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Summary to Hero Wars Yasmine guide

Yasmine is the latest hero for Hero Wars Facebook only (at least in July 2020). Hero Wars make their new heroes to be a little better than others so players would be interested to spend money on new heroes. So a new hero means a safe investment for your money. Yasmine is a really great and unique damage dealer who relies on her dodge skill and taking out squishy damage dealers in a single ability. She is definitely a top tier damage dealer and will take out some meta teams with no problems. The biggest fears for Yasmine is facing her hard counter Helios because she deals tons of critical damage. Taking down tanks with Yasmine is a child game because of her pure damage poison. I would recommend choosing Cain as a pet for Yasmine’s team compositions. Read further this article about Yasmine guide for Hero Wars Facebook and get more detailed information about her.


Dance of Death – Yasmine paralyzes the last enemy who attacked her for 3 seconds, appears behind their back, hitting 7 times, and applying the Assassin’s Mark. While Dance of Death is active, Yasmine is immune to debuffs. When it ends, she returns to the previous position and continues attacking the marked enemy with basic attacks. This skill depends on Physical Attack.

For Arena and Guild Wars make sure you use this ability at the right time because you want Yasmine to attack preferably the enemy’s team damage dealer. That means you want to wait out while Yasmine receives damage from the desired target and only then activates her Dance of death.

If no one hits Yasmine her Death of Dance skill can’t be used even if energy is fully charged.

Assassin’s Instinct – When Dance of Death is activated, Yasmine’s critical hit chance and Dodge are increased for 10 seconds. Depends on Physical Attack.

This skill will greatly improve Yasmine’s damage output and if you combine her with Aurora and pet Cain she will use her Death of Dance skill multiple times and these effects will stack over each other.

Embrace of Pain – Yasmine’s critical hits poison the enemy. When the poison is re-applied to a poisoned enemy, the duration of the poison debuff is refreshed, and the damage stacks up to 10 times. Depends on Physical Attack.

Unknown Toxin – Blocks a portion of healing received by enemies poisoned by Yasmine. Depends on the Physical Attack.

This skill can be canceled by Celeste so make sure you are not facing Celeste as well because she will greatly reduce the damage Yasmine does.

Anime War 6
Anime War 6


Yasmine for Hero Wars Facebook has only one skill at the moment and that is her Default skin. She will most likely receive more skins in the future when Devs will see that she needs a boost to be competitive. For Yasmine’s main that is not a huge deal because right now she is a solid pick for one of your Grand arena teams and even better you don’t need tons of skin upgrades to max her out.

Yasmine Default skin
Default skin

How to get Yasmine’s soul stones

Because Yasmine is a new hero her soul stones can’t be obtained in a regular way. The only options how to get Yasmine’s soul stones are special events, the hero of the month, or bundles. Right now she is not included in the hero soul stone chest which you can get by logging in daily as a reward each month.


All three artifacts for Yasmine are really crucial and if you choose Yasmine as your main damage dealer I would strongly suggest improving all her artifacts evenly as soon as possible.

Concubine’s Khanjars – increase critical hit chance

Warrior’s Code – increase critical hit chance and physical attack

Ring of Agility – increase agility


Yasmine’s all skills scale with damage attack. Even tho % isn’t too high 20-40% that all adds up. In the early game, while your team has low levels you won’t be dodging that much attacks from the enemy because your pet won’t boost you that much and Aurora’s active skill won’t change too much. That is a reason why I choose to level up glyphs in this order but you can freely choose in what order you level them up. Health of course is really important as well and you want to build that glyph up as soon as possible as well.

Agility – Health – Physical attack – Critical hit chance Dodge

Hero Wars Yasmine team compositions

Most of the time you want to use Aurora as a main tank for Yasmine but there are some team compositions where one of your teammates will die too fast that is a time when you want to use Astroth. For countering Martha or other enemy backline heroes you can use Cleaver. Of course, use Cain as a pet since he will benefit her the most. Most of the time Yasmine is going to have enough damage to kill the enemy team but sometimes you can mix in one more damage dealer. Reworked Dante synergies well because of extra dodge and decent damage. I find Martha as the best healer for Yasmine but for support role you have to make choices. Some Yasmine team compositions:

Aurora, Yasmine, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha (you can try to swap one of three support heroes for Jet if you like)

Andvari, Yasmine, Nebula, Sebastian, Martha (for countering Twins team and Kharh)

Aurora, Yasmine, Nebula, Jet, Sebastian/Martha

Aurora, Yasmine, Dante, Sebastian/Nebula/Martha (if you haven’t enough damage to kill enemy team or Yasmine isn’t being hit enough to use active skill)

Hero Wars Yasmine cons, pros, and counters

Yasmine cons:

  • hard to get soul stones
  • Death of Dance can’t be activated if Yasmine isn’t being hit
  • sometimes haven’t enough damage to finish fight in time

Yasmine pros:

  • takes easily down squishy damage dealers
  • has built-in antiheal skill
  • easy to max out skins
  • can beat most meta teams (except DOH)
  • Immune to debuffs while Death of Dance is active

Yasmine is countered by:

  • Helios (if you see Helios you will 99% loose fight)
  • Celeste can deny Yasmine’s poison

Yasmine counters:

  • squishy damage dealers like Keira

I hope you enjoyed my Hero Wars Yasmine guide. More guide and the latest news on my YouTube channel -> YouTube channel

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