Mobile Titan Strategy & Dungeon Strategy 



Hero Wars Mobile Titan Tier List

Have you ever wondered which Hero Wars Titans you should level up to make best team and dont regret for investing resources in wrong titans? Then this article will be for you. Hero Wars Titan Tier List is best tier list out there at the moment, enjoy!

Best titan, God tier – Hyperion, Araji, Eden (a.k.a. Super Titans) – if you have these rare titans they should be leveled first.  Best titans for guild wars AND the dungeon.  Hyperion is able to heal (the only titan that can), and Araji generally has the best attack


S tier – Angus, Nova and Sigurd – these are the best three titans aside from the rares above, and necessary for guild wars as they round out your “standard team” of 5.  Nova is more critical for guild wars and dungeon, although Angus is also important as the Earth team tank, Sigurd is good on offense for guild wars because he can absorb all Araji’s damage from Incinerating Ray.


A tier – he is the best titan to substitute above for guild wars and dungeon if you are missing one of the 3 super titans.  Some people even use a team of 3 supers, Ignis, and Nova when defending.  If Ignis fires his ultimate at the right time, Eden can do over 3 million damage at once, so be careful when you see someone defending with Ignis.  On average, a team of Nova, Ignis, and the 3 supers will defend successfully anywhere from 10-25% of the time vs the “standard team” of Angus, Nova, and 3 supers.

B tier – Moloch – he is remaining tank titan and will be crucial in the dungeon.  He can be used in guild wars but Sigurd and Angus seems to be better choice. 

C tier – Mairi, Avalon – somewhat useful titans in the dungeons only as tanks for your mixed team. Usable in guild wars along with Nova, Angus, and Ignis when you have zero super titans.



D tier -Vulcan, Sylva – the two worst titans in the game.  These should only be leveled as last priority.


Note: in general, once you have your “standard team” of 5 (Angus, Nova, and 3 supers), it may be more cost effective to level your front line tank (in this case Angus) a few levels ahead of the rest of your titans.  Some people choose to level their top 5 evenly across the board, while others will have their tank 5-10 levels ahead of the remaining 4.  Generally this is situational and there is no clear best strategy, so experiment and see what works for you.


Odds of Getting Titans in Spheres

The odds of getting any super titan in a sphere is 1 out of 200, or 0.5%.  Recently, the developers confirmed that for every sphere you open that is not a super titan, your odds of getting a super titan increase slightly.  It has also been confirmed that the amount of spheres you open at once doesn’t increase your odds of getting a super titan, but many people will swear that it does due to most people getting super titans when opening large amounts of spheres at the same time.  This is solely due to probability (the more spheres you open total, the better your chances of getting a super titan).  So if you open 100 spheres 1 at a time, your odds are the same as if you opened 100 spheres all at once.   Also note the chance of getting a new titan changes with every new titan collected.   In addition, there is a 50% chance one of the 3 titans with the most fragments the user has (regardless of star level) will be dropped.  This chance is calculated as follows: 1000000 / (amount of soul stones).  

Gems or Potions or Spheres to Level Titans?

You can level one titan from level 1-31 for 1,470 gems or 7,350 potions.  It is almost always best to use gems to level a titan from level 1-31.  You can then level one titan from level 31-51 for 3,660 MORE gems (5,130 gems total 1-51) or 18,300 MORE potions (25,650 potions total 1-51).  Generally it is still best to use gems for levels 31-51 for a quicker start and most new players will level their titans from 1-51 with gems and then switch over to potions.  

After level 51, it starts getting more expensive.  Many players stop using gems here and start using potions, while others continue – usually to level 82 but sometimes all the way to level 100.  It is up to you how much you want to spend.   To take one titan from level 1-71 takes 14,890 gems (74,450 potions), to go from level 1-82 takes 24,988 gems (124,940 potions), and to take one titan from level 1-100 costs 58,792 gems (293,960 potions).  Whether you can afford to take your titans all the way to level 100 with gems is up for you to decide.  Level 82 is generally too high to level titans with gems for most players, since on a Russian server it costs about $46 per titan to level from 1-82, and since at that point you need to work on stars anyways.  That means it costs about $230 USD on a Russian server to level 5 titans from level 1 to 82.   Some players ask if they should level up all titans, or just their top 5 (which should be Nova, Angus, and the 3 super titans). 

It is recommended to level all titans equally up until the level where you decide to stop using gems and switch to potions.  Example: Player A is a relatively new player.  He levels all his titans to level 51 using gems, and then stops as he doesn’t want to buy any more emeralds.  At this point, he should only level his 5 main titans (3 rares + Angus + Nova) up until level 120 before leveling his other titans, UNLESS it is preventing him from getting 150 titanite in the dungeon every day.  In that case he can level up some of the weaker titans until he can easily make 150 titanite a day, and then return immediately to focusing all his resources on those 5 titans.   After level 100, it is almost always best to use potions to finish your leveling your titans as the amount of gems you need becomes extremely expensive. 

For example, it costs over $230 USD on a Russian server to level 5 titans from level 115-120.  Try to use potions for leveling after level 100 whenever possible, or buy 50 spheres at a time (after you have unlocked the merchant and have several titans at absolute star) and trade those soul stones for potions.  If you can wait until a special event with 55% off spheres and x4 gems, even better.   Regarding titan spheres, if you already have unlocked the titan merchant (unlocked when you level your first titan to absolute star), spheres can then give you titan soul stones which can then be converted to potions via the titan merchant.  This is only effective in leveling your titans if you have the titan merchant unlocked and multiple titans at absolute star, so that you can trade your extra titan soul stones for merchant credits and buy potions. 

If you have not yet leveled a titan to absolute star, you will not have access to this titan merchant, and will not be able to convert spheres to potions, but that is OK as you still will want to increase your titans’ star levels as each titan star is usually worth ~10-20 levels equivalent (i.e. a level 50 4-star titan is roughly equal to a level 65 3-star titan, although this varies depending on each titan and level). It is recommended to never buy gold from the titan merchant, as potions or sparks will help you much, much more, and since gold is attainable for cheaper via the tower shop or via gems and spinning the wheel.  Sparks are extremely rare and hard to get, and potions are necessary after level 100 since leveling with gems is so expensive at that point. 

So if your 5 titans for guild war are at level 120, and you don’t need or want to level your other titans for the dungeon, buy sparks from the merchant.  Otherwise buy potions.  Regardless, you will want to buy spheres when there is the 55% discount event special (especially with the x4 gems offer) in order to increase your titan star levels quickly.  Buying 50 spheres for 6500 is an OK deal, but it is recommended to wait for the special event discounts.  

PVP/Guild War

Your standard defense team of 5 titans should be Hyperion, Araji, Eden, Nova, Angus.  That said, one of the most effective defense teams is also Nova, Hyperion, Araji, Eden, and Ignis.  When someone attacks with the “standard” team of Hyperion, Araji, Eden, Nova, Angus, and someone is defending using the Ignis variation, on average they will successfully defend between 10-25% of the time!  Therefore, most top guilds have some “standard” titan defense teams as well as some “Ignis” defense teams.   Some players think Sigurd’s shield will be great on defense but they forget defending is fought on auto, and most times his shield is not activated at the right time, if at all.  Bottom line, Sigurd is bad on defense.  However, if you attack in manual mode, things are slightly different! 

You can consider swapping Angus for Sigurd, and then when fighting hold back his ultimate and then trigger Sigurd’s ultimate/shield right before the opponent’s Araji fires his special ability.  Keep in mind Sigurd is only good for attacking in manual mode – if you are going to attack in auto do NOT use Sigurd and use the standard team: Angus, Nova, and the 3 super titans.  NOTE: be very careful when someone is defending with Ignis, 3 supers, and either Nova or Angus.  Every now and then Ignis will fire off his ultimate at the wrong time and you may lose the battle even though you are attacking and have equal or more total power. 

It is possible for Ignis to ultimate and then for Eden to deal 3 million damage at once, even though the math would indicate that should not be possible.   If you don’t have any Super Titans, your best team of 5 titans is: Nova, Angus, Ignis, Mairi, Avalon.  Even though Moloch and Sigurd are better titans overall than Mairi and Avalon, you don’t want to ever run 3 tanks in a battle.  If you are only missing one super titan, use 2 supers, Angus, Nova, and Ignis.  If you are missing two super titans, use 1 super, Angus, Nova, Ignis, and Avalon.  

What Titan Team to Use in the Dungeon?

Your team of 5 titans in the dungeon when fighting a mixed element battle should be Hyperion, Araji, Eden, Ignis, and Nova.  Nova will be your tank, since Hyperion can heal Nova and since Nova is not used as a front line tank when using any of the 3 teams of the same element (the 3 tanks for each element are Sigurd, Moloch, and Angus for water, fire, and earth respectively).  Ignis is used because he slots at the furthest back position, while being the most powerful non-super titan after Angus and Nova. 

If your Ignis is not leveled you could always use Sylva in the back position instead, but this is not recommended.  This will allow Nova to absorb damage when using this team while leaving your 3 main titan tanks (Sigurd, Angus, Moloch) to absorb damage for the 3 same element teams.  As Nova gets low on life, BEFORE he dies, it is recommended to sub him out (of the mixed team only) for Mairi or Avalon in front as tank.  This will also help you to last longer.  

Titan Dungeon Battle Advice

When working through the dungeon, always choose the single element battles before mixed battles until your titans’ energy bars are charged.  Otherwise your front titans in the mixed battle (as well as other titans) will take lots of damage.  Ideally you would choose one Earth titan battle, one Fire titan battle, and one Water titan battle before doing mixed battles.   In addition, sometimes it is better to NOT hit auto and speed up every battle

When the timer gets down to ~1:50 (timer starts at 2:00 minutes) that is when Hyperion’s and Eden’s “passive” skills will trigger (i.e. Hyperion’s healing of one of your titans and Eden’s randomly pulling an enemy titan under the ground for 6 seconds and stunning for 2 seconds afterwards if it is the last enemy titan alive).  So it is usually best to let Hyperion heal once before you kill all your enemies.  If the battle continues for 30 seconds (1:30 on timer) Hyperion will use his passive skill again and heal one more time.  Araji’s passive skill activates around 5 seconds into battle (1:55 on timer) and that increases all your titan’s speed by 30% for 8 seconds.  

Titanite Mining Advice

I also advise only mining 150 titanite per day and then stopping.  The reason for this is if you mine every day until all titans are dead, soon you will have trouble hitting the daily 150 to get 3 spheres and then your titan growth will start to lag.  Try to get your guild to agree on only certain days to mine as much as you can.  On days when you do go all out, mine 150 titanite in the morning and then stop, and then wait until after 2am UTC (or when your titanite totals reset but not your titans health) and then go crazy mining until death. 

Your total mined after 2am UTC will count towards the next day’s titanite.  Also, keep in mind that if your titans or heroes are dying, you can retreat before the fight is over with no penalty and try again with different heroes or titans.   Some people also recommend after you mine 150 titanite, stop just before the last “save point” but do NOT click it.  This strategy will help you for 1 day only, and you will need 17 battles the next day and 16 thereafter, so it is always better to click the save point than to stop before it.  

Hero Advice in the Dungeon

For the dungeon, unless you are really struggling, you won’t need a healer or a tank as your heroes health replenishes after every fight.  Put in your 5 strongest damage dealers and see if you can win quickly – if you are struggling, you can always put in a tank or healer until your hero power is sufficient to easily win every fight.