that you will need to spend a lot of money to accomplish that. Don’t get me wrong it is ok to spend money on the game because game developers need to pay salaries, pay for servers, etc but spend money on this game using your brain. I see Hero Wars as a hobby so for me, it is ok to spend some money on the game which I really enjoy. And how about you, how much did you spend on this game?


Let’s end this “Hero Wars TOP 10 things you must know” article with a bonus tip which is – make sure you make 1 cheapest purchase to get instant raid option. That saves a lot of time and is totally worth it. Look at it as not buying something worth 1-2 dollars, for example, coffee for 1 time. That isn’t that awful, right?

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