The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars

There are actually a lot of ways how you can get emeralds in the Hero Wars. The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars are of course is buying them but not everyone is satisfied with spending money on games. I will list down multiple ways how you can increase your emerald amount but I won’t cover them all just the most important ones. There are plenty of free options for how you can make more emeralds. Some of them will be easy and some of them will require your time in order to complete tasks which will be rewarded afterward. Also, I will give some tips on how to optimize your emerald earnings for real-life money as well.

The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars FOR FREE

In the early game, Hero Wars will be throwing emeralds at you from every direction. I will try to list the most important ones right here. Please remember that some of these tasks can be done only once. So, if you don’t see the task there is a high possibility that you already have done this task without knowing that.


There are some really great quests out there that can really boost your early game. Look at the picture down below how much free emeralds are waiting for you. PS keep in mind that this picture is from the web version of Hero Wars so tasks can be a little different on the mobile version.

The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars quests
  • You can use Circle of Titan Summoning for emeralds and get free 1000 emeralds – Free task no emerald spending required.
  • Use the Altar of the Elements for Emeralds 9 times – This task requires using emeralds in order to complete this quest. Use 9 times Altar of the Elements for 500 emeralds (total cost 4500 emeralds) and win 500 emeralds since the total reward for quest in 5000 Emeralds + you will get a lot of free artifact fragments.
  • Open 10 Artifact Chests for Emeralds – This task requires using emeralds in order to complete this quest. In order to open 10 artifact chests, you will need 800 Emeralds and your profit will be 200 Emeralds + free artifacts for your heroes.
  • Use Pet Summoning for Emeralds – This task requires using emeralds in order to complete this quest. The cheapest Pet Summoning is for 2500 Emeralds so your profit will be 500 Emeralds + free Pet soul stones.
  • Unlock 10 Heroic Chests with a single tap – This task requires using emeralds in order to complete this quest. Keep in mind that you need to open a 10 chest bundle in order to complete this task. Opening 1 chest for 10 days won’t complete this task. Opening bundle will cost you 1500 Emeralds and your profit will be 500 Emeralds and free hero soul stones.

You can maximize your earnings from these tasks if you do them when on special events like Black Friday. From time to time there are events that give you a discount for opening these chests. Want to maximize your earnings? Be patient. See the picture below.

The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars discounts

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Doing campaign

You can get a pretty decent amount of Emeralds by completing campaign missions. There are 3 – 4 special hero campaign missions per chapter. Once you complete these missions you will be rewarded in the quest section. In a long run, these rewards will stack up pretty well.

Ranking higher in arena

Hero Wars is competetive game and developers will reward you for competing in arena. There are actually 2 ways how they reward you for doing this:

  • Getting a new personal record on arena. Game will give you Emeralds just by ranking higher on arena. Each time you beat your own record you will see Emeralds in your mail. Higher you get in arena higher is your reward. Your top goal is to rank 1 in Grand Arena or regular Arena.
Hero Wars arena reward
  • There are daily rewards for competing in the arena. Higher is your rank daily at 20:00 higher your rewards will be. Don’t waste your attacks in the morning but save your attacks for later because it doesn’t matter what is your rank in the morning or lunchtime everything that matters is your rank at 20:00. Keep in mind that there are time zones and some players will get their rewards faster than you. This means they won’t care what rank they will be at the end of the day because they already got their rewards. You can cooperate with these players in order to get higher rankings even if you can’t beat top players. Just ask them to lower their defense by switching or removing heroes from their defense team so you can beat them right before 20:00 and get better rewards.
Hero Wars arena rewards

Doing tasks in other games (mobile only)

You can complete tasks in other games in order to get Emeralds in the Hero Wars. This is probably one of the best way how to get Emeralds in Hero Wars especially if you are from the USA because these players spend more money on games and that is a reason why they get better rewards for doing the same thing. I am from Latvia and rewards over here aren’t that great. Anyway, the extra couple thousand Emeralds won’t hurt you. Tasks can be really easy like getting level 10 on the specific game for a small or medium amount of Emeralds or harder ones for bigger rewards. Some of these tasks require you to spend money but most of the time it is totally worth it in terms of profit per money invested.

The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars tasks

The best way how to get emeralds in Hero Wars for P2W players

Like any other game, Hero Wars want your money and they have made a lot of ways how to get it from you. Let’s see how and when you should buy your way to the rank 1.

Buying Emeralds from regular shop with 4x sale

Buying Emeralds from a regular shop is a great choice. Keep in mind that 3 times sale is a decent deal and it is okay to go for it. Once you buy that 3x sale you will get a regular offer for a 1x Emerald offer for the specific bundle. But don’t worry ONCE a month there is a special 4 times sale for Emeralds! There isn’t an exact date for this sale so be patient. I highly suggest buying Emeralds only on 4 times sale to maximize your profit from your money. Try to buy Emeralds on this sale only and do some math to calculate how many Emeralds you need or you can buy to survive another month without buying bad deal bundles.

No 4x sale in the shop?

You just bought your 4x Emerald package but you run out of Emeralds in 2 weeks? Don’t worry that happens all the time to me as well. This means that Hero Wars made a great event that required you to use more Emeralds than expected or you did your math badly. Try to use as few emeralds as possible till the next 4 times sale or go for 3 times sale meanwhile. No 3 times sale? Well, if you really need emeralds and you can afford that then go for the regular bundle or try to get a good special bundle on the right of your screen. Ideally, wait for special events like Emerald Waterfalls to maximize value even more because there are plenty of events which boost your purchases.

Hero Wars Emerald Waterfalls

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