Hero Wars Twins team

Hero Wars Twins team is probably one of the strongest teams in the game and really hard to beat. For twins teams below, you can change tank for your desired tank but I am a huge Astaroth fan and I think that he is really universal for any team composition unless you are facing Morrigan but even then he is a solid choice.

Team number 1 – Lars, Jorgen, Celeste, Krista and Astaroth

Lars, Jorgen, Celeste, Krista and Astaroth

This is a really great team that synergies really well because of Celeste’s and Jorgen’s active artifacts which gives Lars and Krista even more Magic attack power. Besides, that Celeste can remove negative effects from enemies and Jorgen can deny energy to the enemy team. With this team, you will win almost all meta teams. The ONLY problem with this team is that Lars is at last place and Cleaver can use Rusty Hook and bring him to the front.

Team number 2 – Martha, Lars, Nebula, Krista, and Astaroth

Martha, Lars, Nebula, Krista and Astaroth

This team is another great combo. This team is as defensive as the first Twins team but not as vulnerable against Cleaver as the previous team. Of course, you don’t want Martha to be in the front but she can buy time for her team to make Lars and Krista do their job. Nebula will offer a lot of damage, negative effect removal and some healing for Lars and Krista while Martha will keep all team alive. While on number 1 team, Lars and Krista’s damage boost relied on Celeste’s and Jorgen’s artifact then now it relies on Nebulas Magic attack boost buff. This team will have a better chance against physical damage dealer teams since Martha and Astaroth will give armor for the whole team with their artifacts.

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Team number 3 – Helios, Lars, Nebula, Krista, and Astaroth

hero wars twins team with nebula and Helios, counter critical hit damage dealer
Helios, Lars, Nebula, Krista and Astaroth

This team will work great against critical hit damage dealers like Ishmael, Jhu, Artemis, Yasmine, Keira blender team, and others. This will also work great against Jet because Jet offers a critical hit chance for the whole team. That is because Helios will deal damage to the enemy hero who deals critical hit damage. You can swap Nebula for other heroes depending on what you need like Dorian who will be between Lars and Helios and heal them up or Jorgen for energy deny.

Team number 4 – Martha, Lars, Celeste, Jorgen and Krista

Twins team without tank
Martha, Lars, Jorgen, Celeste and Krista

In the late game when you have invested a lot in your heroes especially Krista you can try to survive without a tank and use Krista as a tank to make room for another hero. Krista will do great in most cases. So you can swap tank for Martha, Lian, or any other hero who could be useful against your enemy.

Team number 5 – Martha, Lars, Sebastian, Krista and Astaroth

Martha, Lars, Sebastian, Krista, and Astaroth

This team composition will work better on the Facebook version but is a solid choice for the mobile version as well. Sebastian is a great hero especially on the Facebook version because he can deny almost all negative effects on allied heroes. This team will work great against hard negative effect teams like Satori.

I hope you learned something from these Hero Wars Twins team compositions! For more useful videos visit my YouTube channel.

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