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Summary to Hero Wars Sebastian guide mobile

Sebastian for Hero Wars Mobile version is decent support but not as good as on Facebook and PC platforms. You will see that Sebastian guide mobile version has different skills if you compare them with the Facebook version and order how he stands in team composition. Check Hero Wars Sebastian Facebook guide here -> Sebastian Facebook guide.

Sebastian goes well with critical strike heroes because of his Hunter’s Tune skill which makes heroes critical strike deal pure damage. Sebastian’s second skill Battle song will even increase critical hit chance for heroes who already has critical hit chance so that means you can pair him with heroes like – Jhu, Ishmael, Yasmine, Artemis, Jet, etc.

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Sebastian’s active skill Ballad of Tenacity is a great skill against Jorgen if you have a squishy backline hero. Also, Sebastian is good against Celeste, Andvari, and other stun and curse heroes.


Sebastian first skill Ballad of Tenacity

Ballad of Tenacity– Sebastian conjures a shield before his team, protecting allies from stun and curse effects. The shield loses health when the team takes damage.

These skills are considered as a curses:

  • Phobos’ Trembling Hands
  • Mojo’s Hex
  • Cornelius’ Memory Loss
  • Celeste’s Cursed Flame
  • Jorgen’s Leper 
Sebastian second skill Hunter's tune

Hunter’s Tune – increase the critical hit chance for all allies that have that stat for 5 seconds.

Sebastian third skill Curse song

Curse song – At the start of the battle, Sebastian curses the nearest enemy, decreasing their armor, The curse lifted in Sebastian’s death.

Sebastians forth skill rhytm of war

Rhythm of War– Sebastian and his allies deal extra pure damage on critical hits.


Sebastian for Hero Wars Facebook and other platforms has only 2 skins at the moment I am making this article. Sebastian has his default skin and Romantic skin. Default skin will improve Sebastian’s agility stat and Romantic skin will improve Physical attack stat. I would recommend upgrading Default skin first and then Romantic skin.

Default skin

Romantic skin


Sebastian’s soul stones are hard to get so if you have chance to get his soul stones always use that opportunity. Best way how to get his soul stones is Sebastian’s event or monthly soul stone chest.


Sebastian’s active artifact boosts all allied teams physical attack that means that Sebastian will go better with a physical damage dealers. I would recommend to level up active skill first so he can, even more, increase damage dealers damage output potential and then even out other two artifacts.

Elven Lute – increase physical attack

Warrior’s Code – increase critical hit chance and physical attack

Ring of Agility – increase agility


Sebastian’s role is support so his main goal is to stay as long as possible alive to boost his damage dealers damage and remove debuffs from allied heroes. That is a reason why you should level glyphs like this

Agility – Health – Physical attack – Magic defense – Critical hit chance

Hero Wars Sebastian team compositions

For the mobile version, you can’t use the same team compositions as on the Facebook version because Devs fixed the “blender team” composition which was too broken when you used Nebula, Sebastian, and Jet as a supports for Keira. Nowadays Nebula is behind Sebastian and that changes everything because Nebula’s damage boost won’t reach the damage dealer. You still can use Astroth, Keira, Sebastian, Jet, and Martha combo without Nebula and you will do okay.

I would recommend using Sebastian if you have a critical damage dealer as the main damage dealer otherwise you should go for Jorgen as support.

Some decent team compositions:

Astroth, Keira, Sebastian, Jet and Martha

Ziri/Astroth, Ishmael, Sebastian, Jorgen, Martha

Astroth, Jhu, Sebastian, Jorgen, Martha

Hero Wars Sebastian guide cons, pros and counters

Sebastian cons:

  • hard to get soul stones
  • squishy
  • can’t counter Kharh team knock-ups
  • not as good like Facebook version Sebastian

Sebastian pros:

  • removes stuns and curses
  • greatly improve critical hit chance to dealers damage
  • adds pure damage on critical hits

Sebastian is countered by:

  • hasn’t real counters but can be oneshotted by enemy’s team damage dealer sometimes

Sebastian counters:

  • Celeste
  • Jorgen

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Sebastian guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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